Best New Beauty Products: Japanese Cosmetics Ranking 2023 Mid-Year

The Best Cosmetics Awards 2023 Mid-Year: Grand Prize

Japan’s biggest and the most trusted beauty and cosmetics website, @cosme introduces cosmetics products with reviews of real users. The website hosts beauty awards called the Best Cosmetics Awards twice a year (in June and December) with the up-to-date rankings of popular beauty products in Japan by category and item. The awards are incredibly influential among cosmetics users, and award-winning products tend to become even more popular or sell out quickly after awards are revealed.

The 2023 mid-year edition of the Best Cosmetics Awards has been revealed recently with the latest cosmetics rankings of newly released beauty products in the first half of the year.

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In this article, we are going to look at 10 beauty products that have received the Grand Prize, the most honorable title of the awards. These 10 newly released products have won the most positive feedback from real users so far this year. Let’s find out the best new-buy beauty products in Japan in 2023!

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Grand Prize Winners


▲ Winner: DIOR Addict Lip Maximizer (4,620 yen) [Shop Online]

(left to right)

Runner-up: Visee Essence Lip Plumper (1,430 yen) [Shop Online]

3rd place: CEZANNE Pearl Glow Nuancer (660 yen) [Shop Online]

4th place: DIOR Capture Totale Le Serum (30ml 15,950 yen/50ml 22,550 yen) [Shop Online]

(left to right)

5th place: COSME DECORTE Sun Shelter Multi Protection Tone Up CC (3,300 yen) [Shop Online]

6th place: DIOR Forever Skin Correct Concealer (5,390 yen) [Shop Online]

7th place: Lululun Hydra V Mask (7pc 770 yen/28pc 2,420 yen) [Shop Online]

(left to right)

8th place: MAQuillAGE Dramatic Skin Sensor Base NEO (2,970 yen) [Shop Online]

9th place: KANEBO Radiant Skin Refiner (4,950 yen) [Shop Online]

10th place: naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner (Open Price) [Shop Online]

(The full list of the Best Cosmetics Awards 2023 can be found at the @cosme website! →

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