Best Sakura Food and Drinks in Japan 2024

Best Cherry Blossom Food and Drinks in Japan

Spring in Japan is all about cherry blossoms, and besides watching the beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms, you can also enjoy shopping cherry blossom inspired products that are sold only around spring. Many Japanese companies, shops and restaurants release special products with cherry blossom design or flavour for a limited time including dessert, snacks, tableware, accessories, clothes, etc, and some products such as Starbucks Japan Sakura Collection and Sakura-inspired Japanese cosmetics products are highly popular among both locals and tourists.

In this article, I’m going to introduce some of the best Sakura food and drinks released in Japan in 2024 spring. If you are planning to visit Japan this spring, don’t forget to spoil yourself with delicious and delightful cherry blossom flavoured food and drinks!

Starbucks Japan

© 2024 Starbucks Coffee Company.

Starbucks Japan releases various limited edition beverages through the year, featuring seasonal themes and flavours. One of the most anticipated seasonal drink is the cherry blossom edition, which is usually released in mid February along with their cherry blossom themed merchandise collection.

Starbucks Japan’s new Sakura beverages for 2024 spring are Hanami Dango Frappuccino (cold) and Hanami Sakura Cream (hot). The new Sakura frappuccino features tricolor mochi dumplings that adds a delightful and unique texture, and is blended with white bean paste sauce, sakura and strawberry sauce and soy milk that offers a gentle Japanese taste. The Sakura hot beverage is a blend of steam milk with spring blossoming flavour syrup and caramel flavour syrup, topped with crispy Sakura feuillentine for the taste and look of spring.

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Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Tokyo

The largest Starbucks store in Japan, STARBUCKS RESERVE® ROASTERY TOKYO is located in Meguro, Tokyo. The store releases original cherry blossom themed menu and merchandise collection every year, which are different from regular Starbucks stores and are exclusively sold in this store.

It’s the 5th spring since STARBUCKS RESERVE® ROASTERY TOKYO was launched, and this year, the store will celebrate spring with two beverages inspired by traditional Japanese. The Sakura Cream Latte is served at the main bar on the ground floor, that is blended with red bean paste powder, gentle spices and espresso. The 3rd floor’s ARRIVIAMO bar serves the Spring Blossoming Allure, that combines sparkling wine and Japanese tea poured into a wine glass from Japanese teapot. At the bakery Princi, various cherry blossom inspired pastry items are also available for a limited time such as Sakura cornetti and Sakura torte.

Starbucks Chilled Cup

© 2024 Starbucks Coffee Company.

The 2024’s spring-edition of Starbucks Japan Chilled Cup series is Sakura Matcha with Sakura Jelly, the creamy milk drink is combined with a gentle taste of matcha and a delightful aroma of cherry blossom as well as Sakura jelly that adds a unique texture and extra flavour to the drink. The drink comes in a special package with a design featuring 3 layers of cherry blossoms, matcha and milk, and scattering petals of cherry blossoms. The product is widely available at convenience stores across Japan from early February for a limited time.

Price: 230 yen + tax

Tully’s Coffee

TOM AND JERRY and all related characters and elements © & ™ Turner Entertainment Co. (s24)

In 2024 spring, Tully’s Coffee Japan is collaborating with the popular cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry for their spring collection. The special menu and merchandise will be available with the theme of pink and cherry blossom and adorable Tom and Jerry’s motif. The collection includes a variety of Sakura inspired food and drinks such as Cherry Blossom Dance Strawberry Cheesecake Latte, &TEA Cherry Blossom Scented Strawberry Royal Milk Tea, and Sakura Strawberry Donuts. The special cafe merchandise of Tom and Jerry is also available exclusively at the store including bag, mug and stainless tumbler in spring-liks pastel colours.

Find more details about Tully’s Coffee x Tom and Jerry Collection 2024

Tully’s Coffee x Tom and Jerry Collaboration Spring 2024

Mister Donut

© MISDO 24 © Mister Donut.

Mister Donut’s annual spring collection “Sakura Mochitto Doughnut” is released annually with 4 types of chewy mochi-textured doughnuts with different toppings and fillings. Each doughnut represents the transition of cherry blossoms from buds to half-bloom, to full-bloom then fluttering petals. The collection is available from late February to late March at Mister Donut stores nationwide.

▶ Mister Donut Japan: Sakura Mochi Donuts Collection Spring

Shake Shack

© 2004-2023 SHAKE SHACK.

The New York based burger chain, Shake Shack has over 10 branches in Japan including Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. The popular spring edition shake, Sakura Shake is released every year around the cherry blossom season since 2016. The shake is a blend of their freshly made vanilla flavour frozen custard and milk sakura sauce, served in a limited-edition cherry blossom design cup (only for small size). It’s available from late February to early April at Shake Shack stores nationwide.

Price: small 620 yen, regular 820 yen


Copyright Domino’s Pizza Japan, Inc.

You can have a unique sakura food experience with the Sakura Pizza by the international pizza chain Domino’s. The Sakura Pizza combines chewy strawberry flavoured pink tapioca, 1.5 times bigger amount of regular mozzarella cheese, and condensed milk made from 100% Hokkaido milk, and is topped with strawberries for a flavourful accent. The pizza crust is filled with cherry blossom flavoured chocolate and mozzarella cheese, and powdered sugar is sprinkled on top to create a unique combination of taste of cheese and sweetness. The pizza is served in a special pink box which is also available for a limited time. The spring-only side dish, Sakura Mozzarella Ball is also available for a limited time.

Price: Sakura Pizza 1,795 yen~, Sakura Mozzarella Ball 490 yen


Copyright(C)2023 Godiva

The popular Belgian chocolatier, GODIVA releases a spring-limited chocolate beverage in Japan every year. In 2024, the brand is launching Chocolixer Sakura Full Bloom available hot and cold. The drink features GOVIDA’s white chocolate combined with Sakura An red bean paste, reminiscing of cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Cold 790 yen (regular size 290ml), 900 yen (large size 370ml)
Hot 730 yen (regular size 240ml)


A Swiss chocolatier and confectionery company, Lindt launches spring-only chocolate and beverage every year, with a delightful flavour of cherry blossoms. The signature chocolate truffles, Lindor collection introduces the spring edition flavour Sakura & Cream, white chocolate with strawberry powder is filled with cherry blossom flavour filling inside. The special package with cherry blossom motif is also available for a limited time.

Price: In-store 1,200 yen per 100g/Online 980 yen (6pc)

The Happiness Blooming Sakura & Shimizu White Peach Chocolate Drink is introduced for 2024 spring, which we can enjoy the arrival of spring with. The chocolate drink is blended with Lindt’s white chocolate and refreshing peach sauce, with plenty of jelly from the Shimizu White Peach, which is juicy and sweet, known as the Queen of Peaches. It’s elegantly topped with cherry blossom scented espuma and a sweet-sour cherry blossom sauce.

Price: 798 yen


Copyright(C) YOKUMOKU

YOKU MOKU, a long-established Japanese confectionery launches a spring-limited Double Chocolat au Sakura. White chocolate flavoured with cherry blossom powder and almonds is sandwiched between faintly cherry-colored cookies, that brings a gentle flavour of cherry blossoms once you take a bite. Cookies are individually packed and assorted in a spacial package with the beautiful design of cherry blossoms fully blooming in a blue sky. The cherry blossom cookies sold only from mid February to late March.

Price: 994 yen (10pc), 2,376 yen (24pc)

Tokyo Banana

Copyright © GRAPESTONE CO.,Ltd.

Tokyo Banana, a fluffy cake filled with banana flavoured cream is a top-selling souvenir among visitors to Tokyo. Tokyo Banana is sold in many variations with different shapes and flavours including some seasonal editions. For spring season, Tokyo Banana Sakura flavour is released yearly, comes in a special package of cherry blossom motif. The petal-printed sponge is made with rice flour that gives more chewy mochi mochi texture, and is filled with banana cream with a hint of cherry blossom flavour.

Price: 648 (4pc), 1,242 yen (8pc), 1,836 (12pc)

Doutor Coffee

Japanese coffee chain, DOUTOR introduces their cherry blossom flavoured beverages and desserts every year. Iced Sakura au Lait and Sakura au Lait are charming, lightly pink drinks blended with cherry petal paste and topped with whipped cream and matcha powder to present cherry leaves. The iced drink is filled with cherry blossom flavoured mochi that gives a unique plumpy texture. In addition, cherry blossom flavoured mille crepe cake and dorayaki cake are also available for a limited time.

Cold drink 580 yen, Hot drink 550 yen
Mille Crepe Cake 480 yen, Dorayaki 270 yen

Cherry Blossom Afternoon Teas and Buffets

Copyright © CONRAD TOKYO

Dessert buffets and afternoon teas are one of top food trends in Japan over the past years, and they are held at many venues with seasonal ingredients and themes. During spring, the mainstream of dessert buffets and afternoon tea is a cherry blossom theme. You can enjoy delightful and creative desserts, bite-size dishes and drinks at many locations during the season.

Check out the top venues for cherry blossom afternoon teas in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto in 2024!

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