Best Cherry Blossom Events in Japan 2024

Best Sakura Events and Festivals in Japan in Spring

Best Cherry Blossom Events in Japan 2024

Springtime in Japan is synonymous with cherry blossoms. It’s a highly anticipated season and a major event across the country. Cherry blossom festivals are held in numerous locations, painting parks and streets in shades of pink and white.

But there’s more to sakura season than just admiring the blooms! You can also savor cherry blossom-flavored treats and beverages or explore cherry blossom-themed products. Additionally, special events offer unique ways to experience cherry blossoms, from stunning digital art to delightful culinary experiences.

Discover the top cherry blossom events in Japan for Spring 2024 and immerse yourself in the magic of this beloved season. Let’s go and explore!

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teamLab Planets

teamLab Cherry Blossomm
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As every year in Spring since some years ago, the highly popular digital art museum teamLab Planets located at Toyosu will transform two of its artworks, Floating Universe of Flowers and Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of Koi and People – Infinity into a cherry blossom-theme for a limited time from March 1 to April 30, 2024.

The artwork Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers showcases cherry blossoms in full bloom, gradually falling as the seasons change, while in Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of Koi and People – Infinity, visitors can walk barefoot through water as swimming koi transform into cherry blossoms upon contact.

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For more info: teamLab Planets TOKYO in Toyosu

NAKED Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo Tower

NAKED Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo Tower
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Tokyo Tower and NAKED, INC. present Tokyo Tower City Light Fantasia – Spring Concerto 2024 – from March 1st to May 6th, 2024. NAKED is well-known for creating special projection mapping shows that match the season and theme, and this collaboration brings their skills to the main deck of one of Tokyo’s most iconic symbols, the Tokyo Tower. The show, called Spring Concerto, mixes the city’s night view with projection mapping, showing animals and plants.

Super Sakura! 2024 at Art Aquarium Museum GINZA

Experience the enchanting Super Sakura! 2024, the limited-time exhibition at the Art Aquarium Museum GINZA, featuring stunning cherry blossoms in full bloom from March 1st to April 24th. The highly acclaimed Super Sakura from last year has been upgraded, with the fantastical space where goldfish swim now adorned in even more vibrant cherry blossom hues.

During the exhibition period, Wednesdays will have extended hours until 20:00. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a special night of cherry blossom viewing and have an unforgettable experience.

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Cherry blossom viewing boat in Tokyo Water Taxi

Tokyo Water Taxi Cherry BlossomTokyo Water Taxi is a unique experience, which allows you to book a small boat privately to enjoy with your family, friends or partner (with a maximum of 8 people). From March 15 to  April 7th, they offer special courses that allows guests a unique opportunity to admire cherry blossoms from a private boat in some of the most popular cherry blossom-viewing spots in Tokyo, such as the Meguro River or Sumida River.

This Spring 2024 enjoy exploring Tokyo from the water, surrounded by blooming cherry trees!

Reservations can be made via email on their website.

Yomiuri Land Jewellumination

Cherry Blossom Jewellumination 2024
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Yomiuri Land is the largest amusement park in Tokyo area and it’s specially popular for its winter illumination event Yomiuriland Jewellumination. During Spring the park is holding a special cherry blossom lighting event featuring cherry blossoms and colourful illumination.  Visitors can enjoy over 800 cherry trees while riding some of attractions during day and the beautiful LED illumination at night.

More info: Night Cherry Blossom Jewellumination at Yomiuri Land 2024

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa Cherry Blossom

 Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa is a well-known aquarium in Tokyo, housing 350 sea creatures. Over the past few years, Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa and NAKED have partnered, merging their aquarium exhibits with NAKED’s digital artwork. During the spring season, the NAKED Sakura Aquarium presents cherry blossom-themed displays across its seven distinct areas, including the public’s favorite dolphin show, available for a limited time.

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More info: NAKED SAKURA AQUARIUM at Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

Midtown Blossom 2024

 Midtown Blossom 2023
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As every Spring, Tokyo Midtown presents Midtown Blossom, a delightful spring event running from March 15th to April 14th. This annual tradition offers a vibrant celebration of cherry blossoms and flower art, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of the season. From enchanting cherry tree-lined paths in the Midtown Garden to the chic outdoor lounge, BLOSSOM CAFÉ, there are numerous indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy.


At BLOSSOM CAFÉ, a limited-time establishment in Midtown Garden, guests can enjoy stylish cherry blossom viewing and indulge in original cocktails, sweets and hot food offerings by The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo.

On Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and during full cherry blossom bloom, cocktails, sweets and snacks surrounded by illuminated cherry blossoms will be available.


Tokyo Sakura Garden Spring Festival
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Happo-en, the beautiful traditional Japanese garden in Minato ward, Tokyo, will held TOKYO SAKURA GARDEN SPRING FESTIVAL 2023. During the event the cherry trees in the garden will be illuminated in pink light in a Spring Light Up, and visitors can enjoy not only the light up but also cherry blossom-themed food and drinks, and even a DJ party!

At day time  visitors can also enjoy cherry blossoms in full bloom.


Official Website:

For more info: Tokyo Sakura Garden Spring Festival 2024 at Hoppo-en Garden

Iichako Sakura at JR Ryogoku Station

JR Ryogoku Station will host the Iichako Sakura Station event from March 6th to March 10th, at platform 3. This special occasion invites visitors to enjoy cherry blossom viewing in a themed setting with blooming cherry trees and tea house-inspired booths. Guests can try Iichako, a green tea highball made with Iichiko brand shochu, and taste a variety of green tea from different regions of Japan, along with Oita Prefecture’s signature snacks.

Minato Mirai 21 Sakura Festival 2024

Minato Mirai 21 Sakura Festival

The Minato Mirai 21 Sakura Festival 2024 is set to take place from March 16th to March 24th, at Sakura-dori in Yokohama’s Minato Mirai 21 district. Celebrating its 13th year, this springtime tradition will feature 102 Somei Yoshino cherry trees adorning a 500-meter stretch from JR Sakuragicho Station to Yokohama Landmark Tower and Pacifico Yokohama. Visitors can enjoy evening illuminations amidst the cherry blossoms and participate in various festivities, including a pedestrianized Sakura-dori on March 23rd, featuring parades, gourmet street stalls and tug-of-war competitions.

Sakura Festival Nihonbashi 2024

The 11th edition of the Sakura Festival Nihonbashi will be held from March 15th (Friday) to April 7th (Sunday) in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi area. One highlight is the Sakura Illumination. Famous spots like the Edo Sakura Street, important cultural properties and towering buildings will be lit up in a fantastical pink glow, offering a breathtaking view of the beautiful nighttime cherry blossoms.

In addition, the nearby shops will offer sakura-flavored sweets and drinks and pink hues.

Official website (Japanese):

Cherry Blossom Festivals

During the cherry blossom season numbers of festivals are held all across Japan, and some of the most popular are in Tokyo. Visitors can enjoy viewing beautiful cherry blossoms while having delicious food and drinks.

Check here our picks of the best cherry blossom festivals in Tokyo! 6 Best Cherry Blossom Festivals in Tokyo 2024


NAKED Nijo Castle Cherry Blossom Light-Up
Nijo Castle Cherry Blossom Light-Up by NAKED
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NAKED Sakura Festival 2024  at Nijo Castle in Kyoto is held from March 8 to April 7. This interactive art exhibition by NAKED, INC. combines cherry blossom motifs with projection mapping at the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors can enjoy cherry blossom-themed visuals, traditional Japanese culture displays, and sakura-inspired food and drinks during this limited-time event.


NAKED Sakura Tower

NAKED Sakura Tower
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Visitors can experience the magic of Nagoya’s night skyline adorned with cherry blossoms at the Chubu Electric Power MIRAI TOWER’s observation deck. Presented by NAKED, INC., this innovative display transforms the deck with digital art, creating a surreal ambiance as cherry blossom petals gently cascade over the city below. Don’t miss this enchanting opportunity to witness Nagoya’s nighttime charm in full bloom.

Sakura Wine Festival 2024

Sakura Wine Festival 2024 will be held at Tsuruma Park in Nagoya on March 30th and 31st. This two-day event celebrates cherry blossoms and wine. With over 70 types of wine, including pink rosé, guests can taste different wines and buy their favorites. There are also snacks and soft drinks available. It’s a fun and different way to enjoy springtime in Nagoya.


NAKED Hikone Festival 2024 Cherry Blossoms

NAKED Hikone Festival 2024 Cherry Blossoms
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At Shiga Prefecture, the Hikone Castle Night Special Opening NAKED Hikone Festival 2024 Cherry Blossoms supported by Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group will be held from March 22nd to March 31st. Guests can immerse themself in the beauty of cherry blossoms before the official season begins at Hikone Castle.

Every spring, approximately 1,100 cherry blossom trees bloom in full glory, attracting around 100,000 visitors for hanami (flower viewing). Additionally, a nighttime cherry blossom illumination will take place in the Nishinomaru and Kane no Maru areas, enveloping Hikone Castle in early cherry blossom art.

In addition, the Sakura Version of the DANDELION PROJECT by artist Ryotaro Muramatsu will be also displayed. The DANDELION PROJECT is an art initiative that involves the installation of dandelion art objects called “DANDELION” in various locations worldwide. It aims to connect people globally through a shared expression of hope and peace.


Starbucks Sakura Collection

Starbucks Japan is popular for releasing varios seasonal collections through the year with special beverages and merchandise. Starbucks Japan Sakura Collection with cherry blossom inspired merchandise and flavored beverages is no doubt the most awaited every year.

Starbucks Japan Sakura Tumblers and Mugs 2024

Starbucks Japan Cherry Blossom Beverages 2024

Sakura Afternoon Tea

ANA Intercontinental Hotel Cherry Blossom Afternoon Tea 2
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Afternoon teas are one of top food trends in Japan over the past years, and they are held at many venues with seasonal ingredients and themes. Alongside winter’s strawberry dessert buffets, the cherry blossom afternoon tea is the most popular of the year. You can enjoy delicious and creative sweets and drinks with a sakura flavor at many locations during the season.

For more info:

Best Sakura Afternoon Teas in Tokyo 2024

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Sakura Inspired Products

In addition to all of the above during Spring in Japan varios cherry blossom flavored food and drinks are also released. Indulge yourself with limited-edition products with Sakura flavour and design only available this time of the year.

Best Sakura Food and Drinks in Japan 2024

See here some of the best Sakura products in Japan!

Moreover, several cosmetic brands are also offering a sakura-design!

Best Sakura Cosmetics Products in Japan 2024

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