Starbucks Japan Sakura 2024 2nd Collection

Starbucks Japan Cherry Blossom Collection 2024: Sakura-themed Drinks and Merchandise

Starbucks Japan Sakura 2024 2nd Collection

As every year with the arrival of spring in Japan, Starbucks Japan launches its highly anticipated Sakura collection, one of the most anticipated events of the cherry blossom season.

And as always, Starbucks Japan has two collections ready to delight its fans. Following the success of the first edition, launched on February 15th, the details of the second edition have just been announced. This Sakura-themed merchandise collection, exclusively available in Japan for Spring 2024 will feature exclusive beverages, sweets, and special goods.

The Starbucks Japan Cherry Blossom 2nd collection will be available from March 1st (online), and will last until supplies run out. Due to high demand, these items sell out fast at select locations so if you really want to get your favorite items, we recommend marking your calendar and visiting your nearest Starbucks store as soon as they are out to ensure you don’t miss out on these limited-time offerings.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the essence of Sakura and create unforgettable moments with Starbucks Japan’s second cherry blossom collection!

-Starbucks Japan Sakura Merchandise 2024 2nd Collection

Starbucks Japan Sakura 2024 2nd Collection
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Following the theme of the first collection, SAKURA makes you cheered, the second series of the cherry blossom-themed merchandise have the theme “SAKURA makes you natural” and the designs feature more natural beige and light pink tones compared to the brighter colors of the first edition, evoking the last days of the cherry blossoms.

This 2nd edition of the Starbucks Japan Sakura Collection will be launch on March 1st, 2024, online, followed by Starbucks stores across Japan on March 5th. The lineup includes an array of tumblers and mugs, including options perfect for picnics or enjoying cherry blossom viewing excursions.

In Spring 2024 enjoy the sakura season in Japan with this elegant and beautiful merchandise collection!
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Left to Right:

SAKURA 2024 Stainless Steel Bottle Natural 473ml 4,900 yen
SAKURA2024 Stainless Steel Bottle Natural 325ml 4,200 yen
SAKURA2024 Stainless Steel Bottle Natural 237ml 3,150 yen

Left to Right:

SAKURA 2024 Stainless Steel Bottle Floral 381ml 4,200 yen
SAKURA2024Strap Cup Shaped Stainless Steel Bottle 355ml 4,200 yen
SAKURA 2024 Silicone Strap Bottle 532ml 2,400 yen

Left to Right:

SAKURA 2024 Stainless Steel Bottle Grace Beige 355ml 4,100 yen
SAKURA 2024 Stainless Steel Bottle Grace Pink 355ml​ 4,100 yen
Stanley Stainless Steel Bottle Pink 280ml 4,200 yen

Left to Right:
3-Way Stainless Tumbler Stanley Beige 473ml 4,550 yen
SAKURA 2024 Stainless TOGO Logo Tumbler Grace 355ml 4,400 yen
SAKURA 2024 Tumbler Natural 355ml 1,900 yen

Left to Right:
SAKURA 2024 Shell Handle Heat-resistant Glass Mug 355m 2,900 yen
SAKURA 2024 Mug Grace 355ml 2,200 yen
SAKURA 2024 Stainless Steel Mug Petal Handle Pink 355ml 3,500 yen

SAKURA 2024 Double-Wall Heat-Resistant Glass Cup 296ml 3,400 yen
SAKURA 2024 Reusable Cup Gift with Beverage Card 355ml 1,800 yen
SAKURA2024 Beverage Card Beige 700 yen
SAKURA2024 Starbucks Mini Cup Gift Natural 1,050 yen

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-Starbucks Japan Sakura Drink 2024 2nd Edition

Starbucks Sakura Drink 2024
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The Hanami Matcha Cream Frappuccino is a limited-time Frappuccino that takes the beloved-by-all Matcha Cream Frappuccino and adds a touch of cherry blossom fragrance and the delicious taste of white bean paste. In addition, at the bottom of the cup, there’s a delightful Hanami white bean paste sauce that perfectly complements the Matcha Cream Frappuccino, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. It’s like a taste of Japan in every sip!

All of this is topped with a layer of creamy whipped cream, followed by delicate Sakura feuilletine flakes that look just like fluttering cherry blossom.

On the other hand, the Hanami Blonde Latte is a playful twist on the classic Starbucks Latte. This unique drink combines the lightness and aroma of the Blonde Espresso Roast with the Spring Blossoming flavor syrup, reminiscent of spring flowers. Finished with crispy Sakura feuilletine on the top.

 It’s a tasty hot drink that lets you fully immerse in the cherry blossom experience.

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