Starbucks Japan Sakura Tumblers and Mugs 2020

Starbucks Japan Sakura Collection 2020: Cherry Blossom Theme Merchandise and Beverage

Starbucks Japan’s brand new SAKURA merchandise collection and spring limited beverage will be released in February 2020! Check out the beautiful cherry blossom theme drinkware including tumblers, mugs, bottles and stationery as well as limited Sakura flavour beverage (frappuccino and hot drink) available only in Japan in 2020 spring!

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Starbucks Japan releases several limited-edition/seasonal merchandise collections through the year such as Geography Series, Christmas and New Year with special designed drinkware (tumblers, mugs, etc), and they are extremely popular among both Japanese and foreign visitors. Especially, the Starbucks Japan Cherry Blossom theme collection which is released every spring, draws most of the attention worldwide.

The long-awaited Starbucks Japan 2020 Sakura collection’s first edition will be released on 15 February 2020, and available at Starbucks stores across Japan as well as the online store while stocks last. Due to its high popularity, the products tend to get sold out quickly after being released. So if you are considering to purchase some products from the Starbucks Sakura Merchandise Collection in 2020, make sure to note the release date and run to your nearest Starbucks store before it’s too late! (*NOTE: Products are only available in Japan and international shipping is not available.)

-Starbucks Japan Cherry Blossom Merchandise 2020

The first series of Starbucks Japan Sakura Collection will be “Spring Breeze” which will be released on 15 February 2020 at Starbucks stores in Japan and its online store. The design is inspired by the gentle breeze of spring and presents the warm spring days and fluttering cherry blossom petals. The line-up includes tumblers and mugs, and some of items are perfectly useful for picnic or cherry blossom viewing.

Besides the Sakura merchandise collection, Starbucks Japan is releasing their first collection of sustainable “Reusable Cup” in 2020 spring. In order to reduce disposable plastics, in addition to tumblers, reusable cups that have been developed with simple specifications to make it easier to start using, will be released. The cups will be available as a single or a set of 5 cups with various pastel colours comes with a bag.

<<!Latest Update!>>
The second edition of Starbucks Japan 2020 Sakura Collection “Spring Misty-Rain” will be released on 26 February 2020! The collection features the fine and misty spring rain showering through the cherry blossoms and flowers and make them shine and transparent. Comparing to the first edition, it looks more elegant and sophisticated with cold colours.

Spring Breeze Collection (15 February~)

©2020 Starbucks Coffee Company.

1. SAKURA 2020 Flower Charm Tumbler 355ml 2,100 yen
2. SAKURA 2020 Gradation Stainless Logo Gottle 473ml 4,100 yen
3. SAKURA 2020 Stainless Create Your Tumbler Breeze 355ml 2,900 yen
4. SAKURA 2020 Stainless Mug Breeze 355ml 2,800 yen
5. SAKURA 2020 Sakura Shape Mug 355ml 2,100 yen
6. SAKURA 2020 Stainless TOGO Logo Tumbler Breeze 355ml 3,700 yen
7. SAKURA 2020 Stainless Bottle Breeze 480ml 4,500 yen
8. SAKURA 2020 Handy Stainless Bottle Petal 400ml 4,300 yen
9. SAKURA 2020 Strap Cup Shape Stainless Bottle 355ml 4,000 yen
10. SAKURA 2020 Bottle Breeze 355ml 2,100 yen
11. SAKURA 2020 Sunny Bottle Breeze 2,300 yen
12. SAKURA 2020 Portable Picnic Mattress 2,500 yen
13. SAKURA 2020 Heat Resistant Sakura Shape Glass 296ml 2,200 yen
14. SAKURA 2020 Mug Breeze 355ml 2,000 yen
15. SAKURA 2020 Beverage Card Breeze 620 yen
16. SAKURA 2020 Beverage Card Petal 620 yen
17. Starbucks Card SAKURA Breeze
18. Mini Starbucks Card SAKURA Breeze

Sales Period: 15 February 2020~ (while stocks last)

Note: all prices are tax excluded

Spring Misty-Rain Collection (26 February~)

©2020 Starbucks Coffee Company.

1. SAKURA 2020 Charm Silicon Lid Stainless Cup 355ml 3,200 yen
2. SAKURA 2020 Rain Charm Bottle 473ml 2,400 yen
3. SAKURA 2020 Lucent Stainless Tumbler 355ml 3,500 yen
4. SAKURA 2020 Sparkle Bottle 355ml 2,200 yen
5. SAKURA 2020 One-touch Bright Stainless Bottle 450ml 4,400 yen
6. SAKURA 2020 Handy Stainless Bottle Sparkle 500ml 4,500 yen
7. SAKURA 2020 Stainless TOGO Logo Tumbler Sparkle 355ml 3,700 yen
8. SAKURA 2020 Bright Stainless Bottle 355ml 3,600 yen
9. SAKURA 2020 Pearl Tumbler 473 ml 2,200 yen
10. SAKURA 2020 Pearl Stainless Bottle 355ml 4,000 yen
11. SAKURA 2020 Sparkle Mug 355ml 2,100 yen
12. SAKURA 2020 Snow Globe and Mug 89ml 3,900 yen
13. SAKURA 2020 Starbucks Gift Card
14. Starbucks Card SAKURA Misty Rain
15. SAKURA 2020 Heat Resistant Sparkle Glass Mug 355ml 2,500 yen
16. SAKURA 2020 Lucent Mug 355ml 1,800 yen
17. SAKURA 2020 Starbucks Gift Mini Cup 950 yen

Sales Period: 15 February 2020~ (while stocks last)

Note: all prices are tax excluded

SAKURA 2020 Reusable Cups

©2020 Starbucks Coffee Company.

(Above) SAKURA 2020 Reusable Cup Set and Bag 473ml 2,800 yen

(Below) SAKURA 2020 Reusable Cup 473ml 350 yen (from 19 February 2020)

Sales Period: 15 February 2020~ (while stocks last)

Note: all prices are tax excluded

-Starbucks Japan Cherry Blossom Beverage 2020

Along with the SAKURA merchandise collection, Starbucks Japan releases spring-limited cherry blossom flavour drinks every year.

Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuccino (cold) and Sakura Milk Latte (hot) will be available from 15 February 2020 at Starbucks stores in Japan.

The Japan-Limited Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuccino is a milk-base frappuccino drink blended with cherry blossoms and strawberries sauce and milk pudding with cherry blossom extracts. It’s topped with pink Arare (rice cracker) to present pink petals of cherry blossoms. The drink is served in a cherry blossom themed special cup.

Sakura Milk Latte is a hot non-caffeine beverage served with strawberry sauce and hot milk with a hit of cherry blossom flavour.

©2020 Starbucks Coffee Company.

(Left) Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuccino
Price: 590 yen (Tall size only)

(Right) Sakura Milk Latte
Price: Short 450 yen /Tall 490 yen/Grande 530 yen/Venti® 570 yen

Note: all prices are tax excluded

Sales Period: 15 February 2020~ (while stocks last)

The second beverage from the SAKURA Collection 2020 will also be available from 26 February 2020! Sakura Sakurambo Frappuccino is a milk-base frappuccino drink with a hint of cherry blossoms and strawberry flavour, and mixed with sweet and sour chunky cherry (sakurambo) sauce. It’s topped with 3-coloured Kombeito (Japanese candy).

©2020 Starbucks Coffee Company.

Sakura Sakurambo Frappuccino

Price: 590 yen (Tall size only) + tax

Sales Period: 26 February 2020~12 March 2020

Japan Web Magazine is hosting a spring giveaway and offering a chance to win STARBUCKS JAPAN SAKURA COLLECTION 2020! Check more details and how to participate the giveaway from the link below 🙂

Moreover, the largest Starbucks store in Japan, Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo is releasing its first own SAKURA collection in 2020 featuring the special designed drinkware, beverage and food inspired by cherry blossoms. The items are available exclusively at Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo in Naka Meguro! Click the link below to see more details 🙂

Starbucks Japan releases numbers of limited-time drinks through the year using seasonal ingredients and motifs. If you are visiting Japan this spring, don’t miss a chance to taste the delicious spring flavour with a new Starbucks Japan beverage!

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