Starbucks Japan Summer Tumblers and Mugs 2020

Starbucks Japan Ocean-Theme Summer Merchandise Collection 2020

Seasonal merchandise collections by Starbucks Japan are super popular today including Sakura collection in spring and New Year’s collection in winter. We can enjoy drinks with tumblers and cups with limited seasonal designs, and they are highly anticipated in each season.

Summer is just around the corner, and Starbucks Japan has just released 10 cute and summerish limited items to their merchandise collection. The dreamy, pastel coloured ocean-theme drinkware collections includes tumblers and mugs with limited design. Products went on sale on the official online store from 13 May 2020, and available while stocks last!

Let’s take a look at the line-up of the Starbucks Japan Summer Collection 2020!

Left to Right:
Deep Blue Handy Stainless Bottle 400ml (4,200 yen)
Whale Stainless Logo Bottle 473ml (4,000 yen)
Whale Mug 355 ml (2,000 yen)

Left to Right:
Shell Charm Bottle 473ml (2,300 yen)
Jellyfish Cold Cup Tumbler 355ml (2,000 yen)
Whale Strap Cup Shape Stainless Bottle 355ml (3,900 yen)

Left to Right:
Gradation Curved Stainless Bottle 355ml (3,800 yen)
Hologram Whale Bottle 355ml (1,800 yen)
Whale Crave Bottle 500ml (2,000 yen)
Gold Shell Glass Mug 355ml (2,400 yen)

The theme of the new collection is “Ocean”, featuring designs with adorable sea creatures such as whales and seashells. Not only that they are cute, but also some of products features special functions which can keep your drinks cool in a hot weather. Let’s enjoy delicious coffee with the cute ocean-inspired tumblers and cups this summer 😉

Starbucks Japan Official Website:

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