Mister Donut Japan: Sakura Mochi Donuts Collection Spring 2024

Sakura Mochi Donuts: The Spring-limited cherry blossom flavor donuts from Mister Donuts

Mister Donut Japan- Sakura Mochi Donuts Collection Spring 2024

In Japan, spring means cherry blossoms, and alongside enjoying the beautiful blooms, you can explore limited-time cherry blossom-inspired products. From desserts to accessories, numerous shops and restaurants offer special items featuring cherry blossom designs or flavors. Popular picks include the Starbucks Japan Sakura Collection, Sakura-themed afternoon teas, and even Sakura-themed cosmetics, loved by locals and tourists alike.

The Sakura Collection from the most beloved franchise donut store, Mister Donut (ミスタードーナツ), or Misdo, have become another popular springtime tradition since they collaborated with one of Japan’s most renowned green tea shops, Gion Tsujiri, in 2021 for a special Green tea & Sakura Collection and it was a great success. For the 2022 collection, they opted for a delightful combination of sakura and mochi (sticky rice paste) and customers loved it so much that they continued it in the 2023 collection.

Starting on February 28th, 2024, Mister Donut is offering its limited-time collection Sakura Mochi Donuts: four new donuts with a cherry blossom-theme flavor. Embracing the spirit of Spring, Mister Donut created this sakura-themed product lineup inspired by the evolving cherry blossoms. Building upon the success of their annual “Mochi Donuts”, they further improved their recipe of the dough. Alongside the customer favorites like “Bu/Tsubomi”, “Half-Bloom” and “Full Bloom” from 2023, the 2024 addition includes the new “Dancing Cherry Blossom” flavor.

If you want to enjoy the Sakura Mochi Donuts Series that will be only available in this season of the year in Japan go to your nearest Mister Donut store before they run out!

Sakura Mochi Doughnut: Dancing Cherry Blossom

Dancing Cherry Blossom Donut
© MISDO 24 © Mister Donut. All Rights Reserved.

The newest addition to the lineup is Sakura Mochi Donut Dancing Cherry Blossom. This treat is inspired by cherry blossom petals falling from branches and swirling in the wind. Made with sakura mochi-flavored dough, it’s filled with Hokkaido red bean paste and topped with white chocolate and sakura-flavored chocolate flakes. Finished with a drizzle of chocolate lines for a delicious touch.

Takeout: 183 yen
Eat-in: 187 yen

Sakura Mochi Doughnut: Tsubomi

Sakura Mochi Donuts- Bud
© MISDO 24 © Mister Donut. All Rights Reserved.

Sakura Mochi Donut Tsubomi is inspired by the image of cherry blossoms in their pre-bloom stage. These donuts feature a mochi-like dough, glazed and generously dusted with kinako (roasted soybean flour) sugar to evoke the delicate pink hue of cherry buds.

Takeout: 162 yen
Eat-in: 165 yen

Sakura Mochi Doughnut: Half-Bloom

Sakura Mochi Donuts- Half-Bloom
© MISDO 24 © Mister Donut. All Rights Reserved.

The Half-Bloom Sakura Donut represents the half-bloom stage using pink strawberry chocolate and sugar toppings visible on the surface. A notable addition for 2024 is the use of sakura red bean whipped cream filling.

Takeout: 183 yen
Eat-in: 187 yen

Sakura Mochi Doughnut: Full Boom

Sakura Mochi Doughnut- Full Boom
© MISDO 24 © Mister Donut. All Rights Reserved.

Inspired by the vibrant beauty of fully bloomed cherry blossoms, Sakura Mochi Donut Full Bloom is generously topped with sakura-flavored chocolate flakes and sparkling decorations. Plus, the mochi-like dough is coated with red bean paste infused with sakura leaves.

In addition, there’s an original box assortment available named the Sakura Enjoyment Set perfect for takeout. It includes a variety of the four Sakura Mochi Donuts making it an ideal choice for souvenirs or picnics under the cherry blossoms.

Mister Donut Sakura Mochi Donuts

Sales Period: February 28th, 2024 (Wednesday) – end of March (scheduled to end sequentially)

Where: All Mister Donut stores (excluding some shops)

*Sets and items may be sold out depending on the time of day.

*If set items are sold out, only individual sales will be available.

*Original boxes are available until sold out.

*Sets include one of each item. No other combinations are available.

*Photos and illustrations are for reference only.

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