Tokyo Sakura Garden Spring Festival 2024 at Hoppo-en Garden

Best Cherry Blossoms Events in Tokyo: Tokyo Sakura Garden Spring Light Up at Happo-en

Tokyo Sakura Garden Spring Festival

With the arrival of spring in Tokyo come special events, featuring especially the famous cherry blossoms. Happo-en in Shirokanedai, Tokyo, will hold a limited-time spring event, TOKYO SAKURA GARDEN SPRING FESTIVAL 2024 from March 20 to April 10, 2024.

Tokyo Sakura Garden Spring Festival
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Happo-en is a traditional Japanese garden mainly used for weddings and special events located in central Tokyo, in Minato ward. The gardens are renowned for their beauty and harmony. From a tea ceremony house to bonsai trees and the famous carp fish characteristic of Japan, the Happo-en have all the elements for a perfect traditional Japanese garden. With over 300 years of history, the place is believed to be a residence of a samurai close to the shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa during the 17th century. Nowadays is a garden designed for strolling, with a charming pond as its centerpiece.

Tokyo Sakura Garden Spring Festival
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Happo-en organizes temporary events open to the public. During the sakura period, the popular Garden Light Up them will be Spring Light Up. The vast Japanese garden and cherry blossoms in full bloom will be illuminated in pink light, so the visitors can feel the changing of the four seasons.

At Thrush Café, they will be offering a limited-time lunch and dinner courses to savor the flavors of spring. Of special mention the SAKURA Afternoon Tea, where visitors can enjoy tea time while gazing at the spring scenery. Indulge in a vibrant afternoon tea featuring sakura-themed sweets like sakura dango and “sakura panna cotta.

On April 7th, for one night only, the GARDEN BAR will pop-up in the gardens, featuring unique “sakura” themed cocktails and enjoy Moët & Chandon and wine. In addition, DJ Okino Shuya, who is active in the world music scene, will host a one-night-only DJ night to liven up the atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a glass of  Moët & Chandon champagne with music.



Access: 5 mins walk from Meguro or Shinagawa Station

Period: March 20 – April 10, 2024

Admission: Free to the garden

Official Website:

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