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Discover the City by Water with Tokyo Water Taxi

Water Taxi Tokyo

When we talk about Tokyo, one of the first things that come to mind is its extensive network of trains and subways. It’s indeed one of the most effective ways to get around the city. However, it can be very crowded, especially during rush hours.

Do you want to discover Tokyo in an original and fun way? How about a water taxi? In this article we will introduce you to Tokyo Water Taxi, a unique service. Explore part of Tokyo on water, and discover increible views that you will not see anywhere else.

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Tokyo Water Taxi

Water Taxi Tokyo

Traditional yakatabune boats with Japanese dinner or futuristic and modern cruise with special designs, until recently were the only options to sail the rivers of Tokyo and reach its bay. However, in both options, we have to share our trip with other travelers, and we cannot choose the route.

Tokyo Water Taxi is a unique experience, which allows you to book a small boat privately to enjoy with your family, friends or partner (with a maximum of 8 people).You can choose the time you want to ride and the route, since is a chartered one, so you can enjoy the time only with the people you want. If you don’t know which route to choose, they have some suggestions available with the best spots if you ask them.

In addition, the boats come equipped with a small portable speaker so you can play whatever music you want from your smart phone so you can relax and unwind as if you were in the comfort of your own room.

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My Experience with Tokyo Water Taxi

Water Taxi Tokyo

I recently had the opportunity to enjoy a Tokyo Water Taxi ride with my friends, and I must say that after more than 7 years in Tokyo I thought there were few activities left that could surprise me, but this one did.

The Tokyo Water Taxi boats are quite small, but they have everything you need and are very cozy. Inside there is a small table with 3 armchairs where you can drink or eat during your ride. It also has a mini bathroom, and the space for the pilot of the boat. The back of the boat has a small open air space from where you can contemplate the scenery.

We left from near Shinagawa and headed for Asakusa and the Skytree. Although it was winter it was a sunny day, so we spent most of the time outside, as the feeling was very pleasant.

As we cruised along the river, there was also a part of the trip where a lot of seagulls suddenly appeared, and we were able to feed them! They accompanied us for a while, and then went on their way.

And so, enjoying the scenery, the sun and a pleasant breeze, we reached the Asakusa area and were able to see the Skytree and the famous Asahi office building. After some photos around the area, we turned around, and on the way back we went to a small corner where the traditional yakatabune boats rest during the day before starting their night activity.

We head to Tokyo Bay while we could still enjoy the last rays of sunshine. At this point it started to get colder, and as we changed from the river to the open se, so we decided to take shelter inside and have a drink and something to eat while we looked out of the windows and enjoyed the comfortable sea winds.All around us there were huge cargo ships, which made our ship look even smaller. In the background we could see the beautiful city of Tokyo, illuminated at nightfall, including the Tokyo Skytree in the background.

At the end of our tour, we ended up in Tokyo Bay in front of Odaiba, with an amazing view of the rainbow bridge and the Tokyo Tower. Despite the cold, we could not help but go outside to enjoy the scenery.

Water Taxi Tokyo

The photos are beautiful, but I promise you that seeing that views it in person is even more incredible!


Water Taxi Tokyo

Both for work and personal leisure, I have had the opportunity to try on more than one occasion to dine at Yakatabune, or go by cruise from Asakusa to Odaiba. I have thoroughly enjoyed both experiences, but Tokyo Water Taxi has to date been my favorite!

The fact that it’s a private rental, which you can enjoy alone with your friends, gives you much more freedom and you are much more relaxed. It allows you to have fun at your own pace, and do silly things with your friends that you might not do in public because of embarrassment.

Also, the Tokyo Water Taxi staff was super nice and friendly at all times, and by the end you felt like you were part of the group!

Although it may seem expensive at first, if you share between 6-8 people the price is very similar to the cost of an individual ticket for yakatabune or futuristic boat.

Prices and How to Book Tokyo Water Taxi? 

There are different options to enjoy Tokyo Water Taxi. Choose between departing from Skytree and arriving at Shinagawa or departing from Shinagawa and arriving at Skytree. When time is limited, opt for the Direct cruise. Alternatively, optional routes such as the Bay Zone cruise, which offers views of Odaiba, large ships, and cranes, or the Heritage Zone cruise, which explores the waterfront’s history, are also available.

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Some of the Tokyo Water Taxi staff can speak some English, and as I said, they are very friendly, so I encourage you to write to them with any questions you have and they will surely help you find the option that best suits you. But, to give you an idea, here are the basic rates:

THE TAXI Basic Ride


Direct cruise: 55 minutes/28,000 yen.

Bay zone cruise: 120 minutes/44,000 yen.

Heritage zone cruise: 90minutes/ 36,000 yen.

*Night charge will be added after 17:00.

What do you think? Want to to visit Tokyo from the water for a few hours? For more interesting activities to do in Tokyo and transportation tips, check these articles too!

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