15 Best Things to Do in Odaiba

From Rainbow Bridge to Gundam Statue, Best Things to Do in Odaiba Tokyo

Odaiba is situated in the south of Tokyo, and it’s one of the most popular sightseeing and dating spots in Japan. There are numbers of great things to do in Odaiba area such as trendy shops, high-tech museums, traditional hot spring, restaurants and more. Here are best things to do in Odaiba, Tokyo!

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1. Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge (レインボーブリッジ) is one of the most famous landmarks in Tokyo. The 798m long suspension bridge links the mainland of Tokyo (Shibaura Pier) with the man-made island Odaiba crossing norther Tokyo Bay. The white bridge is illuminated in various colours at night, displaying astonishing cityscape together with the skyline of central Tokyo. The bridge can be accessed by foot or Yurikamome, the automated transit service.

2. Odaiba Marine Park

Odaiba Marine Park

Odaiba, the beachside area adjacent to Tokyo Bay, has one of the few artificial beaches in Tokyo: Odaiba Marine Park. Surrounded by neighboring parks and shopping complexes, you can enjoy seeing a magnificent view across Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge there.

3. DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza is a shopping complex in Odaiba area with about 100 diverse stores, restaurants and entertainment facilities. It’s famous for a life-size Gundam statue standing in front of the building and popular landmark of Odaiba area.

More info: DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

4. Immersive Fort Tokyo

Immersive Fort Tokyo is world’s first immersive theme park opened in early 2024, in the former site of Odaiba Palette Town. The facility features 12 attractions and places to eat and shop within a large indoor space, which is a renovated structure of VenusFort, a medieval Europe theme shopping mall in Palette Town. Immersive Fort Tokyo is a new type of attraction that offers a range of immersive experiences, allowing visitors to dive into the world of movies, anime, and video games as if they were one of the characters themselves.

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5. Madame Tussauds Tokyo

Madame Tussauds is a unique museum which showcases wax sculptures of famous celebrities and historical figures. The branch in Tokyo features both international and Japanese celebrities. You can have an unique experience of getting up close to them and take photos as much as you like!

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The large indoor amusement park, Tokyo JOYPOLIS offers a wide range of attractions and entertainments for adults and kids. You can enjoy fun and thrilling attractions, games and events including rollercoaster, simulation games and VR experience with cutting-edge technology. As it’s an indoor park, all the attractions can be enjoyed, rain or shine.

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7. National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation a.k.a. Miraikan (日本科学未来館)  is a museum with scientific exhibitions about innovation, robots, technology, biology, geography and space exploration with interactive and educational displays. The museum is centered with the high resolution globe called Geo-Cosmos, a model of earth floating in the universe.

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More info: Miraikan: Tokyo National Museum of Emergin Science

8. Unko Museum

The Unko Museum (うんこミュージアム) which literally means the “Poop Museum”, is a unique museum with the concept of “Max Unko Kawaii”, presenting a mixture of Kawaii culture and poop. The museum is divided into many fun areas and is filled with rainbow colours, poop-themed art and Kawaii-style items which you can take a lot of instagram-worthy photos.

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Map: https://goo.gl/maps/LhAiB5YiJrKssbR48

Access: 5-minute walk from Tokyo Daiba Station (Yurikamome Line)

5-minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station (Rinkai Line)

Official Website: https://unkomuseum.com/en/tokyo/

9. Tokyo Trick Art Museum

Tokyo Trick Art Museum (東京トリックアート迷宮館) is a fun and interactive museum with a collection of 3D optical illusion paintings. The museum exhibits trick artworks in divided areas with different themes such as Edo-period, art masterpieces and Ninja. With visual illusion and surprises, you can take a lot of funny photos with your friends!

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Map: https://goo.gl/maps/2nuj7DQazJgRwpfg6

Access: 2-minute walk from Odaiba-kaihinkōen Station (Yurikamome Line)
5-minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station (Rinkiai Line)

Official Website: https://www.trickart.info/english/index.html

10. LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo is an indoor Lego-themed park with over 3 million Lego bricks. Visitors can enjoy various kinds of Lego attractions and play with bricks. The park is suitable for kids, family and adult Lego lovers.

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11. Toyosu Market

Toyosu MarketToyosu Market is a perfect spot for food lovers in Tokyo, which the famous Tsukiji Fish Market moved to in 2018. Most famous and popular sushi restaurants and others relocated to the new landmark in the Odaiba area while there are still some restaurants and shops remaining in the previous location. In addition to the freshest seafood, many tourists visit Toyosu Market to see lively tuna auctions in the early morning.

More info: Toyosu Market: Best Things to Do

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 12. Teamlab Planets Tokyo

Teamlab Planets Tokyo
© teamLab

teamLab Borderless MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM was the world’s first digital art museum by the international art collective teamLab opened in Odaiba area in 2018. The immersive museum featured colourful and futuristic captivating art installations using the latest digital technology. The museum sadly closed its door in 2022 summer and reopened in early 2024 in a new location inside Azabudai Hills, a new complex facility and landmark in central Tokyo.

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There is another teamLab’s digital art museum around Odaiba are. Opened in 2018, teamLab Planets Tokyo is located in Toyosu area, within a walking distance from Toyosu Market. The museum features body immersive exhibits in a vast space, using the digital art and effects of lights, sound and water.

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More info: TeamLab Planets Tokyo in Toyosu

13. Tokyo Big Sight

Tokyo Big Sight

For every traveler who are interested in time-limited events in Tokyo, Tokyo Big Sight is one of the most recommended spot to go in Odaiba. Tokyo Big Sight, the largest exhibition center in Japan, offers a wide range of interesting events throughout the year: For example, Comic Market, AnimeJapan, Tokyo Motor Show and so on.

More info: Tokyo Big Sight: the Biggest Exhibition Center

14. Night View of Odaiba

Odaiba is one of the best spots to enjoy a night view and romantic night out in Tokyo. The stunning illuminated city view with the iconic Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo’s skyscrapers including Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree can be captured in Odaiba. The Statue of Liberty, another landmark of Odaiba is also lit up at night. The best season to enjoy the night view of Odaiba is winter as spectacular winter illuminations are displayed at number of sites within the district.

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15. Sail in Tokyo Bay

Water Taxi Tokyo

If you want to go beyond the typical and have a unique experience, Tokyo Water Taxi is a service that allows you to book a small boat privately to enjoy with your family, friends or partner (with a maximum of 8 people). The boats come equipped with a small portable speaker so you can play whatever music you want from your smart phone so you can relax and unwind as if you were in the comfort of your own room.

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More info: Tokyo Water Taxi: Explore Tokyo from the Water

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