10 Best Things to Do in Toyosu

Explore Toyosu's Attractions in Tokyo's Most Innovative District

Toyosu is a futuristic waterfront district on Tokyo Bay, popular for its Rainbow Bridge and the variety of shopping venues. This area, once home to shipyards and industrial complexes, underwent significant transformation to become a vibrant hub of commerce, entertainment, and residential life.

The relocation of the iconic Tsukiji Fish Market to Toyosu in 2018 marked a new chapter, introducing the state-of-the-art Toyosu Market, which has become a focal point for both locals and tourists. Toyosu’s development was propelled by its strategic location and visionary urban planning, part of what makes Tokyo a dynamic city that’s constantly evolving.

If you haven’t explored this area yet, here we go with the 10 best things to do in Toyosu!

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1. Watch the Tuna Auction at Toyosu Market

Tuna display at Toyosu MarketMorning folks rejoice! This is the perfect activity for early birds or unfortunate jet-lagged travelers unable to sleep past 5 AM. The Tuna Auction at Toyosu Market (豊洲市場) is a commercial and culinary spectacle that takes place around 5:30 AM (so it’s best to be there around 5:00), continuing the legacy of the famous Tsukiji Market. 

With its relocation to Toyosu in 2018, the market has enhanced visitor experiences with state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring safety and hygiene while preserving the auction atmosphere. Visitors can witness the intense bidding wars for high-quality tuna through observation windows in a dedicated viewing gallery, making it a must-see for seafood enthusiasts and those curious about Japan’s fish trade. 

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2. Taste the Finest Sushi at Toyosu Market

Sushi at a Toyosu Market restaurantToyosu Market became the successor to the iconic Tsukiji Market so it’s only expected that the sushi experience would be just as good with its fresh and high-quality seafood. Renowned for its selection, the market is a hub for sushi connoisseurs and chefs seeking the finest ingredients. 

Here you can indulge in an array of sushi delicacies at various restaurants within the market, where the proximity to the source of seafood translates into exceptional freshness and flavor. 

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3. Have a Sensory Experience at TeamLab Planets Tokyo

teamLab Planets
© teamLab

TeamLab Planets Tokyo is a museum that transcends traditional art boundaries, with an immersive experience that combines the best of technology, art, and nature. Here you will be encouraged to interact with the exhibits, becoming part of the ever-changing digital landscapes. 

Wading through water, walking through fields of luminous flora, and becoming one with the cascading lights, the museum invites you to lose yourself in a world of digital art. It’s a place where imagination is set free, making it an essential visit for those looking to experience cutting-edge artistic expression in Japan.

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4. Travel Back in Time at Senkyaku Banrai Facility

Senkyaku Banrai Facility

Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai (豊洲 千客万来), a new Edo-inspired venue, is the latest addition to the Toyosu area. Located just across the street from the Toyosu Market, this establishment is designed to emulate an Edo-period cityscape, integrating gastronomical and cultural experiences.

The complex hosts a variety of restaurants, many of which feature fresh products from the nearby Toyosu Market. Additionally, an onsen area within the venue aims to round up the experience for its visitors! Traditional Japanese aesthetics, superb seafood, and hot spring relaxation are the perfect ingredients to spend a leisurely day spoiling themselves.

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5. Relax at Manyo Club Onsen

Manyo Club Onsen Toyosu
© 2002-2024 MANYO CLUB CO.,LTD.

As previously mentioned, Manyo Club (万葉倶楽部) is one of the greatest highlights of Senkyaku Banrai, offering a luxurious onsen experience within its facilities, open 24h. This haven of relaxation and rejuvenation provides a variety of baths, saunas, and spa treatments that incorporate natural hot spring water.

The onsen experience is complemented by panoramic views of Tokyo Bay and a wide array of gastronomical and shopping options. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to unwind and experience the therapeutic benefits of Japanese hot springs without leaving the city.

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6. Shop ‘Till You Drop at LaLa Terrace Harumi Flag

Lala Terrace Harumi Flag
© Mitsui Fudosan Retail Management Co., Ltd.

LaLa Terrace Harumi Flag (ららテラス HARUMI FLAG) is an upcoming shopping and entertainment complex in Toyosu, offering a diverse range of retail outlets, restaurants, and leisure activities. It’s a one-stop destination for both locals and tourists, catering to all ages and interests.

From fashion and lifestyle stores to gourmet dining options, the complex provides a comprehensive urban shopping experience. Its open-air design and green spaces also offer a refreshing outdoor atmosphere, making it a pleasant place to stroll, shop, and dine.

7. Take Your Sporty Side for a Ride at Ariake Urban Sports Park

 Ariake Urban Sports ParkAriake Urban Sports Park (有明アーバンスポーツパーク) is a hub for sports enthusiasts, offering facilities for skateboarding, BMX, and sport climbing, among others. The park played a significant role during the Tokyo Olympics, hosting various events and showcasing cutting-edge design and sustainability practices.

This facility is a dynamic and inspiring environment for everyone, appealing to both seasoned athletes and casual visitors just looking for an active day out.

8. Have a Taste of Tokyo’s Culinary Essence at Tsukiji Outer Market

Tsukiji Outer MarketWhile Tsukiji’s inner market moved to Toyosu, the Tsukiji Outer Market (築地場外市場) remains a bustling culinary hub that’s well worth a visit for any self-respecting foodie. It’s a treasure trove of fresh seafood, produce, and Japanese food staples and delicacies.

The market streets are lined with stalls and eateries offering everything from sushi and sashimi to street food snacks, making it one of the greatest samples of Tokyo’s rich food culture. And that is without mentioning all the surrounding restaurants and sushi bars that developed over the years around the market!

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9. Explore the Futuristic Playground of Odaiba

View of Odaiba with Rainbow Bridge and Liberty StatueOdaiba (お台場) is a popular entertainment and shopping district on a man-made island in Tokyo Bay, easily accessible from Toyosu. Known for its futuristic architecture, Odaiba offers many attractions, including museums, theme parks, and shopping centers.

The area’s highlights include the iconic Rainbow Bridge, the replica Statue of Liberty, and the stunning Palette Town. With its scenic waterfront, diverse attractions, and leisure facilities, Odaiba provides a perfect blend of entertainment and relaxation for a day trip.

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10. Discover a Hub of Shopping and Fun at Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu

Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu
Photo by Dick Thomas Johnson (Licensed under CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu (アーバンドック ららぽーと豊洲) is a waterfront lifestyle hub where entertainment, dining, and shopping converge. Spanning a massive area in Toyosu district, LaLaport boasts around 180 diverse shops that cover from the latest fashion trends to chic home decor, and from international brands to local favorites, with everything you can think of in between.

Amidst the shopping spree, you’ll be sure to find something to your liking with tons of restaurants featuring local and international cuisine. Adding to the family-friendly atmosphere, KidZania Tokyo is a mini-city within LaLaport that allows kids to role-play in almost 100 different professions, from pilots to chefs, in a safe and fun environment, providing a unique and educational experience for children.

Toyosu is a symbol of Tokyo’s continuous reinvention and urban renovation. It may lack the charm of ages old establishments but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer a lot of experiences that still manage to capture the essence of Tokyo.

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