10 Hottest Indoor Activities in Tokyo 2021

cool and trendy things to do in Tokyo on a rainy day!

Travelling in Japan during the rainy season? What to do in Tokyo on a rainy day?? There are numbers of indoor activities in Tokyo which you can enjoy as much as sunny days! Don’t let the gloomy weather to spoil your day in Tokyo!

From unique animal cafes to the latest VR experience, here are some of the cool and trendy indoor activities in Tokyo!

1. VR Experience

VR is arguably one of the coolest things on the planet in worldwide today, and in Tokyo you can experience the latest VR program. Take a chance to step into the virtual reality world and have a whole new game experience!

There are several VR spots in Tokyo which opened recently such as Joypolis and VR NINJA DOJO. Check the attached link below for more information about the trendy VR spots in Tokyo!

2. Karaoke

Karaoke has been always a favourite of Japanese people, and it’s one of the most unique cultures in Japan that every tourist should experience. If you are not sure about how to enter Karaoke store and enjoy Karaoke just like Japanese, join the local guided tour! Night-time Karaoke Bar Experience in Tokyo by Magical Trip will take you to the famous Izakaya alley in Shinjuku to get tipsy, then go to Karaoke and party hard with a local!

3. Be Cultural

Cultural experience should definitely be added to your bucket list in Japan. There are numbers of traditional unique activities that features Japanese culture, and you wouldn’t find them in any other places in the world! Here are some of the most recommended “indoor” cultural activities available in Tokyo today.

Sumo Morning Practice

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Watching the practice of Sumo wrestlers are as interesting as watching a live match. It’s one of the most exclusive experiences to have in Tokyo!

Play Japanese Drum “TAIKO”

Taiko is traditional Japanese instrument, and it’s one of the best ways to immerse into Japanese culture by connecting with the sound of drums in energetic atmosphere. Taiko workshops are occasionally held in Tokyo and becoming popular among tourists today!

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Bad weather shouldn’t mean sacrificing your enjoyment of Japanese tradition and culture. An excellent way to spend a rainy day inside in Tokyo is through experiencing the Japanese tea ceremony. This ritual sheds light into Japanese values and customs. Get cozy with a cup of carefully prepared matcha and enjoy Japanese confections (wagashi) alongside it, as is traditional.

4. Animal Cafes

Animal cafes are one of most popular places to visit in Tokyo in past years. It’s an unique and rare place that guests can play and touch adorable animals while being in Tokyo. From Owls to Hedgehogs, there are several different animal cafes available in the central Tokyo today! Pick your favourite animals to hang out!

Owl Cafe in Harajuku

Hedgehog Cafe in Roppongi

Review▶ Cuteness Overload!! Hedgehog Cafe HARRY in Roppongi Tokyo

5. Museums

Tokyo has numbers of great museums including arts, history, science and several unique ones featuring the modern cultures of Japan. There are also anime related museums which are pretty special in Japan. Here are some of unique museums which are trendy and popular in recent years!

teamLab Borderless

Opened as the very first digital art museum in the world in 2018 summer, MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless has been the hottest spot in town and extremely popular do far. The interactive digital art with the latest technology will take you to a whole new art experience!

teamLab Planets Tokyo

Along with teamLab Borderless, teamLab opened another digital art museum in Toyosu area, called teamLab Planets TOKYO DMM.com. The museum offers unique and mind-blowing body immersive experiences through seven digital art installations.

Studio Ghibli Museum

Visit the Ghibli Museum, the themed park of Studio Ghibli characters and designs! Tickets are not available at the museum and must be bought in advance. They tend to sold out quickly because only the limited number of visitors can enter at once, however you can book the last minute tickets from the link below!!

Samurai Museum

If you are into Japanese Sengoku period (battle era), Samurai Museum is a perfect place to visit to learn Japanese history and the ancient Samurai culture deeper! Don’t miss a chance to see the real Samurai armor and swords, or you can actually wear one with an additional charge!

6. Cooking Classes

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Love Japanese food?? How about cook them by yourself rather than eating at restaurants?? Lean how to make delicious Japanese dishes and take the recipe home so you can cook the dish for your family, friends and your loved ones back home! Here are the most recommended cooking classes available in Tokyo today!

Ramen Making

Ramen has become one of the most popular Japanese dishes worldwide along with Sushi and Tempura, and it’s possible to make delicious bowl of Ramen on your own with your favourite toppings or make it to vegetarian or vegan option. Check out the link below for best Ramen cooking classes in Tokyo!

More info: Best Ramen Cooking Classes in Tokyo 

Sushi Making

Various types of Sushi making classes are available in Tokyo including classic Nigiri Sushi, instagram-worthy Temari Sushi and Vegan/Vegetarian Sushi!

Japanese Home Cooking

Isn’t is wonderful that you can enjoy delicious Japanese dishes while learning how to cook them?? Get secret cooking tips from locals and take recipes home!
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More Cooking Classes in Tokyo

Today, various cooking classes with many kinds of dishes are available from authentic Japanese dishes to colourful and Kawaii bento box! Click the link below to find your favourite cooking class in Tokyo!

Best Cooking Classes in Tokyo | Book Online on airKitchen

7. Be an Otaku

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Otaku culture is an unique and original culture of Japan, and it’s admired worldwide today. There are numbers indoor activities that offer fun, unique and very Otaku experiences. Whether you are into the Otaku culture or not, you will enjoy these unique experiences for sure!!

Maid Cafe

Maid cafe should be on everyone’s bucket list as it’s very unique, strange but entertaining! And the best area to discover this quirky experience in Akihabara, the Mecca of Otaku indeed! Maidreamin is one of the top leading maid cafes in Tokyo, and you will surely have the most unique and geeky experience with cute maids!

Manga Drawing

If you love reading Manga, you would definitely enjoy drawing one for yourself! Learn how to draw Manga from the professional manga artist, Nao Yazawa (teacher at Manga School Nakano)!

8. Sanrio Puroland

One of the most popular theme parks in Japan, Sanrio Puroland a.k.a. the Hello Kitty Theme Park is dedicated to cute and adorable Sanrio characters. If you are into Japanese Kawaii culture, or a fan of Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Gudetama, My Melody and more, Sanrio Puroland is a must-visit place. Sanrio Puroland is an indoor amusement park that can be fully enjoyed on a rainy day.

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9. Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa is a popular indoor aquarium in the heart of Tokyo. The aquarium displays over 350 kinds of 25,000 fish and animals including a variety of tropical fish, manta ray, jellyfish, penguins, seals, etc. The best highlight of the aquarium is the spectacular dolphin show that held several times a day featuring special light effects.

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More aquariums in Tokyo!

10. Real Escape Game

One of the hottest entertainment facilities today, The Real Escape Game in Tokyo! You will have to use your body, brain and strength to solve the puzzle to escape from the room within the limited time! Have the most enjoyable and thrilling experience in Asakusa, Tokyo!

Did you enjoy the list?? These activities are also recommended for sunny days for special experiences in Japan 😉 For more info about things to do in Tokyo, please check out these links below, too!

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