7 Best Sushi Making Classes in Tokyo

Best Japanese Cooking Classes in Tokyo : Sushi Making

Japanese cooking classes are a very popular tourist activity today, and many of them are held across the country by English-speaking local teachers including Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Cooking classes offer an amazing cultural and food experience as visitors can learn how to cook the dish and explore Japanese culture by interacting with a teacher, and of course, get to taste the delicious Japanese dish at the end of the class. If you wish to have an unique food experience while travelling in Japan other than eating at restaurants everyday, joining a cooking class is highly recommended!
A variety of Japanese cooking classes are available now including Sushi, Tempura, Ramen and home cooking dishes. Sushi is arguably the most popular Japanese dishes worldwide, and it’s a popular choice of cooking classes among international tourists. In Tokyo, there are really a lot of Sushi making classes offering different types of Sushi making. From unique and colourful Sushi art class to authentic Sushi lesson by a master chef, I have picked some of the best Sushi making classes in Tokyo!

-Online Cooking Class

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1. Classic Sushi Making Class

One of the most popular cooking classes in Tokyo, the classic Sushi making class offers guests how to make three kinds of Sushi: Temari (ball-shaped Sushi), Nigiri (hand-shaped Sushi) and Gunkan Maki (Battleship Sushi) as well as authentic side dishes (Japanese omelette and miso soup) from scratch. You can also learn a lot about Japanese culture and history from the experienced teacher!

2. Sushi Making Class by a Professional Chef

The Sushi class is held at a real upscale Sushi restaurant in Meguro area, Tokyo, and led by a professional Sushi chef who has over 35 years chef experience. You can go behind the counter and learn how to make Sushi using authentic cooking tools and the finest seafood products from all over Japan which are carefully selected by the chef! (Review: Sushi Making Class in Tokyo by a Professional Sushi Chef)

3. Fun and Delicious Temari Sushi Making

Temari Sushi (ball-shaped Sushi) is a type of Sushi which is cute, colourful and easy to make. It’s a perfect dish for home party or to cook with friends, family and even small kids. The Temari Sushi Making Class offers guests traditional Japanese costumes, and how to create beautiful Temari Sushi art with delicious miso soup and green tea. The class takes place near Meguro Station, which is very accessible from Shibuya area.

4. Sushi Master’s Private Lesson at Tsukiji Market

Wanna join an authentic Sushi class? This private Sushi lesson offers you an opportunity to learn how to make Sushi from the professional master chef! The class is held at one of the renowned restaurants in the famous Tsukiji Market, and guests can learn how to make Nigiri Sushi (hand-shaped Sushi) and Maki Sushi (rolled Sushi) behind the counter of the restaurant as if they become real Sushi masters!

5. Art Sushi & Mochi Making Class

If you are into instagram-worthy food, this class is a perfect choice! The art Sushi roll and Mochi workshop offers an unique Japanese cooking experience in making food art. Learn the magical skill from the master of Sushi roll art and enjoy tasting colourful Sushi and Mochi after the lesson! The class is held in the heart of Tokyo, around Tsukiji and Ginza area.

6. Colourful Veggie Sushi for Vegan & Vegetarian

Even if you don’t eat seafood, you can still enjoy making Sushi! A colourful and healthy veggie Sushi making class offers 2 types of Sushi lesson: Oshizushi (Pressed Sushi) & Gunkan Maki (Battleship Sushi) including how to prepare Sushi rice and use special cooking tools. The colourful Sushi made with seasonal vegetables is totally photo-worthy! The class is held near Minami Senju Station, only 5 mins away from Asakusa Station.

7. Wagyu Sushi Making

If you are a meat lover rather than seafood, how about making Sushi with Wagyu beef?? This unique cooking class in Tokyo offers an unique experience in making three kinds of gourmet Japanese dishes: Wagyu Beef Sushi, Udon noodle and Tempura by a friendly and welcoming Japanese couple in homey atmosphere. At the end of the class, the teacher will write your name in Japanese calligraphy as a special souvenir!

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Thanks for reading! Which Sushi making class in Tokyo do you wanna join most?? If you wish to have an unique food experience, I’d highly recommend you to join one!

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