20 Best Cooking Classes in Tokyo!

Best Japanese Cooking Class in Tokyo : Sushi, Ramen, Vegetarian Dish and more!

Japanese food is hugely popular worldwide lately since it’s tasty and healthy, and actually many Japanese dishes are much easier to make than you imagine! How about learning how to make your favourite Japanese dishes while you are travelling in Tokyo, and bring the cooking skill and enjoy your own Japanese dishes back home?? Today, I’d like to introduce some of cooking classes in Tokyo with various kinds of Japanese dishes such as Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, etc. Some of cooking classes are available for for halal and vegan/vegetarian, too. If you are into cooking or simply love eating, these could be a perfect way to spend a day in Tokyo!

1. Handmade Udon with Tempura


Udon is traditional Japanese white wheat noodle, and one of the most popular Japanese dishes. You can learn how to make Udon from scratch with special tools by kneading & cutting the dough and making soup with dashi stock as well as seasonal vegetable Tempura served on the side.The class also offers calligraphy writing of your name in Kanji letters as a souvenir 😉

2. Gyoza & Ramen Cooking Class

Ramen has become the most popular Japanese dish among tourist in recent years, and Gyoza (pan fried dumpling) is definitely the next Japanese dish to become a thing. In this cooking class, you can learn how to make both dishes with authentic way! The class is held near Tsukiji Fish Market, known as “Japan’s Kitchen”.

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3. Make Your Own Sushi

Enjoy making Sushi in two different styles: Nigiri (hand-shape) and Temaki (roll) with traditional Japanese side dishes and miso soup. Make a Sushi art and learn Japanese food culture and history!

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4. Home-style Vegetarian or Meat Gyoza with Sweet Mochies

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Gyoza (Pan-fried Japanese dumplings) can be enjoyed with meat or vegetables, and it’s really enjoyable dish to make, especially with friends! Make delicious Gyoza dumpling from scratch with some traditional Japanese side dishes and sweet Mochi with strawberries as a dessert!

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5. Chirashi Sushi Cooking Lesson

Chirashi Sushi (means scattered sushi) is a type of Sushi often made for celebrations and at parties in Japan. Chirashi Sushi is served with a variety of seasonal ingredients and decorated colourfully. It’s fun to make, beautiful to look at and easy to make!

6. Tsukiji Fish Market Tour and Sushi Roll Class

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The great combo tour! Visit Tokyo’s kitchen, Tsukiji Fish Market before its relocation in October 2018, and have Japanese cooking class! If you are looking for something more than just eating delicious Japanese cuisine at restaurants during your stay in Japan, join the tour and have the fulfun food experience!

7. Izakaya Style Japanese Cooking

Easy, fast and tasty! The best way to learn Japanese food! Learn Japanese “Izakaya style” home cooking from the local teacher, and take his secret recipes home 🙂 The class is held in the heart of Shinjuku district, which is the most popular neighbourhoods in Tokyo!!
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8. Soba Noodle Making

Soba is a popular traditional Japanese noodle, and one of the must-try Japanese dishes for everyone! Make your own Soba noodle with special cooking tools and learn how to make Japanese soup stock from scratch. Of course, you can taste the freshly made Soba for yourself after the class!

9.Anime Characters Lunchbox Class

Colourful bento box making is a wonderful cooking experience for both adults and kids! Decorate the bento box with cute anime characters, and make sure to take a lot of photo before eating!

10. Secret to daily BENTO life

Let’s make the delicious, healthy and beautiful box of Bento! You can learn how to make a well-balanced perfect bento box using various ingredients with the secret recipe.

11. Crispy Tonkatsu Cooking


One of the must-try Japanese home-cook dishes, Tonkatsu is a Japanese style deep fried pork cutlet. It’s crispy, juicy and really tasty! Enjoy freshly fried Tonkatsu dish with homemade miso soup and side dishes. The class is held only 11 min away from Tokyo Station!

12. Okonomiyaki Making

Japanese Pizza a.k.a. Okonomiyaki is becoming hugely popular among foreign travellers! It’s known as the soul food of Osaka and its actually perfectly suitable for home cooking 😉 The best way to enjoy Okonomiyaki is to cook and share with friends!

13. Design SUSHI ROLL & MOCHI Workshop

Don’t just make Sushi, but play with it! The Design Sushi Roll & Mochi Workshop allows you to create creative, colourful and photo-worthy Sushi dishes!

14. “Wagashi” Traditional Japanese Desserts

Learn the special technique to make beautiful “Wagashi” the traditional Japanese confectionery. Not only the delicate taste, but they look so beautiful that you wouldn’t wanna eat! Make sure to take a lot of photos 😉

16. Japanese Style Breakfast

Have you tried Japanese breakfast?? Enjoy making the authentic Japanese style breakfast from scratch such as miso soup, Onigiri (rice ball) and rolled Omelette in Asakusa area.

17. Colourful Veggie Sushi Cooking

Make healthy, colourful and Kawaii veggie Sushi in Asakusa, Tokyo! Two types of Veggie Sushi (Oshi Sushi & Gunkan Sushi) are served with seasonal vegetables.

18. Vegan Sushi Making


Who said Sushi is not for Vegans?? Vegan Sushi is now available in the heart of Tokyo! And it’s as tasty and beautiful as the regular Sushi. Use your creativity and make your own colourful vegan Sushi with healthy ingredients! Deliciousness, guaranteed 😉

 19. Shojin Ryori

Are you vegetarian?? Nowadays, it’s not hard to find vegetarian options here in Tokyo, and there are several cooking classes, too! Shojin ryori is the traditional cuisine that was developed in Buddhist monasteries in Japan, and it’s a perfect option for vegans and vegetarians. The teacher uses organic ingredients as much as possible for this cooking class.

20. Tofu Dishes for Vegetarians

Tofu is an essential food ingredient for Japanese cuisine, and also for vegan/vegetarian dishes. Fried, baked, boiled etc, enjoy a variety of tofu dishes!

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