10 Best Restaurants in Odaiba Area

Check out the best Odaiba restaurants in Tokyo!!

Odaiba is an artificial island on Tokyo Bay and a popular tourist destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment, and also one of the best places to enjoy the cityscape in Japan with the spectacular view of the city of Tokyo with the Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge. At many restaurants in Odaiba, you can enjoy delicious meals with this great view. Check out the best restaurants in the Odaiba area chosen by locals and tourists!

1. Icho (銀杏)

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First on our list is Icho (銀杏) located within the Hotel Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba. Experience the finest quality Wagyu beef with Teppanyaki style.

The view you’ll have on the top floor of the Hotel Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba is just spectacular, making this experience even more special.

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2. Gonpachi Odaiba (権八 お台場)

Gonpachi Odaiba

Gonpachi Odaiba (権八 お台場) is a branch restaurant of the famous cool and stylish Japanese Izakaya “Gonpachi” in Roppongi.

Enjoy authentic Japanese cuisines such as yakitori, tempura, sashimi, and soba while having an uninterrupted stunning view of Tokyo Bay.

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3. KUA ‘AINA (クアアイナ)


KUA ‘AINA (クアアイナ) is a Hawaiian-style burger restaurant that is highly popular among both Japanese and international visitors.

Originally established in Haleiwa city, Hawaii in the mid-70s, this restaurant has 10 branch restaurants in Tokyo at this moment. The one in Odaiba is located inside the Aqua City building, right in front of the Tokyo view and the Statue of Liberty, offering a great view while you dine.

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4. Eggs’n Things Odaiba (エッグスンシングス)

Eggs’n Things Odaiba

Eggs’n Things Odaiba (エッグスンシングス) is a super popular hefty Hawaiian-style restaurant that offers great brunches and pancakes.

This is a good option if you’re staying in Japan for a while but suddenly feel like having a western-style breakfast. Although this restaurant is infamous for the long waiting lines, it’s worth it!

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5. Khazana (カザーナ)

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At this point, you might already have figured out that there are many foreign restaurants in the Odaiba area, and this is yet another one. Khazana (カザーナ) is an Indian restaurant located inside the Decks Tokyo Beach shopping mall.

The delicious Indian curry can be enjoyed at the spacious dining and open-air terrace with a spectacular view. It’s also an excellent option for Halal and vegetarians.

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6. Sandaime Bunji (三代目文治 ダイバーシティ東京プラザ店)

Sandaime Bunji

If you’re looking for Japanese cuisine in Odaiba, then Sandaime Bunji (三代目文治 ダイバーシティ東京プラザ店) is a great option.

Located inside the shopping mall “Divercity Tokyo”, this Izakaya specializes in meals such as Oden and Gyu-tan. These are rather unusual dishes you might not find in many other restaurants, so it is a good place to go if you’re looking for something a little different.

7. Ganja Next Level (頑者NEXT LEVEL)

Ganja Next Level
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A Japanese restaurant list is not complete if we don’t include a Ramen restaurant. Although there are many Ramen restaurants in this area, Ganja Next Level (頑者NEXT LEVEL) is the one we would like to recommend on this occasion.

This restaurant specializes in Tsukemen (つけ麺) which is a style of ramen that comes with noodles apart from the soup. This restaurant is said to be the pioneer of thick noodle Tsukemen with a rich soup based on fish broth.

8. Itamae Sushi Aqua City Odaiba (板前寿司 アクアシティお台場店)

Itamae Sushi Aqua City Odaiba
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We can’t finish this article without mentioning a Sushi restaurant, right? Itamae Sushi Aqua City Odaiba (板前寿司 アクアシティお台場店) is a great sushi option located in a very accessible place.

Located inside Aquacity Odaiba, this restaurant offers high-quality sushi. The most recommended menu is their “maguro set” which is a set menu of various types of tuna sushi.

9. Green Asia Tokyo

Green Asia Tokyo
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Going back to the international types of restaurants, Green Asia Tokyo is a stylish Southeast Asia-style restaurant located inside Aquacity Odaiba.

You can enjoy traditional meals from Thai, Vietnam, and Indonesia. If the weather is optimal, be sure to have your meal at one of the balcony tables where you can have a spectacular view of the Tokyo Bay area.

10. King of the Pirates

King of the Pirates
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And lastly on this list is King of the Pirates. This peculiarly named restaurant is also located inside Aquacity Odaiba, and they offer great BBQ and seafood.

This restaurant is especially popular during the summertime when you can enjoy a beer or wine while having great food and having an uninterrupted view of Tokyo Bay.

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