10 Best Restaurants around Tokyo Station

Where to eat around Tokyo Station/Marunouchi/Nihonbashi

In a heart of Tokyo city, Tokyo Station is the transportation hub of the city where many of travellers terminate by train, shinkansen and bus, and it’s accessible to numbers of tourists sites. If you are looking for a place to eat around Tokyo station, this could be a little help for you. Check out the top 10 restaurants in Central Tokyo area chosen by locals and tourists!

1. T’s TanTan (T’sたんたん)

Delightful Ramen dish for Vegetarians!

2. Okonomiyaki Kiji (お好み焼 きじ)

True taste of Osaka’s soul food!

3. Nemuro Hanamaru (根室花まる)

Top quality belt conveyor Sushi from Hokkaido

4. Nadaman Shangri-La Hotel (なだ万)

Fine Japanese cuisine and great city view

5. Tsujihan (つじ半)

Generous portion Seafood on rice bowl

6. Ramen Rokurinsha (六厘舎)

Dipping “Tsukemen” style Ramen

7. Yonezawagyu Oki (米沢牛黄木)

Try various dishes using Yonezawa Beef, one of the three finest Wagyu Beefs in Japan!

8. Nihombashi Tamai(日本橋 玉ゐ)

Long established “Anago” (fresh water eel) restaurant

9. Tendon Kaneko Hannosuke (金子半之助)

Edo style Tendon dish (tempura on rice bowl) under 1,000 JPY!

10. RESTAURANT SANT PAU (レストラン サンパウ)

The world’s finest Spanish cuisine by 3 star chef

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