10 Best Japanese Face Masks

Best Facial Sheet Masks in Japan

Face mask is an essential skin care item and recommended to use regularly to maintain skin condition. Face mask is one of top selling cosmetics items in Japan among foreign visitors, various kinds of products can be found at drugstores, variety shops, department stores with a wide price range.

Face masks can be chosen according to your skin type and concern, but you may get confused which one to choose. In this article, I’m introducing top-selling Japanese face masks that are often listed on cosmetics rankings and have great reviews from severe Japanese cosmetics users. If you want to check out which products are popular among Japanese users, this article might help 🙂

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1. Lululun Face Mask

Lululun Face Mask (ルルルン フェイスマスク) is a top-selling face masks in Japan, and it’s also popular in abroad. The thick sheet mask contains selected quality beauty ingredients that moisturize the skin and help to maintain a good skin condition. This skin toner mask is suggested to use daily after cleansing face and before applying moisturizer. The regular series of Lululun Face Mask is available with three variations that can be chosen based on skin type: Pink for maintaining the moisture balance of the skin (for normal skin type), Blue for intensive hydrating care (for normal to dry skin type) and White for clear and translucent skin (for normal to oily skin type).

Lululun Pink 385 yen (7pc)【Shop Now】/1,650 yen (32pc) 【Shop Now】
Lululun Blue 495 yen (7pc)【Shop Now】/1,760 yen (32pc)【Shop Now】
Lululun White 495 yen (7pc)/1,760 yen (32pc)【Shop Now】

2. Quality First All in One Sheet Mask Moist EX


Quality First All in One Sheet Mask Moist EX (クオリティファースト オールインワンシートマスクモイストEX) is a multi-purpose facial sheet mask that works as a facial toner, emulsion and serum. The preservative free mask contains 40 kinds of beauty ingredients and features fast-penetrating technology that moisturizes skin with 3 mins application. It features ultra fit sheet that is made with stretch fiber and designed to fit shape of the face.

Price: 363 yen (7pc)/1,650 yen (50pc)

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3. KOSE Clear Turn BABYISH

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KOSE Clear Turn BABYISH (クリアターン ベイビッシュ) is a great face mask for the value as 7 sheets of mask cost only 300 yen+tax which is a great deal if you want to use face masks everyday! Not only the price but the product offers great skin care effects. It contains various beauty essences that leads to moisturized and plumped skin like a baby. The gentle formula face mask is free of fragrance, colouring, mineral oil, alcohol, surfactant and silicon.

Price: 330 yen (7pc)

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4. Barrier Repair Facial Mask

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Barrier Repair Facial Mask (バリアリペア シートマスク) is a popular face masks series in Japanese drugstores. The mask contains generous amounts of beauty serums which penetrate into the skin deeply. The series is available in 5 types according to skin type and each type features different beauty ingredients: Skin Brightening (yellow), Smooth (blue), Moist (pink), Soft (purple), Enrich (orange).

Price: 770 yen (5pc)

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5. Saborino Morning Mask


Saborino Morning Mask (サボリーノ 目ざまシート) would be the best choice for busy modern girls who do not have time in the morning or simply for someone lazy! This multi-purpose face mask can act as a face wash, skin care and makeup primer with a single application only for 60 seconds. It moisturizes the skin, tighten up enlarged pores and wipe off old skin cells.

Price: 1,430 yen (32 pc)

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6. Keana Nadeshiko Rice Mask


This award-winning face mask Keana Nadeshiko Rice Mask (毛穴撫子 お米のマスク) is a perfect choice for dry skin and visible pores. The mask contains beauty ingredients of rice serum from 100% domestic rice that penetrates into skin gently and works effectively to tighten pores. The thick mask contains a generous amount of beauty serum and leads to moisturized and smooth-looking skin without irritation.

Price: 715 yen (10pc)

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7. Minon Amino Moist Skin Mask


Minon Amino Moist Skin Mask (ミノン アミノモイスト ぷるぷるしっとり肌マスク) is a great face mask for dry and sensitive skin. The mask contains a rich amount of beauty ingredients including 11 kinds of amino acid that provide intensive hydration to the skin. It supports skin’s barrier function and add resiliency and luster to the skin. If you have sensitive skin and worry about using drugstore cosmetics products, this gentle skin care face mask is highly recommended.

Price: 1,320 yen (4pc)

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8. Hadabisei Super Penetrating 3D Face Mask

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Hadabisei Super Penetrating 3D Face Mask (肌美精 超浸透3Dマスク) is a great face mask series, featuring three-dimensional design sheet that easily fits and stays on the face. The sheet contains 30ml beauty serum that penetrates deep into the skin. It’s also blended with skin conditioning ingredients that work effectively for moisturizing and anti-aging care. There are three types available Moisturizing & Anti-aging Care (pink), Whitening & Anti-aging Care (blue) and Super Moisturizing (orange). If you ever had a problem with face masks not fitting on your face well, this face mask could be a solution!

Price: 810 yen (4 pc)

▶ Hadabisei Super Penetrating 3D Face Mask

9. My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask


My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese face mask brand, but became hugely popular in Japan in past years. While the brand offers various kinds of face masks, My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask (私のきれい日記 黒真珠マスク) is their best selling item and has won @cosme Best Cosmetic Award in past. The mask contains a generous amount of pearl essence as well as multiple skin conditioning ingredients. It’s rich in vitamin, mineral and amino acid that adds resiliency and luster to the skin.

Price: 734 yen (4pc)/1,386 yen (8pc)/3,080 yen (20pc)

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10. Lululun Precious

Lululun Precious (ルルルンプレシャス) is a deluxe version of their regular face mask series and provides richer daily skin care treatment with aging-care benefits. The main feature of the Precious series is the beauty ingredient “L22”, a plant-derived complex oil that delivers the healthy sebum and water balance of 22 year-old’s skin. The 3-layered thick mask contains a generous amount of beauty essences and offers a deep penetration and hydrate the skin. Just like the regular series, it’s also a skin toner face mask recommended to use for a daily skin care routine. There are three variations available: Green for skin maintenance, Red for intensive hydration and White for skin brightening and firming.

Lululun Precious Green 550 yen (7pc)【Shop Now】/1,980 yen (32pc)【Shop Now】
Lululun Precious Red 528 yen (7pc)【Shop Now】/1,870 yen (32pc)【Shop Now】
Lululun Precious White 528 yen (7pc)【Shop Now】/1,870 yen (32pc)【Shop Now】

Thanks for reading! I hope you have enjoyed checking out my picks of the best Japanese face masks! The listed face masks are highly effective yet pretty affordable so it’s recommended to add to your daily skin care routine! These products are widely sold at Japanese drugstores, cosmetics stores and variety shops, and some of products are also available to shop online with global shipping!

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