Best Japanese Cooling Beauty Products for Summer

Must-Buy Cooling Beauty Products to Beat the Summer Heat in Japan

Japanese summer is extremely hot and humid, and your skin may feel sweaty and sticky all day. If you wish to keep the fresh look of makeup without creasing or melting down, I’d highly recommend you to check out the latest Japanese beauty products that are specially designed to use during summer.

One of trending summer beauty products in Japan today is a skin-cooling type. Cooling beauty products provide a cooling sensation that calms the skin instantly when you apply. They also help to tighten up pores and promotes better makeup application and smooth skin.

From BB cream to sunscreen, I have rounded up the best Japanese cooling beauty products to beat the summer heat and look flawless!

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-ESPRIQUE Cool BB Spray/Cool CC Spray/Cool Essence Glow Primer

The makeup brand ESPRIQUE (エスプリーク) released 3 types of skin-cooling base makeup products in summer: BB spray, CC spray and makeup primer, all with -5℃ cooling sensation and pore tightening effect.

The 5-in-1 BB spray, Cool Touch BB Spray (ひんやりタッチ BBスプレー) works as a beauty serum, sunscreen, makeup primer, foundation and face powder, which provides a long-lasting coverage for visible pores and blemishes. The multi-functioned CC spray, Cool Touch CC Spray (ひんやりタッチ CCスプレー) covers pores and skin dullness with a glossy and moist finish. The Cool Essence Glow Primer (ひんやりタッチエッセンス グロウ プライマー) prevents oily shine and keep your skin smooth and glossy with long-lasting coverage.

-Visée Skin Care Powder Cool

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Visée Skin Care Powder Cool (ヴィセ スキンケアパウダー クール) is a skin care face powder that provides a cool feeling and keeps the skin smooth and silky. The transparent powder contains fine pearl particles that reflect to lights and brighten up the skin tone. It even feels cooler when contacting with water or sweat so can be worn comfortably in hot and humid season.

-Clear Last Face Powder High Cover N Cool UV


Clear Last Face Powder High Cover N Cool UV (クリアラスト フェイスパウダー ハイカバー N クールUV) is a cooling type multi-functioned face powder that acts as foundation, concealer, face powder and sunscreen. It evens out skin tone and pores naturally with a great coverage, absorbs sweat and excess sebum ,and protects against UV exposure. Available with two shades: Light Ocher and Natural Ocher.

-PRIOR Cool BB Spray UV Foundation

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PRIOR Cool BB Spray UV Foundation (プリオール クール美つやBBスプレー UV) is a spray type BB cream with multiple beauty effects. It gives a -5℃ cooling sensation and moisture upon contact, and provides a beautiful finish with a great coverage for signs of aging such as fine lines, marks and skin dullness naturally.

-COFFRET D’OR Ice Primer n

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COFFRET D’OR Ice Primer n (コフレドール アイスプライマー n) is a makeup primer with a cooling sensation. It transforms into an icy texture as you spray in on a sponge, and it melts and adheres into the skin. The lightly tinted primer can be also applied on top of foundation for longer lasting or touch-up during the day.

-ettusais Face Edition (Primer) for Very Oily Skin

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ettusais Face Edition (Primer) for Very Oily Skin (エテュセ フェイスエディション (プライマー) フォーベリーオイリースキン) is a cooling makeup primer designed to use for oily parts such as forehead and nose. It contains shine absorbing powder that blocks shine and oiliness. It covers visible pores and provides a long-lasting semi matte finish.

-AQUA LABEL Special Gel Cream (Moist) Cool,f=webp:jpeg/resources/sw/products/img/20210224/SHOHIN_PL_C1_F58501.jpg
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AQUA LABEL Special Gel Cream (Moist) Cool (アクアレーベル スペシャルジェルクリームN (モイスト) クール) is a limited-edition of the top-selling all-in-one skin care gel series. The moisturizing gel penetrates into the skin and provides rich hydration without sticky feeling. It contains peppermint and menthol that gives a cool and refreshing sensation.

-Shigaisen Yohou Cool UV Spray


Shigaisen Yohou Cool UV Spray (紫外線予報 冷たいUVスプレー) is a refreshing cooling sunscreen for face and body. The waterproof sunscreen features an unique hand-free application, giving a shot of icy sunscreen lotion when you press it down on the skin. The gentle formula sunscreen is ideal to use even for kids from 1 year-old.

Thanks for reading! Which cooling beauty products do you want to try this summer?? I have also introduced a range of unique and innovative Japanese cosmetics products in other articles, so if you are into Japanese beauty products, I bet you’d enjoy these articles, too!

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