Best Places to See Lavender in Japan

Exploring Japan's Best Lavender Fields

In Japan, the arrival of spring is most famously heralded by cherry blossoms, but there are many more beautiful blooms we can enjoy like the less celebrated yet equally enchanting lavender fields. As the country shakes off the chill of winter, these purple swathes begin covering fields with soft purple color and scent across the landscape. Lavender, with its soothing fragrance, plays a wonderful role in this seasonal transformation, with a visual and olfactory feast that captivates both locals and travelers alike. If you’re like me and love to partake in the simple joys of nature, keep reading to check the best places to see lavender in Japan!

1. Farm Tomita

Farm Tomita lavender fields

Farm Tomita (ファーム富田) is a renowned spot in Furano city, Hokkaido, that helped revive lavender cultivation in the region, turning it into a popular tourist destination. The farm features various blooming fields, including the famous Irodori Field, known for its colorful flowers, and the Traditional Lavender Field situated on a slope.

Lavender bloom season here starts in early to mid-July, and the farm has several types of lavender, including Noushi Hayazaki, Youtei, and Okamurazaki. Here you can also enjoy other flowers from spring to autumn, making it a picturesque spot throughout the year. Additionally, Farm Tomita offers shops and cafes like Poppy House and Hanabito House for visitors to enjoy.

2. Hinode Park

Hinode Park lavender fields Hinode Park (日の出公園), located in Kamifurano Town, is another significant site for lavender viewing, recognized as the birthplace of lavender cultivation in the Furano region. The park offers a breathtaking view from the observation deck, which is reached by climbing a hill surrounded by lavender.

The main type of lavender grown here is Okamuarasaki, but there’s also the early bloomer Noushi San Go, also known as Koimuraskai. The best viewing season for Okamuarasaki is from mid to late July.

3. Kanno Farm

Kanno Farm lavender fields
© 菅野農園

Kanno Farm (菅野農園) is another cherished location in Furano during lavender season, with its picturesque setting for lavender viewing, distinct from more crowded spots. This family-run farm captivates visitors with its sprawling lavender fields that bloom vibrantly each summer, usually from late June to early August.

The farm’s intimate atmosphere allows for leisurely strolls through the lavender, providing an immersive experience. Kanno Farm also features a variety of other seasonal flowers, adding to the colorful shades of the landscape thanks to the dedication of the Kanno family to maintaining the beauty of their fields.

4. Tambara Lavender Park

Tambara Lavender Park

Located in Gunma, Tambara Lavender Park (たんばらラベンダーパーク) is another beautiful spot for lavender lovers, typically at its peak from early July to late August. The park not only offers a stunning display of lavender fields but also sells a range of lavender-infused products like soaps, face toners, hand sanitizer gels, and even food items such as lavender soft serve ice cream, soba noodles, and scones. 

Public transportation options are quite limited so it’s best to go on private transportation from Gokan or Numata stations. There’s free on-site parking available for up to 2000 vehicles.

5. Sennen no Sono Lavender Field

Sennen no Sono Lavender FieldSennen no Sono (千年の園), located in Ranzan town, Saitama, was once known as Japan’s largest lavender field. The fields suffered significant damage during typhoon Hagibis in 2019 and closed for restoration until 2022. Despite this setback, the lavender festival resumed, showcasing the beautiful blooms of lavender in June. Originally the field spanned 8 hectares with 50,000 lavender plants, making it the largest in Japan. However, after restoration the scale was reduced to 22,000 lavender plants over 6.5 hectares. 

The park is only open during the festival, typically for about two weeks in June. For 2024, the festival is scheduled from the 7th (Firday) to the 23th (Sunday). During this time, visitors can also participate in flower picking and craft events, adding a hands-on element to the experience.

6. Oishi Park

Oishi Park lavender fields with Fuji in the backgroundOishi Park (大石公園), on the northern shore of Lake Kawaguchiko in Yamanashi, has a more extensive area for flower enthusiasts and is particularly renowned for its “Kawaguchiko Herb Festival” when the lavender is in full bloom. The park’s location allows for panoramic views of the surrounding nature, with Mount Fuji standing majestically in the distance, making it an ideal spot for a relaxed picnic. 

The park’s well-maintained Flower Road is a highlight, featuring not only lavender but also a variety of seasonal flowers that bloom at different times of the year, ensuring that the park remains colorful and vibrant from spring through autumn. During lavender season, the surrounding shops offer lavender-flavored ice cream and a range of lavender products.4

7. Yagizaki Park

Yagizaki Park lavender fields with Mt. Fuji in the backgroundYagizaki Park (八木崎公園), also on the shores of Lake Kawaguchiko (opposite Oishi Park), has one of the most idyllic settings for lavender viewing in Japan. While the park might not be as expansive as others, what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for with its breathtaking views of Mount Fuji.

During the lavender season, typically between June and July, the park transforms into a vibrant canvas of purple, with neatly arranged lavender beds that gently slope towards the lake, providing a stunning contrast against the clear blue waters. The park is a well-designed space with walking paths, benches, and spots for picnics, making it a perfect location for a leisurely day out.

8. Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden lavender bloomsThe Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens (神戸布引ハーブ園), a fragrant paradise in the city of Kobe, displays a diverse range of seasonal blooms throughout the year. During the early summer season, the gardens become a haven for lavender lovers, with the blooming lavender alongside a variety of other plants, such as roses and hydrangeas.

The park is a local favorite thanks to its soothing ambiance, enhanced by the picturesque backdrop of the city and the natural surroundings. Its seasonal highlights include mountain cherry blossoms in spring, sunflowers in the late summer, and vibrant autumn colors towards the year’s end, making it a year-round destination for nature enthusiasts.

9. Lavender Park Taka

Lavender Park TakaLavender Park Taka (ラベンダーパーク多可), located in Kami City, Hyogo Prefecture, is a magnet for visitors during summer when the lavender is in full bloom, creating a picturesque landscape draped in various shades of purple.

The park’s layout encourages leisurely walks among the lavender fields, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and tranquility of the surroundings. Lavender Park Taka often hosts seasonal events that enhance the visitor experience, including lavender picking and the opportunity to purchase lavender-based products. 

10. Kuju Flower Park

Kuju Flower Park lavender fields Kuju Flower Park (久住花公園), at the southern base of the Kuju Mountains near Kurokawa Onsen in Oita Prefecture, is a sprawling, picturesque park that comes alive with vibrant blooms for most of the year (save for winter, when the park is closed). Covering 49 acres, the park is adorned with about three million plants, so besides the lavender blooms, visitors are also greeted by tulips, sunflowers, and poppies, among a wide array of flowers.

On clear days, the floral beauty is complemented by stunning views of the surrounding Kuju Mountain Range. There’s also a greenhouse that showcases tropical plants such as begonias. Access can be challenging without a car, as it is located off the Yamanami Highway, which runs through the Kuju Mountains. It’s a popular stop for those traveling the Trans Kyushu Route.

Japan’s lavender fields are a reminder that the enjoyment of beautiful blooms does not stop at the end of Spring, as the seasonal transition to Summer still offers plenty of options for flower and nature appreciation.

You can enjoy a wide variety of flowers in Japan throughout the year. Check out our ultimate guide to flowers in Japan and find the best seasonal blooms!

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