Lake Yamanaka Flower Park: Colourful Flowers next Mt.Fuji

Yamanakako Hanano Miyako Koen: Must-Visit Flower Spot near Mt Fuji

Yamanakako Hanano Miyako Park (花の都公園) is a flower field located at the foot of Mt Fuji. The park hold 300,000 m2 fllied with millions of seasonal flowers and visitors can enjoy the glorious view of Mt Fuji with charming flowers.

The park is located really close to one of the famous Fuji Five Lakes, Lake Yamanaka and a picturesque village, Oshino Hakkai Village. If you are planning a trip around the Mt Fuji area and Fuji Five Lakes, this should be added to your bucket list, too!

What’s amazing about this place is that the flower field is free to enter. The park has some parts which you will need to pay for the entrance fee but this flower field is absolutely free!

Various kinds of seasonal flowers flourish in this flower field every month from spring through autumn.

Flowers in Yamanakako Hanano Miyako Park

Tulip: Mid-April to Mid-May

Annual Baby’s-breath: Mid-June to Mid-July

Poppy: Early to Mid-July

Sunflower: Mid to End-August

Cosmos: Late July to early October

-Yamanakako Hananomiyako Park (山中湖 花の都公園)


Access: Short walk from Lake Yamanaka or Oshino Village

Hours: 8:30~17:30

Fee: Free (admission fee required for some areas in the park)

Link: (Japanese)

You can enjoy a wide variety of flowers in Japan throughout the year. Check out our ultimate guide to flowers in Japan and find the best seasonal blooms!

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