Early Bird Discount Tickets to Fuji Rock Festival 2024

Buy Your Fuji Rock Festival Tickets in Advance and Get Discount!

The second round of Fuji Rock Festival advance tickets are now on sale! Check all types of available tickets including new Friday Night Tickets!

Fuji Rock Festival 2024

Fuji Rock Festival is held every summer, featuring an outstanding lineup of international and Japanese performing acts including some of the world’s biggest names. It’s considered as Japan’s largest and most famous music event with over 100,000 music lovers from all over the world attending every year. The 3-day outdoor music festival is nestled in the gorgeous natural setting in Naeba Ski Resort, a mountainous region of Niigata Prefecture, offering audiences a great experience to enjoy the music in a rich natural environment.

In 2024, the event is scheduled for 26 (Fri), 27 (Sat), 28 (Sun) July with confirmed acts including Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, KRAFTWERK, SZA and Peggy Gou. You can check the full lineup of artists from this link ▶ Fuji Rock Festival Lineup 2024

If you wish to attend Fuji Rock Festival 2024, purchasing tickets in advance is essential. The regular prices for Fuji Rock Festival is 25,500 yen for 1-day ticket and 60,000 yen for 3-day ticket, but you could possibly save some money if you purchase tickets early. Here, introducing some information about the presale discount and ticket types for Fuji Rock Festival 2024.

Early Bird Tickets to Fuji Rock Festival

Tickets for Fuji Rock Festival are sold in three terms with First Round Advance Ticket, Second Round Advance Ticket and General Ticket, and the first two early-bird tickets are available only with a limited number.

In case you missed out the first round, there is still a chance to get discount tickets from the second round until end of May.

Second Round Advance Ticket Sales Period: from 12:00PM 1st March to 11:00PM 30th May (Only limited number available)

Check the list of the official ticket sellers HERE ▶ https://en.fujirockfestival.com/ticket/playguide/

-Get Your Wristbands Delivered in Advance (For residents in Japan only)

Normally, you will need to exchange your ticket to a wristband at the entrance of Fuji Rock Festival, however, if you are in Japan, you can choose to have your wristband delivered in advance when purchasing your ticket so you can enjoy a smooth entry.

-Tickets for Children and Young Adults

Special discounts are offered for children and young adults under 22 years old. Admission for Fuji Rock Festival is free for children aged 15 years old and younger accompanied by a guardian (Photo ID required). In addition, Under 22 Tickets are available for those aged between 16 to 22.

-New “Friday Night Ticket” is Available

A new type of ticket “Friday Night Ticket” is available this year, which is valid from 6pm on Friday night until 5:00 am the next morning. If you are planning to attend Fuji Rock Festival after work, this ticket could save you money as it’s cheaper than the 1-day ticket.

-Purchasing Tickets from abroad

It is possible to purchase Fuji Rock Festival tickets even if you are outside Japan from the following sellers:

-e+ (e Plus)
Available Ticket Types: Festival Entry Tickets / Camp Site Tickets

Available Ticket Types: Festival Entry Tickets / Camp Site Tickets / Parking Tickets

*Moon Caravan Tickets only available for purchase within Japan.

If you are already in Japan or live in Japan, but don’t understand Japanese, you can visit the FRF Official Shop Gan-Ban, an English website for Japanese residents.

To check the full list of the official ticket sellers, please visit this page ▶ https://en.fujirockfestival.com/ticket/playguide/

Before purchasing your tickets, it is advised to read the precautions regarding ticket purchase ▶ https://en.fujirockfestival.com/access/tickets/

Getting ready for Fuji Rock Festival 2024? For more information and frequently asked questions for Fuji Rock Festival, please visit this page ▶ https://en.fujirockfestival.com/guide/faq/

How to plan your trip to Fuji Rock Festival ▶ Guide to Fuji Rock Festival 2024

New camping area is opening at Fuji Rock Festival ▶ Camping at Fuji Rock Festival 2024

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