6 Best Beaches in Osaka

Summer in Osaka: Osaka Beaches

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Going to the beaches during summer is one of the best ways to beat the heat and enjoy. Japan has many beautiful beaches and many of them offer a variety of fun summer events and activities such as water sports, fireworks displays, music festivals, and dance performances. In addition, many shops offer refreshing drinks and food.

People enjoy beaches in the summer because in Japan the beaches are usually only open during the early part of summer from June to September apart from other resorts that are always open.
In Osaka, many best beaches offer fun activities, events, and festivals during summer. In this article, I will share the best beaches in Osaka that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

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Nishikinohama Beach Park (Nishiki Beach)

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Nishiki Beach is one of the popular beach destinations in Osaka well-known for its white sand and greenery. During summer many water sports activities take place such as jet skiing windsurfing and events related to summer. And apart from swimming, you can collect clams with your kids a fun activity that they will surely enjoy. It also offers BBQ facilities to enjoy the beach more with family and friends relax and enjoying the ocean view.

Date: Opens from Early July to End of August

Tan’nowa Tokimeki Beach

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Tannowa Tokimeki Beach is one of the well-known seaside destinations during summer in Osaka. It offers a lot of activities and events related to summer. Apart from the sandy shores and clean water they also have some facilities where you can enjoy BBQ, with family and friends, rental water sports equipment, and many more.

Enjoy collecting clams and other shellfish with your kids, they also have some fun games to participate and there are some classes on lifesaving and many more.

Date: July 1 to August 31, 2024

Sennan Marble Beach

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Sennan Marble Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Osaka recognized as “Lover’s Sacred Place” with a heart-shaped monument and white marble pebbles which many tourists enjoy. It offers relaxation with stunning sunset views. During summer, many events, festivals, lively activities, and water sports are held. Enjoy the sightseeing and walking around the beach.

Date: Always Open

Rinku Marble Beach

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Rinku Marble Beach is also known for its white marble pebbles which are enjoyed by many tourists. It is very accessible to get through near Rinku Town Station. Apart from the beach where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean, you can also enjoy the stunning sunset view that gives relaxation. Many fun activities are offered at the park side, some events and festivals are held during summer.

Date: Always Open

Hakotsukuri Beach – Pichi Pichi Beach

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Pichi Pichi Beach also known as (Hakotsukuri Beach) offers white sand and clean water. The beach is open only during summer from July to August. It is also accessible near to the train station. During summer various lively activities are held such as the water sports activities and the Marine festival held in August.

They also have facilities to enjoy BBQ, and shops for rental in some activities on the beach. You can also enjoy food and fun activities with your kids such as collecting clams, pulling nets to catch seafood, and many more.

Date: July 1 to August 31, 2024

Tarui Southern Beach (Rinku Minamihama Beach)

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Tarui Southern Beach also known as Rinku Minamihama Beach popular for its natural beauty with its clear blue ocean and greenery perfect for relaxation that gives refreshing vibes. It offers various unique beach activities to enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and other water sports activities.

They have many shops offering rental and selling products to use for beach activities. Apart from marine sports tournaments, they also host lively music events including some food stalls and shops for souvenirs.

Date: Early July to Late August

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Thank you for reading, Hope this article helps you about the beaches in Osaka. For more travel tips about Osaka check out the following articles.

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