Must-Have Items Extremely Useful During Summer in Japan

Beat the Heat and Stay Cool! Useful Items to Survive Japanese Summer!!

Travelling Japan in summer time could be a bit harsh if you are not familiar to the heat and humidity. The temperature rises as high as 32–35℃ during summer in Japan, and most uncomfortably it’s really humid. It’s very normal to feel like melting and taking shower 5 times a day.. but how Japanese people survive in this extremely hot summer?? Today, I’d like to introduce super useful must-have items to beat the heat and stay cool during Japanese summer!

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1. Shirt Cool Spray

The new must-have item for summer! Apply the spray on your clothes before putting on, and this special spray contains the substance which reacts every time you sweat and gives cool sense! The small bottle is sold less than $5 at Amazon Japan!

2. Instant Coolant

When you want to cool down, simply just punch the bag and it’ll instantly become icy cold! Instant coolants are sold at many stores during summer (most of 100 yen shops, convenience stores and drugstores), and it usually costs around $1!!

3. Cool Sunscreen Spray

How amazing if we can stay cool while protecting our skin from the strong sun?? This amazing sunscreen spray is -5 ℃, very easy to apply and most importantly it’s SPF 50. It’s available at Amazon Japan for around $8!

4. Body Sheets

Body sheets removes sweat and eliminates odor, and gives you a fresh sensation instantly as if you take a shower. Now they are available with various effects such as deodorant, cooling effect and power-in. They are very portable so it’s easy to carry around and use whenever you need a refreshing feeling!

5. SEA BREEZE Deo & Water

SEA BREEZE Deo & Water in an orange bottle

SEA BREEZE Deo & Water is a liquid type deodorant that contains power and makes your sweaty body smooth and dry instantly. It gives you very refreshing feelings! It’s available with various scents and colourful bottles, and some of them have a cooling effect. Body sheets with the same fragrances are available, too.

6. Portable Fan

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Very useful summer invention, this personal fan is light and portable! You can hang it from your neck and it keeps you away from sweating or extreme heat. It’s available at Amazon Japan for around $10!

7. Aroma Rings

Not only the heat that we have to be aware in summer time, but mosquito is also very very annoying. Sometimes, I wonder which one should I put, sunscreen or insect repelling spray?? But If you simply ware the aroma ring (insect repelling bands), not need to put layers of spray! They are usually sold at 100 yen shops, available in various colours 😉

Want to check more useful Japanese products for summer?? Then check these links below!

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