Tokyo in July : Best Things to Do 2021

What to Do in Tokyo in July

Summer has finally arrived in Japan! July is a perfect season to enjoy summer events in Tokyo! If you are a lucky person travelling to Tokyo this July, check out our list of the latest travel info and the best things to do in Tokyo in 2021 July, including summer festivals, fireworks and nearby beaches! Let’s enjoy Japanese summer with our 2021 July To-Do list 🙂

Note: Some of listed places/events in Tokyo in July 2021 may change their operation hours/be closed or cancelled due to COVID-19. Please check official websites for the latest updates before visiting.

1. Fireworks

Fireworks are the symbol of Japanese summer, and the most popular events during the season. Numbers of fireworks events are held across Japan from July to August, especially on weekends, and in Tokyo, almost fireworks festivals are held almost every weekends. Sumida Fireworks Festival is the biggest fireworks event which is held on the last weekend of July every year. The event features over 20,000 colourful fireworks above Sumida River, attracting nearly 1 million viewers.

For the best fireworks festivals in Tokyo in summer, check out the attached link below!

2. Summer Festivals (Natsu Matsuri)

Besides fireworks festivals, numbers of traditional summer festivals (Natsu Matsuri) are held across Japan in July and August, and some of events can be enjoyed in Tokyo.

Mitama Matsuri (靖国神社みたままつり) is one of the biggest summer festivals in Tokyo during summer, which is held at Yasukuni Shrine for 4 days from 13 to 16 July annually. The highlights of Mitama Matsuri is the 30,000 paper lanterns that are displayed at the approach to the main hall of the shrine. The Mikoshi (portable shrine) ceremony, Bon odori dance and numbers of vendors selling food and drinks are also featured at the event.

See the attached link below for more information about summer festivals in Tokyo in summer!

3. Tanabata (Star Festival)

7 July is the day of Tanabata (Star Festival), celebrating the meeting of the two lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi (represented by the stars Vega and Altair) separated by the milky way according to legend. Several special events of Tanabata is held around 7 July in/around Tokyo including Zojoji Temple, Hiratsuka City and Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea.

-Zojoji Tanabata Festival

Date: TBA
Hours: 17:30~21:00

-Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Festival <<Cancelled>>

Date: TBA
Hours: till 21:00 (till 20:00 on the last day)

-Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea

Date: TBA
Ticket info:
Tokyo Disneyland Tickets 1 Day Pass (Direct Entry Tickets)
Tokyo DisneySea Tickets 1 Day Pass (Direct Entry Tickets)

4. 2021 Summer Olympics

Last year, Tokyo Summer Olympics was postponed to this year due to the influence of coronavirus, and it’s rescheduled in this year. 2021 Summer Olympics will be held from 23 July to 8 August, followed by Paralympic games from 24 August to 5 September 2021.

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5. Disney Princess Exhibition WHAT IS LOVE?

A special exhibition featuring 12 princesses of Disney and PIXAR movies, Disney Princess Exhibition WHAT IS LOVE? will be held in Shibuya, Tokyo from late June to late July 2021. The exhibition introduces the character and the story of each princess and the love that makes them shine. After Tokyo, this touring exhibition will be moving to several cities in Japan including Nagoya and Fukuoka.

More info:

6. Beer Garden

What can beat the ice cold beer in the hot summer?? Beer garden is the popular night-out spot in Tokyo which open during summer. Beer gardens are usually set at the rooftop or open-air terrace of the department stores, hotels and restaurants in Japan, offering delicious food and chilled beer. From salaryman’s favourite watering hole to trendy instagram-worthy BBQ garden, various kinds of beer gardens can be found in Tokyo today.

See the link below for the most trending beer gardens in Tokyo in summer!

7. Detective Conan Cafe

©青山剛昌/小学館・読売テレビ・TMS 1996

The 24th movie of the popular Japanese anime/manga series “Case Closed”, Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet will be released on 16th April 2021 after being delayed for one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To celebrate the new movie release, the limited-time Detective Conan Cafe will open at 7 locations in 4 cities in Japan including three locations in Tokyo: Omotesando, Shinjuku and Oshiage. The cafe offers the exclusive food and drink menu, original merchandise and special gifts for visitors.

More info:

8. Seafood Boost at THE STEAKHOUSE

© ANA InterContinental Tokyo

The tasty, satisfying and picture-perfect afternoon tea box is served at the fine American style steak restaurant, THE STEAKHOUSE, situated on the 3rd floor of ANA InterContinental Tokyo. During spring and summer, their afternoon tea box is served with seafood theme, consisting a variety of bite-sized seafood savories and coloufrul desserts in a special crafted box. Free-flow tea, coffee and original non-alcohol cocktails are also included. Boost your day with the delicious and photo-worthy afternoon tea in the heart of Tokyo! Please make a reservation in advance by the day before at the latest. (Reservation)

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9. DC Exhibition

DC SUPER HEROES and all related characters and elements (c) & TM DC Comics. WB SHIELD: (c)& TM WBEI. (s21)

The exhibition of DC comics “THE ART OF DC –THE DAWN OF SUPER HEROES” will be held in Japan for the first time. The exhibition displays over 400 items such as valuable comics, movie costumes and props. Visitors can explore the history and how DC comics and the characters have been fascinating the world. There is also a merchandise store offering a large selection of DC comic themed products exclusively sold.

More info:

10. Animation Jujutsu Kaisen Exhibition

Jujutsu Kaisen is the most trending anime/manga series in Japan this year, and its own temporary exhibition will be held through 2021 summer in Shibuya, Tokyo.  ANIMATION JUJUTSU KAISEN EXHIBITION offers valuable art works related to the anime series of Jujutsu Kaisen including production materials such as original drawing and storyboards, art works inspired by scenes of the animation and dynamic image projected on a large screen. The exhibition is divided into 2 terms and the first one will be held from 2 July to 1 August 2021, followed by the second half from 6 August to 5 September 2021

11. Jujutsu Kaisen Cafe

To commemorate the special exhibition Animation Jujutsu Kaisen Exhibition , Jujutsu Kaisen Cafe will open at 5 venues/3 cities (Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya) in Japan for a limited time. The cafe features colourful and photo-worthy dishes and drinks inspired by Jujutsu Kaisen characters as well as limited merchandise exclusively sold at the cafe store. There will be 2 locations available in Tokyo: Harajuku (15 July to 12 September) and Ikebukuro (15 July to 15 August).

More info:

12. Harry Potter Cafe

WIZARDING WORLD characters, names, and related indicia are © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Publishing Rights © JKR. (s21)

One of the most beloved movie series of all time, Harry Potter celebrates the 20th anniversary of its movie franchise and opens the limited-time Harry Potter Cafe in Tokyo and Nagoya this summer. The themed cafe inspired by the Wizarding World including the movie series of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts will offer special menu as well as the original merchandise.

More info:



A Brooklyn based artist and designer, KAWS will have his first large-scale exhibition in Japan. “KAWS TOKYO FIRST” will be held at Mori Arts Center Gallery in Roppongi, Tokyo from 16 July to 11 October 2021. The exhibition will be featuring about 70 paintings, statues and products that show his unique art production process. There will be also works from KAWS’s private collection, which are created by artists who have influenced him.

Venue: Mori Arts Center Gallery
Date: 16 July to 11 October 2021
Hours: 12:00~20:00 (~17:00 on Tuesday) *last admission at 19:30
Official Website:

14. Ultraman Cafe


The legendary Japanese “Tokusatsu” superhero series Ultraman is celebrating its 55th anniversary and will open its themed cafe “Ultraman Cafe ~ GO BEYOND 55th Anniversary” for a limited time during summer 2021 at Tokyo Solamachi. The cafe menu includes special dishes, desserts and drinks inspired by popular Ultra heroes and Ultra Kaiju monsters. The limited merchandise will be also available at the cafe shop.

Venue: TOKYO BOX cafe&space Tokyo Solamachi Store
Date: 16 July to 29 August 2021
Hours: 10:00~18:00 (last entry)
Official Website:

15. Dessert Buffets

Various summer dessert buffets are held in Tokyo every year. Each venue offers their original themed buffets with various seasonal ingredients such as matcha, tropical fruits, melon, ice cream, etc. Be indulged with the high-quality desserts with all-you-can-eat style!

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16. WANO AKARI × HYAKUDAN KAIDAN Illumination Festival

Copyright© K.K.Meguro Gajoen.

An indoor illumination event, WANO AKARI × HYAKUDAN KAIDAN is held at one of Tokyo’s most prestigious hotels, Hotel Gajoen Tokyo annually. The event features various traditional and regional Japanese art works and crafts collaborating with light effects.

Access: 3 mins walk from JR Meguro Station
Date: 3 July to 26 September 2021
Hours: 11:30〜18:00 (open until 20:00 on Saturdays, 22, 23 July, 8 to 13 August and 19 September)
Fee: 1,200 yen

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17. KINGDOM Exhibition The Road of SHIN

Kingdom is a Japanese manga series created by Yasuhisa Hara. Since 2006, the series has been serialized in Weekly Young Jump and sold over 70 million copies so far. It’s also adopted for anime, live-action film and video game.

The special exhibition of Kingdom “KINGDOM exhibition The Road of SHIN” will be held for a temporary time in Ueno, Tokyo. Over 400 pieces of original drawings and graphic designs including 20 illustration that are exclusively drawn for this exhibition will be displayed. After Tokyo, the exhibition will be touring in Fukuoka from 3 August to 26 September 2021.

Venue: The Ueno Royal Museum
Date: 12 June to 25 July 2021
Hours: 12:00~20:00 *last admission at 19:00
Tickets: 2,500 yen (adult), 2,000 yen (university and collage students), 800 yen (high school, junior high school and primary school students)
*All tickets must be purchased online in advance with specific time and date.

Official Website:

18. Ocean Peoples Tokyo <TBA>

Yoyogi Park is one of the most popular parks in Tokyo which holds numbers of interesting events through the year. Ocean Peoples Tokyo is Japan’s biggest beach themed event held every July at Yoyogi Park. The 2-day free event features ocean themed events, the live concert by Japanese and international musicians, a market with over 80 stalls offering food, drinks and handmade crafts, etc.

Date: TBA

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19. Beaches

The beach season officially starts in early-mid July in Kanto Region, and there are several great beaches you can access from Tokyo within 1–2 hours such as Shonan area (Kanagawa Prefecture), Izu Peninsula (Shizuoka Prefecture) and Boso Peninsula (Chiba Prefecture). The popular beaches are lined with temporary beach houses, cafes and bars offering visitors rental facilities, food and drinks with a lively atmosphere. During summer lifeguards are present at most of beaches and family with kids can safely enjoy.

See the link below for more information about the best beaches near Tokyo!

20. Rental Yukata

If you are travelling in Japan during summer, you should definitely take an opportunity to try on traditional Japanese dress for summer, Yukata. Yukata is like a summer version of Kimono, and it’s much lighter and easier to put on. Yukata is available with hundreds of thousands of patterns, and also with wide price range depending on materials and designs. Yukata can be rented for a day at many rental Kimono stores in Tokyo during summer, and it’s a popular outfit for attending summer festivals or fireworks events.

For the information about renting Yukata/Kimono in Tokyo, please check out the link below!

21. Cold Desserts

Let’s beat the summer heat with cool and delicious treats in Tokyo! Summer in Tokyo is extremely hot, and stopping by for cold desserts are the best way to get away. Shaved ice (Kakigori n Japanese), ice cream and bubble tea are the most trending summer desserts in Tokyo nowadays, and numbers of cafes offering delicious, creative and photo-worthy desserts and drinks.

See the attaches links below introducing the best desserts in Tokyo for 2021 summer!

Shaved Ice: 10 Best Kakigori in Tokyo

Ice Cream: 7 Best Ice Cream Shops in Tokyo

Bubble Tea: 5 Best Bubble Tea Shops in Tokyo

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