10 Best Things to Do in Kyoto in June 2024

What to see and do in Kyoto in June.

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June is one of the best months to visit Kyoto, although it rains during this season. There are times when it rains and the weather is nice, so always check the weather before going out. Many fun activities can be enjoyed during this time, so if you are planning to visit Kyoto, here are some things to do in Kyoto in June.

June in Kyoto

June is one of the perfect times to explore Kyoto even though June is the rainy season in Japan, but not all the time it rains. There is clear weather, warm but not hot. shady, cloudy so it is nice to go for a walk. If it rains, many activities can be enjoyed such as indoor activities, visiting museums, and visiting well-known establishments where many events, exhibitions, and festivals are held.

And the good thing about visiting Kyoto in June is that is not crowded during this time so you can enjoy Kyoto more. You can join the tours and activities and experience the culture of Kyoto. In this article I will share some things to do in Kyoto in June.

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1. Visit Kifune Shrine

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Visit one of the most beautiful places in Kyoto to connect and enjoy nature where it is surrounded by forest and water that gives different beauty in every season. The Kifune shrine has three shrines and each shrine is rich in history.

Official Website: https://kifunejinja.jp/en/

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2. Hydrangea Festival

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The hydrangeas festival is one of the events in Kyoto, many places such as gardens, parks, temples, shrines, and famous destinations in Kyoto hold festivals like this. Enjoy the beautiful colorful flowers of hydrangea this season.

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3. Visit Kurama-dera and experience the Bamboo Cutting Ceremony

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Enjoy exploring the unique scenery of Kurama-dera Temple and witness the annual festival of the bamboo cutting ritual which is called Tekekiri-eshiki held every 20th of June. The ritual is performed and believed to make a good harvest in the year, thanksgiving and offering prayers.

Official Website: https://www.kuramadera.or.jp/

4. Nagoshi no Harae (Summer Purification)

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Experience one of the most famous rituals in Japan every June. Nagoshi no hare or summer purification is a ritual where you walk passing through “Chinowa” the ring made of grass which is believed to wash away your sins. In Kyoto, there are well-known shrines that perform this ritual such as the Kifune shrine with the largest Chinowa in front of the shrine gate, the Kamigamo shrine, and many others.

5. Visit Toji-temple

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Visit one of the famous Shingon Buddhist temples with a five-storied pagoda and also the UNESCO heritage site. You will be amazed by the beauty of the place surrounded by colorful plants and flowers that bring life to the place in every season.

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6. Experience Kyoto Market

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© 京都錦市場商店街.

Discovering different things at the Kyoto market/fair is an exciting activity when in Kyoto. There are many market fairs held in temples, parks, and famous places in Kyoto. Here you can enjoy shopping for handmade fashion items, antiques, collectible items, souvenirs, and most especially the well-known foods in Kyoto.

The Nishiki market is one of the popular markets in Kyoto where you can dine and enjoy Kyoto’s delicacies also well-known as Kyoto’s kitchen so if you love to explore more foods and drinks in Kyoto you must visit this market.

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7. Experience Hozugawa River boat ride

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Copyright © 保津川遊船企業組合

One of the unforgettable adventure experiences when in Kyoto. Hozugawa river boat ride provides a unique sightseeing experience depending on the season. Where you can witness the beauty of Arashiyama and in summer you will amazed by the azalea flowers blooming around the rocks and from the boat, you will be refreshed by the fragrance of nature with the breeze of fresh air and views of the mountains.

Official Website: https://www.hozugawakudari.jp/

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8. Explore Kyoto Station

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It is one of the easiest to visit and explore when in Kyoto, here is usually where your admiration for Kyoto begins as it is full of fun activities and amazing things. Like the famous Grand Staircase graphical illumination where you can enjoy colorful lights and designs depending on the season, many tourists take photos as souvenirs on the famous stairs at Kyoto Station and also various events are taking place here.

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9. Visit Museums

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Copyright (C) Kyoto Culture Foundation / The Museum of Kyoto

Visiting the museums in Kyoto is amazingly full of knowledge and history. There are many museums in Kyoto to explore such as The Museum of Kyoto, Costume Museum, the Kyoto International Manga Museum, The Kyoto Railway Museum, and many more. That is why it is one of the best things to do to know more about Kyoto.

10. Experience Kyoto Natural Onsen

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Kyoto is one of the richest natural hot springs in Japan. That’s why it is one of the best experiences when visiting Kyoto after a tiring day exploring Kyoto to soak in the onsen to relax and refresh your body.

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Thank you for reading. I hope this article helps and provides the information you are looking for about the places and events to visit in Kyoto in June.

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