Kyoto: 10 Unique and Cool Things to Do

Kyoto Tours and Activities: Hidden and Unusual Things to Do

Looking for unique experiences in Kyoto?? Join the special tours and activities to explore the different side of Kyoto! Apart from visiting the historical shrines and temples, there are numbers of fun and unique things to do for tourists in Kyoto.

From unique cultural experiences to exploring hidden gems, check out the cool and unforgettable things to do in Kyoto!

1. Riding Go-Kart

Rental Go-Kart has been the top unique attraction in Tokyo for the past few years, and now it’s available in several cities in Japan including Kyoto! Drive a go-kart through the charming city of Kyoto with your favourite character’s costume! This would be the most cool and trendy experience in Kyoto today!

2. Be a Samurai

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Learn Bushido (the way of the warrior) at a historical house in Kyoto! Dress as Samurai and get a chance to try a real KATANA (Japanese Sword)!! The coolest ZEN experience in Japan!

3. Japanese Tea Ceremony

Travelers flock to Kyoto to experience and engage with traditional Japanese culture. If this sounds like you, consider taking part in the uniquely Japanese tea ceremony during your stay. The ceremony has its roots in Kyoto, making it the perfect place to experience this intricate and special ritual.

Check the link below to find the best tea ceremony in Kyoto!

4. Food Tours

-Nishiki Market Food Tour

Explore the authentic food culture of Kyoto! Nishiki Market is one of the most historical food market in Japan with over 400 years history. Try several authentic Kyoto street snacks and sweets, and also sip some quality Sake! The tour also takes you to some of the most iconic landmarks of Kyoto including Kamo River and Gion District.

-Kyoto Pontocho Food and Drink Tour

Explore the authentic night life of Kyoto at Pontocho area where numbers of restaurants and bars gather. Enjoy hopping local bars and stroll around the neighbourhood at night!

5. Fushimi Inari Taisha Hidden Hike Tour

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine is one of the most photographed spots in Japan, and the busiest landmark in Kyoto today. The shrine is always crowded by visitors who wish to take perfect photos with this magnificent vermilion torii gates. However, not many tourist know that there is a hidden path in this shrine which you can completely avoid the mass crowds and enjoy the silence with the beautiful nature. Take this guided hike tour to see the different side of this stunning shrine!

6. Cooking Classes

-Make Ramen from Scratch!

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Authentic Ramen making experience from the popular “Fire Ramen Shop”! Menbakaichidai (めん馬鹿一代) is a popular Ramen store in Kyoto known for its fire burning flaming Ramen, and now they host Ramen making class daily! Make a bowl of Ramen from scratch including noodle, soup and toppings, and of course enjoy eating it after all 🙂

-Sushi Making & Matcha

Take a great opportunity to learn a variety of Sushi dishes including Nigiri (hand shaped Sushi) and Maki (rolled Sushi) with classic Miso soup from scratch! After cooking,  a bowl of Matcha with Japanese confectionery will be served as a dessert! Learn the cooking skill as well as the history of Japanese cuisine and culture!

>>Find more cooking classes in Kyoto!

7. Visit Wazuka Tea Farm

Wazuka is a small town in Kyoto famous for green tea plantation where the famous fine quality Uji Matcha is produced! (more info: Wazuka Tea Farm: Kyoto’s Hidden Teatopia) If you love Kyoto’s matcha and green tea products, you will surely enjoy learning how they are made, walking through the beautiful tea farm and drinking fresh tea!

8. Photo Shooting Tour with a Pro Photographer!

Capture the most beautiful moment in this beautiful historical town!! Wanna take great photos with your friends, partner and family?? Forget about taking turn or asking passengers to do that for you! Hire your own cameraman and enjoy photoshoot sessions at Kyoto’s famous landmarks!

9. Japanese Flower Arrangement, IKEBANA

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Ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement) is one of the most traditional activities in Japan, which is very artistic and relaxing at the same time. Try your Ikebana talent at the traditional old house in Kyoto called Machiya.

10. Dine with Traditional Live Japanese Music

RAN KYOTO is a popular music theater offering live shows of traditional Japanese music. Guests can enjoy both classic folk songs and fun songs adapted from pop culture. The great selection of Sake and creative Japanese cuisine are available on their menu.

How did you enjoy the list?? Kyoto is one of the best cities in Japan to experience the tradition and old culture of Japan, and you should definitely join some of these tours and activities to have unforgettable special memories!

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