Kifune Shrine: New Travel Destination in Kyoto

Kifune Shrine is the hottest instagram-worthy historic site in Kyoto!

Kifune Shrine is a photo-worthy travel destination in Kyoto you should definitely visit with your camera ready!

If you are a second time visitor to Kyoto or looking for a non-touristic yet beautiful place, this could be one of the best options for you! Kifune shrine (貴船神社) is located in Sakyo area in Kyoto city. The shrine is especially known for divine favour for love knots and it’s a popular place for wedding.

But what makes most this shrine special and worth-visiting is the stair approach. The approach to the mail hall of the shrine includes the iconic stone stairs with red lanterns. The shrine itself has not been the most popular one out of 100s in Kyoto but because of this picturesque approach and thank to Instagram boom, it has been drawing visitors attention worldwide in past years.

Kifune shrine can be enjoyed all year around but winter could be the best time to visit. The shrine takes light-up event at night during January and February only when it snows. Don’t miss a chance to witness the most spectacular scenery of winter.


Access: 25 mins walk from Kibuneguchi station or take a bus №33 to Kifune

Hours: Always open

Fee: Free

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