Instagram-Worthy Desserts in Kyoto

Best Trendy Cafes and Desserts in Kyoto

Did you know the latest travel trend in Kyoto isn’t about temples and shrines? Today, Kyoto is one of hottest travel destinations among Instagrammers and foodies who eagerly hunt for delicious and photogenic desserts 😉

Kyoto has been always favourite city for sweets lovers, as it’s legendarily known for its Matcha products. Along with traditional tea houses, there are many stylish cafes, and both are doing their bests to create delicious, but good looking “insta-worthy” desserts to make a sensation on social media! So today, I’ve picked desserts/cafes you can find in Kyoto, which appear very often on Instagram lately and have impressively cute looks 😉

1. Kissho Karyo Gion (吉祥菓寮 祇園本店)

Kissho Karyo is an authentic Kyoto teahouse renovated from an old Japanese style house. As well as take-away sweets, delicious and photogenic desserts can be enjoyed in their eat-in space.

Kissho Karyo Gion (吉祥菓寮 祇園本店)


Access: 6 mins walk from Higashiyama Station

Hours: 11:00~19:00

2. SNOOPY Chaya Kyoto (スヌーピー茶屋 京都)

Snoopy Chaya is a traditional Japanese style cafe themed with the adorable Snoopy, which currently has three branches in Japan. Super cute Snoopy food, desserts and beverage are something fans would die for!!

SNOOPY Chaya Kyoto (スヌーピー茶屋 京都)


Access: 3 mins walk from Karasuma Station or Shijo Station

Hours: 10:30~17:30

3. Jouvencell Gion (ジュヴァンセル 祇園店)

Jouvencell is a Kyoto based confectionery shop, offering creative desserts in western style with a traditional Kyoto essence, and their “Gion Ice Cream” is a perfect items to taste its combination.

Jouvencell Gion (ジュヴァンセル 祇園店)


Access: 10 mins walk from Gion Shijo Station

Hours: 10:00~18:00

4. Kyocafe Chacha (京カフェ チャチャ)

The newly opened cafe, Kyocafe Chacha has been making a sensation this year on Instargam with its insta-worthy dessert “Kyo Waffle”. Waffle, Matcha and handy which are what all girls fall in love for!

Kyocafe Chacha (京カフェ チャチャ)


Access: 10 mins walk from Kiyomizu Gojo Station



Opened in 1945, the American diner style, retro cafe SHINSETSU offers colouful and pop “Cream Soda” can be chosen from 24 different flavours.



Access: 5 mins walk from Kawaramachi Station

Hours:14:00~20:00 (weekdays), 12:00~20:00 (weekends)
Closed on Thursday

6. nikiniki

Yatsuhashi is most famous and typical sweets from Kyoto, made with rice floured and stuffed with red bean paste. Nikiniki has lift it to another level by decorating with colourful dough and shape it into cute and adorable character. Do you dare to eat them?? 😉

Nikiniki (ニキニキ)


Access: short walk from Kawaramachi Station

Hours: 11:00~19:00

7. Kezurihiya Kyoto Gion (けずりひや京都祇園)

Kezuriya introduced this new sweets called “Gion Ice” which is made with finely shaved fluffy ice in three flavours: Matcha, Hojicha and Earl Grey and decorated with traditional Kyoto patterns on top.

Kezurihiya Kyoto Gion (けずりひや京都祇園)


Access: 5 mins walk from Gion Shijo Station

Hours: 12:30–17:30

8. BEL AMER (ベルアメール京都別邸)

In past years, more and more chocolatiers opening in Kyoto and chocolate is becoming a huge thing in the town. But BEL AMER takes one step further than others with its gorgeous chocolate just like jewelry. As well as take-away chocolates, freshly made desserts can be enjoyed at their cafe space, too!

BEL AMER (ベルアメール京都別邸)


Access: 5 mins walk from Karasuma Oike Station

Hours: 10:00~20:00

So what did you think about my list of instagram-worthy desserts and cafes in Kyoto?? What makes the city so special? Cos Kyoto has great photo spots which have both trendy and traditional vibes!! For more trendy and fashionable spots in Kyoto, you may be interested in these articles below, too 🙂

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