Yasaka Koshindo: the Most Colourful Temple in Kyoto

Visit Kyoto’s most colourful instagram-worthy temple, Yasaka Koshindo Temple!

Kyoto has over 3,000 temples and each temples has very different appearances and divine favors. If you are willing to visit more unique temples than others, this one should be added to your bucket list! The most colourful temple in Kyoto.

Yasaka Koshindo Temple (八坂庚申堂)

Yasaka Koshindo Temple (full name is Daikoku-san Kongo-ji Koshin-do (大黒山金剛寺庚申堂 ) is a small temple located in Higashiyama area in Kyoto. The temple is close by the famous “Kiyomizu dera” temple.

Yasaka Koshindo has unique way to worship. Worshippers write their wish on colourful ball called “kukurizaru” and hang them at the site. Kukurizaru is the round, ball shaped talisman made of cloth, representing the good faith monkeys. It is believed that if you give up with one of your greeds, one of your wish may come true. The best known divine favour of this temple is for “love knot”.

Those multi-coloured kukurizarus holding the wishes of love create the ordinary temple to a vivid wonderland. Visit Yasaka Koshindo Temple, the most colourful and photogenic temple in Kyoto!

-Yasaka Koshindo Temple

Map: http://bit.ly/2l0H09e

Address: 390−1 Kinancho, Higashiyama-ward, Kyoto

Nearest Station: Bus No.206 from Kyoto station to Shimizudo Stop then walk 7 mins

Hours: 9:00 to 17:00

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