Kyoto at Night: 5 Best Temples in Kyoto to Visit at Night

Best temples in Kyoto to see autumn leaves light-up at night

Kyoto is one of the best places to visit in autumn. If you are going there for colourful autumn leaves hunting with their historical architectures, don’t just watch them during the day cos you will be missing lots of it. Visit some of marvelous temples for light-up autumn leaves and enjoy the long autumn nights in Kyoto..

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1. Eikan-do Zenrin-ji Temple (禅林寺 永観堂)

Founded in 853. Eikando Zenrin-ji Temple (永観堂 禅林寺) is one of the most popular temples for autumn foliage in Kyoto. You can enjoy the view of the beautiful temple with a pagoda, pond and colourful autumn leaves.

Address: 48 Eikando-cho, Sakyo-ward, Kyoto

Nearest Station: 15 mins walk from Keage station (Tozai line)

Hours: 09:00 to 17:00

Light-Up: early November to early December (17:30 to 20:30)

Fee: 600 yen


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2. Kodaiji Temple (高台寺)

Kodaiji Temple (高台寺) is located in Higashiyama area, Kyoto. The temple is best known for its astonishing rock garden. The rock garden and the temple site with stunning nature and a pond display amazing scenery during autumn, which is lightened up at night

Address: 526 Shimokawaracho, Higashiyama-ward, Kyoto

Nearest Station: 10 mins walk from Gion Shijo station (Keihan line)

Hours: 09:00 to 17:30

Light-Up: late October to mid December 2020 (17:30 to 22:00)

Fee: 600 yen


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3. Kifune Shrine

Kifune Shrine (貴船神社) is one of the most picturesque historic sites in Kyoto. The shrine is famous for its stone stairs lined with red lanterns, which is an approach to the main hall of the shrine. Maple trees turn into the warm autumn colour gradually from October to November, and the special light up event is held at night at the shrine.

Address: 180 Kuramakibunecho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto Prefecture

Nearest Station: : 25 mins walk from Kibuneguchi station or take a bus №33 to Kifune

Hours: 06:00 to 20:00 (till 18:00 from December to April)

Light-Up: November (sunset to 20:30)

Fee: Free

Website: (Japanese)

4. Shorein Temple (青蓮院)

Photo by sanographix

Shorein Temple (青蓮院) is best known as Kyoto’s best hidden temple by night. As well as the temple does ordinary light-ups, there are over 1,000 blue lights which create totally amazing and mystical space.

Address: 69-1 Awataguchi Sanjobocho, Higashiyama-ward, Kyoto

Nearest Station: 5 mins walk from Higashiyama station (Tozai line)

Hours: 09:00 to 17:00

Light-Up: late October to early December (18:00 to 22:00)

Fee: 800 yen


5. Kiyomizu-dera Temple (清水寺)

Kiyomizu Temple (清水寺) is where every visitors to Kyoto goes. Yet, it has one of the best views of the autumn leaves with light-up which makes the temple look like burning up on the warm coloured leaves. It could be very crowded but worth visiting.

Address: 1-294 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama-ward, Kyoto

Nearest Station: 25 mins walk from Kiyomizu Gojo station (Keihan line)

Hours: 09:00 to 17:00

Light-Up: November (17:30 to 21:00)

Fee: 400 yen

Although I recommend these temples to visit at night, they are all beautiful and worth visiting also during the day! 🙂

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