10 Best Events in Japan in June 2023

List of Seasonal Events in Japan in June

Planning to visit Japan in June? Then, this article is for you.
June in Japan is said to be the beginning of summer although it is also the rainy season in Japan. Many traditional events are held in June, including the festivals that are held annually during June, such as flower festivals and other cultural festivals. In different parts of Japan, many art exhibits, music events, sports events, etc. are held.

June is a great time to visit Japan, because of the moderate weather, with an average temperature of 25-27° C.  It is not so hot because summer is just starting and there is rain on some days in June. But generally, it is nice weather so you will enjoy sightseeing, walking around the park, and attending events in various areas of Japan.

You will surely enjoy the unique stratagem each place has for its visitors; some of them are hotels that offer seasonal food buffets and afternoon teas, food fairs that represent their cities, and above all, the vibes and fashion are amazing.

In this article, I would like to introduce you to the 10 best events held in Japan in June 2023. These events provide a unique experience for visitors in Japan and let them witness various traditional Japanese cultures with modern culture and entertainment.

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1. Sanno Matsuri

sanno matsuri
Copyright 1997 山王祭広報委員会

The Sanno festival (山王祭) is one of the three well-known festivals in Tokyo held every year in June. It is celebrated to indicate the beginning of the summer festival season in Japan. And this year at Hie Shrine the Sanno festival will be held from June 7 to 17, 2023.

Genre: Festival
Location: Hie Shrine (Tokyo)
Dates: June 7 to 17, 2023
Website: https://www.tenkamatsuri.jp/

2. Fuji Kawaguchiko Herb Festival

Fuji Kawaguchiko Herb Festival
Copyright©一般社団法人富士河口湖町観光連盟 All Rights Reserved.

The Kawaguchiko Herb Festival is an annual flower festival at Lake Kawaguchi. The purple lavender flowers are a seasonal flower that blooms from June to July. And from June 24 to July 17, 2023, the festival will be held at Oishi Park and Yagizaki Park.

Genre: Festival
Location: Oishi Park/Yagizaki Park (Yamanashi)
Dates: June 24 to July 17, 2023
Website: https://fujisan.ne.jp/pages/380/

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3. Hawaiian Bistro Buffet

© レストラン「アマデウス」 2023

The Westin Osaka offers a buffet in a Hawaiian bistro theme with 6 types of main dishes including Lobster, seafood laulau and bistro hamburger, and the Japanese black stew wrap. The events will be held in Amadeus Westin Osaka from June 1 to August 31, 2023.

Genre: Buffet
Location: Amadeus Westin Osaka
Dates: June 1 to August 31, 2023
Website: https://amadeus.westinosaka.com/dinner

4. Animation Jujutsu Kaisen Exhibition Osaka and Fukuoka

©芥見下々/集英社・呪術廻戦製作委員会 © 2021 「劇場版 呪術廻戦 0」製作委員会 ©芥見下々/集英社

This is an exhibition based on the movie version and TV animation Jujutsu Kaisen, Which has many display products regarding the scene of the animation Jujutsu Kaisen. there are also decorations, original drawings, and much more to see here. The event will be held in different places in Osaka and Fukuoka.

Genre: Museum
Location: Osaka (Hankyu Umeda Main Store 9F)/Fukuoka (Hakata Hankyu 8th floor)
Dates:  Osaka (May 31-June 12, 2023) / Fukuoka (June 15-July 3, 2023)
Website: https://www.mbs.jp/jujutsukaisenten/


GREENROOM BEACH © 2022-2023 All Rights Reserved

GREENROOM BEACH is a music festival on the beach where you can enjoy the music played by artists and experience different activities on the beach such as beach day camp, skate park, and basketball court. You can also enjoy the beach food and the beach market. The event will be held in Sennan long park in Osaka on June 10 and 11.

Genre: Festival
Location: Sennan Long Park (Osaka)
Dates: June 10-11, 2023
Website: https://greenroombeach.com/

6. Immersive Museum OSAKA

Immersive Museum OSAKA
Copyright © Immersive Museum

Immersive Museum is a unique painting museum with various innovations of painting masterpieces. The special event will be held in the Dojima river forum from June 17 to September 6, 2023.

Genre: Museum
Location: Dojima River Forum (Osaka)
Dates: June 17 to September 6, 2023
Website: https://immersive-museum-osaka.jp/

7. Toy Story Cafe

Toys Story Oh my Cafe

A special cafe to enjoy with your family and kids. It is one of the events of the OH MY Cafe with a theme and concept from the Toy Story series. The food and decorations are really fun focusing on Woody’s friends. The event will be held in three branches of cafes in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya from April 27 to June 18, 2023.

Genre: Cafe
Location: Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya
Dates: April 27 to June 18, 2023
Website: https://toyroom.ohmycafe.jp/

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8. Pikachu Afternoon Tea

Pikachu Afternoon Tea
©Pokémon. ©Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.

Special event in The String Hotel which is known as an elegant and expensive cafe and restaurant that has a unique offer for the spring and summer season of afternoon tea with the Pokemon Pikachu theme held from April 24 to July 3, 2023. Enjoying your food with cute designs and decorations of the anime character of Pokemon, Pikachu.

Genre: Cafe
Location: Tokyo and Nagoya (The String Hotel)
Dates: April 24 to July 3, 2023
Website: https://www.strings-hotel.jp/omotesando/en/

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9. Hydrangea Festival

The hydrangea is one of the favorite flowers in Japan that is considered a symbol of the rainy season with different colors and meanings, it is an abundant and beautiful flower in June. And many hydrangea festivals are held in different parts of Japan such as Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo etc. and one of the famous festival of hydrangea is in bunkyo ward in Tokyo.

Genre:  Flower Festival
Location: Tokyo and Osaka
Dates: June 10-18, 2023 (Tokyo) and June 3 to 25, 2023 (Osaka)
Website: https://www.city.bunkyo.lg.jp/bunka/kanko/event/matsuri/ajisai.html

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10. Hiroshima Flower Festival

Copyright (c) Hiroshima Flower Festival All rights reserved.

Hiroshima flower festival is known as the biggest event in Hiroshima. The festival started since 1977 and this year is the celebration of the 46th annual festival held in Peace Boulevard, Peace Memorial Park on June 10-11, 2023.

Genre: Flower Festival
Location: Peace Memorial Park
Dates: June 10-11, 2023
Website: https://www.hiroshima-ff.com/

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