Tokyo in June : Best Things to Do

What to Do in Tokyo in June

Visiting Tokyo this June?? Then check out our list of the latest travel information and the best things to do in Tokyo in June! June is an early summer/rainy season in Tokyo, and there are variety of indoor and outdoor attractions available even for a rainy day!

From beautiful hydrangea flowers to delicious food events, here are the best things to do in Tokyo in  June!

1. Bunkyo Hydrangea Festival

Bunkyo Hydrangea Festival or Bunkyo Ajisai Matsuri (文京あじさいまつり) is a traditional flower event held annually at Bunkyo Ward in mid June. The venue of the event is around Hakusan Shrine and Hakusan Park, featuring over 3,000 hygrangeas which can be enjoyed at the historical sites. There will be special events during the festival as well as the vendors selling food and local products.

More info:

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2. Taiwan Festival Tokyo

One of the biggest international festivals we shouldn’t miss out in Tokyo is Taiwan Festival Tokyo (台湾フェスティバルTOKYO) which is held annually at Ueno Park, Tokyo in June. The festival features special Taiwanese themed performances, music, arts, the market with various delicious Taiwanese food.


Access: 5 mins walk from Ueno Station

Date: mid June

Check more tourist attractions around Ueno area!

3. Fussa Firefly Festival

Tokyo’s traditional firefly festival is held in the mid June annually in Fussa City in the outskirts of Tokyo. The Fussa Firefly Festival (福生ほたる祭り) features special events and vendors with food and drinks between 1pm to 9pm, and about 500 fireflies are released in Fussa Firefly Park around 7pm, displaying the magical scenery of lights glowing in the dark.


Access: 7 mins walk from Kumagawa Station or 10 mins walk from Ushihama Station

Date: mid June

4. International Tokyo Toy Show

International Tokyo Toy Show (東京おもちゃショー) is the biggest toy event in Japan organised by The Japan Toy Association (JTA). The 4-day event takes place at Tokyo Big Sight in Ariake in mid June (first two days for trade/business and final two days for public). The event features toy showcases and workshops which are suitable for both adults and kids.


Access: Short walk from Tokyo Big Sight Station (Yurikamome Line)

Date: mid June

Admission: Free

5. Matcha Buffet

© ANA InterContinental Tokyo

Strawberry dessert buffets have taken Japan by storm during winter and spring, and now it’s time to indulge ourselves with delicious green delicacies! Matcha dessert buffets are held at several hotels in Tokyo including ANA InterContinental Tokyo. Enjoy the best quality and photo-worthy Matcha desserts only this time of the year!

Best Matcha Buffets in Tokyo from the previous year:

6. MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless

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MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless (デジタルアートミュージアム:チームラボ ボーダレス) is a popular digital art museum in Odaiba, Tokyo. The museum is now one of the must-visit spots in Tokyo all year round, but it’s especially recommended during rainy season since you can spend several hours there.

The 10,000 square meter museum displays the interactive digital artworks using the latest technology, offering visitors a whole new futuristic art experience. The most popular exhibition at the museum: Forest of Resonating Lamps — One Stroke features colours that change seasonally.

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Check out the link below for more information about MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless.

7. Odaiba

The man made island on Tokyo Bay, Odaiba is the district known for shopping and entertainments. Odaiba offers a wide selection of museums, indoor amusement facilities, large shopping malls and places to eat, which a whole day is not even enough to see all you want.

Here are the best highlights of Odaiba!

8. Indoor Activities

June could be a gloomy month since there are quite a few rainy days. However, there are various kinds of indoor activities in Tokyo which are perfect getaways during rainy the season! Museums, amusement parks, shopping malls and unique cafes, Tokyo will surely entertain you without sunshine! Here are some of the hottest indoor spots in Tokyo this summer!

VR Ninja Dojo:

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa:

Animal Cafes:

Maid Cafes:

Sanrio Puroland:

More indoor activities:

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Did you enjoy the list?? Don’t miss the special events and tourist attractions only available in this June! For more information about travelling in Japan in summer, here are some more articles for you to check out 😉

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