9 Best Animal Cafes in Tokyo

From Owls to Hedgehog, Here are Tokyo’s top animal cafes!

Popular animal cafes in Tokyo

Animal Cafe is the place where you can meet and interact with adorable animals. It has been very popular among animal lovers and fascinating foreign tourists as it’s very unique and special. There are several kinds of animal cafes in Tokyo today, and you can probably find the cafe with your favourite animals and spend the most precious time with them.

In this article, I’d like introduce some of must-visit animal cafes in Tokyo for animal lovers!

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1. Owl Cafe & Bar Owl Village

© 2018 Owl Village.

Owl Cafe & Bar Owl Village is where you can play, watch and be relaxed with super adorable owls. There are currently two stores in Tokyo: Harajuku and Kichijoji.

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Fee: 1,500 yen~/1 hour

Hours: Check schedule on website

Link: https://www.owlvillage.jp/

2. Hedgehog Cafe HARRY

A little hedgehog eating food

Holding a super cute hedgehog in hands

Harinezumi Cafe HARRY is where you can meet incredibly cute hedgehogs. At the cafe, you can enjoy precious time by touching, holding and playing with hedgehog friends. Currently, there are several branches in Tokyo including Harajuku and Shibuya, and some stores have also different animals like rabbit and otter.

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Website: https://www.harinezumi-cafe.com/en/

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3. Akiba Fukuro

Another popular owl cafe is located in a center of Otaku culture, Akihabara. Owl Cafe Akiba Fukuro is one of the largest owl cafes in Japan, and it’s home to about 40 owls. You can meet and interact with many types of owls from the world’s smallest to the largest owls.

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4. cafe & bar Dinning with Penguins Kichijoji

cafe & bar Dinning with Penguins Kichijoji is an unique venue you can enjoy food and drink while watching cute little penguins. It’s located near Kichijoji Station. With a wide variety of food on the menu, it’s an ideal place for lunch, coffee, dinner and party. Guests can enjoy watching penguins walking and swimming and there is also feeding time which takes place three times daily (you can check the detail on the official website).

Address: 1-12-13 B1, Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino City, Tokyo

Hours: 11:30~23:30

Link: http://www.penginbar.jp/en/

5. Tokyo Snake Center

Tokyo Snake Center is an unique place where you can watch, touch and feed snakes. It opened Harajuku, Tokyo in 2015 as Japan’s first snake cafe and there are over 100 snakes. Snakes are considered to be a scary kind, but many people find them adorable after visiting the cafe. They also sell snakes in case you are considering to get one of them as a pet.

Address: Sampou Sogo building 8F,6–5–6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ward, Tokyo

Fee: 1,100 yen (including entrance with one drink)

Hours: 11:00~20:00 (close on Tuesdays)

Link: http://snakecenter.jp/ (Japanese)

6. Temari no Ouchi

Copyright(c)2013 東京 吉祥寺の猫カフェ てまりのおうち

Temari no ouchi is an uniquely designed cafe which feels like being in a fairy tale world. There are approx 30 cats sit and run in this tale space. How many of them can you find??

Address: 3F, 2–13–14 Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino-city, Tokyo

Fee: weekdays 1,400 yen (1,000 yen after 19:00)/weekends and holidays 1,800 yen (1,200 yen after 19:00)

Hours: weekdays 12:00~20:00 / weekends and holidays 11:00~20:00

Link: http://www.temarinoouchi.com/

7. Kotsumate

Kotsumate is an unique place where you can meet and interact with adorable otters. There are some other small animals like hedgehog and flying squirrels. You can watch close, touch and feed little animals.

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Address: 5F Narita Building, 1-29-4 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo

Fee: 1,300 yen/30 min

Hours: 11:00~19:00

Link: https://ktm-kawaii.com/

8. mipig cafe

© mipig cafe

Japan’s very first and only micro pig cafe, mipig cafe is where you can meet micro pigs. Micro pig is a tiny-size pig which is originated in UK and these cute and adorable micro pig from baby to adult live together in mipig cafe. There are several branches across Japan and currently two are in Tokyo: Meguro and Harajuku. Make sure to make a reservation in advance.

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Link: https://mipig.cafe/en/

9. Kotori Cafe Ueno

Copyright © Kotoricafe.

Sit back and relax with nice coffee and cute little birds! At Kotoricafe Ueno, you can enjoy various bird-theme sweets and drinks while watching colourful parakeets and other birds and interact with them.

Address: 1–8–6 Ueno Sakuragi, Taito Ward, Tokyo

Hours: 11:00~17:00

Link: http://ueno.kotoricafe.jp/ (Japanese)

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