10 Best Things to Do in Kyoto in July

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After the rainy season in Japan, July is one of the good times to visit Kyoto, although the weather is hot it is not crowded during these times. So you can enjoy walking around and sightseeing more. Kyoto is rich in historical and cultural traditions known as a popular tourist destination in Kyoto. If you are planning to visit Kyoto in July, here I will share some of the best things to do in Kyoto in July.

July in Kyoto

July in Kyoto is hot and humid with an average temperature of 24°C at night and 34°C during the day but will experience some gusts of rain from early to mid-July. Many events and festivals are held in Kyoto and the Gion Festival is the most famous and biggest festival in Kyoto held in July. Kyoto offers a unique and memorable experience and this summer season various events are held in several parts of Kyoto.

The traditional summer festivals such as Tanabata or Star Festival a popular celebration every July, the water festival, illumination that includes some summer rituals, parades, and many more activities related to summer.
In this article, I will share some best things to do in Kyoto in July.

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1. Experience Gion Matsuri (Kyoto Summer Festival)

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It is the famous cultural event in Kyoto held in July and one of Japan’s longest festivals. It features rituals, traditional dances, ceremonies, parades, and lively street markets. The Yamaboko Junko is the most exciting part of the festival held on the 17th and 24th of July where you can witness the parade of colorful and massive floats that symbolize and show the rich culture of Kyoto.

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2. Visit Kifune Shrine

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This summer it is nice to visit one of the most beautiful places in Kyoto to connect and enjoy nature surrounded by forest and water that gives different beauty every season. The Kifune shrine has three shrines and each shrine is rich in history.

Official Website: https://kifunejinja.jp/en/

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3. Visit Kodai-ji Temple

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Copyright (C) Kodai-ji Zen Temple.

The Kodaiji Temple is one of the must-visit temples in Kyoto. Here you can see beautiful gardens and traditional architecture with stunning views and colorful leaves that give a supernatural atmosphere of nature. In summer, you can enjoy the cozy greenery atmosphere and in autumn the magical color of maple leaves provides more life to the garden and illumination that lights up at night.

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4. Celebrate the Mitarashi Festival at Shimogamo Shrine

Mitarashi Festival at Shimogamo Shrine
Copyright © Shimogamo-jinja

The Mitarashi Festival is an annual event held at the Shimogamo Shrine at the End of July. It is a purification ritual for health where the people walk to the sacred water to cleanse their bodies and souls. The festival gives a wonderful experience of Kyoto’s cultural and spiritual traditions.

Official Website: https://www.shimogamo-jinja.or.jp/

5. Take a Stroll along Kamogawa River

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Walking along the Kamogawa River is one of the best things to do to discover a lot of things to enjoy the place. Kamogawa River offers relaxing and lively activities, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the riverbanks and feel the greenery atmosphere in the summer. Experience outdoor dining over the river called (Kawayuka) many restaurants along the river offer a nice view to capture the beauty of the place. Or you can just sit down and relax on the side of the river, watch some street performances, and enjoy.

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6. Amazed at Ine no Funaya (The Boathouses Village)

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Summer is one of the best times to visit Ine no Funaya it is one of the unique towns in Kyoto, known as the boathouse village, typically the houses here have a boat garage which is admired by many local and foreign tourists and often referred to as the “Venice of Japan”. The place offers various activities showing the lifestyle, culture, and traditions so you can have a unique adventure experience.

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7. Explore Okochi Sanso Villa (Japanese Garden)

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Waking around Okochi Sanso Villa provides a calm atmosphere and a scenic view of the Japanese garden showing the natural beauty of Kyoto. The place offers various things to enjoy such as the Japanese tea ceremony, amazed by the architectural styles from ancient times of houses and gates. It is also a nice place to unwind giving a peaceful ambiance.

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8. Walking around at Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

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The Arashiyama bamboo grove is one of the famous tourist destinations in Kyoto, both local and foreign tourists enjoy walking along the bamboo forest, which gives a cozy and refreshing feeling in summer, enjoy the nature and greenery atmosphere.

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9. Experience Hozugawa River Boat Ride

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Copyright ©Hozu-gawa Yusen Sightseeing Boat Association

One of the unforgettable adventure experiences when in Kyoto. Hozugawa river boat ride provides a unique sightseeing experience depending on the season. Where you can witness the beauty of Arashiyama and in summer you will amazed by the azalea flowers blooming around the rocks and from the boat, you will be refreshed by the fragrance of nature with the breeze of fresh air and views of the mountains. One of the great adventure experiences in Kyoto.

Official Website: https://www.hozugawakudari.jp/

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10. Visit Kibune and try the riverside restaurant (Kawadoko)

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Kibune is a small town located in the north mountain of Kyoto where you can also find the Kifune Shrine. Kibune is known and popular for its unique dining experience at the riverside called (Kawadoko), especially during summer it gives a cool and refreshing ambiance. If offers popular Japanese cuisines during summer. So it is a must-try when visiting the area in addition to visiting Kifune Shrine.

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Thank you for reading. I hope this article helps and provides the information you are looking for about the places and events to visit in Kyoto in July.

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