Ine no Funaya: Kyoto’s Hidden “The Venice of Japan”

Ine no Funaya : Visit the hidden floating fishing village in Kyoto!

Ine no Funaya (伊根の舟屋) is a small village located in Ine Town, a small town in northern Kyoto Prefecture and approx 130km away from Kyoto City. The village stretches approx 5km along Ine Bay.

Ine no Funaya a fishing village formed with over 200 traditional boathouses floating on Ine Bay, and this village is often describe as “The Venice of Japan”. The unique and beautiful scenery of the village is also regarded as one of the most beautiful villages in Japan.

The rustic boathouses in this village (called “Funaya” in Japanese) are constructed specially for unique purpose. First floors are used as boat storage and garages and people reside on the upper floors.

It is possible to stay over night at the village as some of boathouses serve as guest houses for visitors and organize boat tours around the village,too. As well as the magnificent scenery, visitors can experience what the life on the water can be.


Access: Bus from Amanohashidate station or Miyazu station (1 hour/400 yen)

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