Best Prepaid SIM Cards in Japan

Which is the Best Prepaid SIM Card in Japan?

Best Prepaid SIM Cards in Japan

A SIM card has been one of the most known and popular options to get network connection abroad for a long time. For travelers to Japan, lots of Japanese companies sells prepaid SIM cards as well as rental mobile WiFi routers.

If you plan to visit Japan for business and sightseeing, just place an order online to pick up SIM cards at airports and hotels. Some airports and electronics stores provide prepaid SIM cards to visitors without a reservation. Here are 5 best prepaid SIM card options in Japan especially for short-term travelers staying within a month. Just get the intermediately available SIM card and skip complicated contracts!

▽If you have a plan to stay in Japan for more than a month, check these nice long-term pocket WiFi!▽

Some people choose a pocket WiFi as another useful tool to use the Internet more freely while SIM cards have some restrictions in terms of data usage and validity period. This article also introduces how to find a perfect pocket WiFi rental for you.

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1. Japan Wireless

Japan Wireless
Website of Japan Wireless

Japan Wireless is a company that offer SIM cards to international travelers as well as pocket WiFi rentals at a competitive rate. There are three types of SIM cards for 7, 15 and 30 days, which allow you to use the data of 500MB with 150Mbps speed a day. For those who stay in the country for a long time, it also gives a monthly SIM card with Japanese phone number. If you consider a rental pocket WiFi as your option, Japan Wireless’s Premium WiFi is highly recommended. You can use unlimited WiFi with high speed with the WiFi router at a reasonable price.

Japan Wireless’s lineup:

-7 Days (500 MB/Day): $18
-15 Days (500 MB/Day): $20
-30 Days (500 MB/Day): $23

▶︎Click here for more details about Japan Wireless SIM cards!

2. Mobal

Website of Mobal

As one of the leading SIM card providers to travelers to Japan, Mobal sells reliable products for them to get connected to the Internet. There are three types of SIM cards for short-term stayers: 8, 16 and 31 days. Mobal’s SIM cards enable you to use unlimited data within the validated period.

Mobal’s lineup:

-8 Days (Unlimited Data): 3,990 yen
-16 Days (Unlimited Data): 5,990 yen
-31 Days (Unlimited Data): 7,490 yen

▶︎Click here for more details about Mobal SIM cards!

3. IIJmio

Website of IIJmio

IIJmio, supported by an internet service company Internet Initiative Japan Inc. established in 1992, offers a SIM card to help travelers from across the world make a comfortable journey in Japan. IIJmio’s Japan Travel SIM is divided into two types: 1GB for 30 days and 2GB for 3 months. They are recommended to those who plan to stay in Japan around a month and use minimum data during the period.

IIJmio’s lineup:

-30 Days (1GB): The price depends on retailers
-3 Months (2GB): The price depends on retailers

▶︎Click here for more details about IIJmio SIM cards!

4. SIM Card Geek

SIM Card Geek
Website of SIM Card Geek

SIM Card Geek provides a SIM card for visitors in Japan to stay connected to the Internet simply. There are several types of SIM cards from 5 days to 31 days, and some of them offer unlimited data usage during the period. A part of its products are listed below.

SIM Card Geek’s lineup:

-8 Days (8GB): 3,480 yen
-12 Days (Unlimited Data): 4,980 yen
-14 Days (3GB): 4,480 yen

▶︎Click here for more details about SIM Card Geek SIM cards!

5. Airports


If you forget to book SIM cards before leaving your country, you do not worry about that. Major Japanese airports including Narita Airport, Haneda Airport and Kansai International Airport have vending machines or stores to sell prepaid SIM cards. Check more details about each airport below.

Narita Airport
Haneda Airport
Kansai International Aiport
New Chitose Airport 
Fukuoka Airport

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