5 Best Airport Taxi Services between Okinawa and Naha Airport

5 Recommended Airport Taxi Options to Move between Naha Airport and Downtown Areas in Okinawa

5 Best Airport Taxi Services between Naha Airport and Okinawa

If you’re planning on going to Okinawa for the first time, one of the first challenges that you will encounter is how to get from the airport to your accommodation place.

In Okinawa, public transportation such as the train or bus is not as convenient as in larger cities in Japan such as Tokyo and Osaka. Depending on where you’re staying, it might take pretty long, and at this point, you will surely be tired after a long airplane ride.

The option I would like to talk about here is to use an airport taxi service. Not only is it convenient because it will take you directly to your destination, but it is also a safe and assuring option if you’re worried about crowded transportation methods.

In this article, I will introduce to you the best airport taxi services in Okinawa that can pick you up at Naha airport.

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Comparing the Services

The following chart shows four of the most important qualities that people usually look for when deciding. Hopefully, this chart will make things easier for you when deciding on which service you would like to contact.

The four qualities are the following.

  • Fare (Naha – Naha Airport): This is the lowest cost possible for this service. Prices might change depending on where your destination is or the time of day you’re using this service.
  • Fare (Ginowan – Naha Airport): This is the lowest cost possible for this service. Prices might change depending on where your destination is or the time of day you’re using this service.
  • Fare (Onna – Naha Airport): This is the lowest cost possible for this service. Prices might change depending on where your destination is or the time of day you’re using this service.
  • Fare (Nago – Naha Airport): This is the lowest cost possible for this service. Prices might change depending on where your destination is or the time of day you’re using this service.
  • Passengers: This shows the capacity of passengers. Let me remind you that some of these services provide various types of vehicles, and this will affect the price of the service.
  • Language: This shows what languages are compatible with the service website.
1. Airport Taxi 2. Ryukyu Hire 3. Naha Hire 4. Hire Hachiiro 5. BB-Luxury Hire
(Naha – Naha Airport)
12,900 yen
from 10,000 yen
from 11,150 yen
from 8,500 yen
from 8,000 yen
(Ginowan – Naha Airport)
14,050 yen
from 12,000 yen from 13,860 yen from 9,500 yen
(Onna – Naha Airport)
22,675 yen from 19,000 yen from 19,360 yen from 15,500 yen
(Nago – Naha Airport)
29,000 yen from 20,000 yen from 27,830 yen from 17,500 yen
Passengers Up to 6
Up to 9
Up to 9 Up to 9 6 to 9
Language English, Korean, Chinese English, Korean, Chinese Japanese only
Japanese only
English, Chinese
Website https://www.airport-taxi.tokyo/en https://www.ryukyu-hire.com/ https://www.naha-hire.com/ https://www.hire-8iro.com/ap https://www.naritaairporttransfer.com/

1. Airport Taxi

Airport Taxi image
Airport Taxi Website
1. Airport Taxi
Naha – Naha Airport ★★☆ $86 (12,900 yen)
Ginowan – Naha Airport ★★★ $94 (14,050 yen)
Onna – Naha Airport  ★★☆ $151 (22,675 yen)
Nago – Naha Airport ★★☆ $193 (29,000 yen)
Passengers ★★☆ Up to 6
Language ★★★ English, Korean, Chinese

The first service on this list is Airport Taxi. This is a service that specializes in airport transfer.

The prices indicated on the website are straightforward and easy to understand. Booking is easy to do from the website and there is no cancellation fee up to 18:00 the day before boarding.

Another attractive point about this service is the fact that you can make a booking up to 5 hours before your departure time.

And should your flight be delayed, the driver will wait up to 90 minutes for free. And in the case that your PCR test returns positive on arrival, your order will be fully refunded.

All this at a relatively reasonable price. These prices are also fixed which makes them easier to understand compared to some other services.

Also, a very important thing is that both customer service personnel and drivers speak English. So you won’t need to worry about misunderstandings due to the language barrier.

▶Check the official website: https://www.airport-taxi.tokyo/en

2. Ryukyu Hire

Ryukyu Hire Website
Ryukyu Hire Website
2. Ryukyu Hire
Naha – Naha Airport ★★☆ from 10,000 yen
Ginowan – Naha Airport ★★☆ from 12,000 yen
Onna – Naha Airport  ★☆☆ from 19,000 yen
Nago – Naha Airport ★★☆ from 20,000 yen
Passengers ★★★ Up to 9
Language ★★★ English, Korean, Chinese

The next service on this list is Ryukyu Hire. This is a company that not only offers transportation from and to Naha airport, but they also offer private tours and business-purpose transportation.

Regarding the transportation service to and from Naha airport, the starting price refers to a relatively closer distance and it is the price for when you book a car for up to 3 people.

Reservations need to be done no later than 12pm the day before. Cancelation fees will apply if you cancel after 12pm the day before.

If you want your driver to be an English speaker, make sure to mention this when booking your ride.

▶Check the official website: https://www.ryukyu-hire.com/

3. Naha Hire

Naha Hire Website
Naha Hire Website
3. Naha Hire
Naha – Naha Airport ★☆☆ from 11,150 yen
Ginowan – Naha Airport ★☆☆ from 13,860 yen
Onna – Naha Airport  ★★☆ from 19,360 yen
Nago – Naha Airport ★★☆ from 27,830 yen
Passengers ★★★ Up to 9
Language ★☆☆ Japanese only

Next on the list is Naha Hire. This is a pricier option in comparison with the other options, but this is because they use a higher brand of vehicles. In other words, it is like a semi-luxury ride.

You can choose from a wide variety of vehicles; from Toyota Crown (up to 3 people) to Toyota HIACE (up to 9 people). There’s even an option to choose a limousine (up to 6 people). For your reference, the price indicated above is for the Toyota Crown.

One thing to be careful of is that extra cost will be applied if your pick-up time is after 10pm. Also, in the case your destination requires to use the highway, the highway cost will be charged separately.

▶Check the official website: https://www.naha-hire.com/

4. Hire Hachiiro

Hire Hachiiro Website
Hire Hachiiro Website
4. Hire Hachiiro
Naha – Naha Airport ★★★ from 8,500 yen
Ginowan – Naha Airport ★★☆ from 9,500 yen
Onna – Naha Airport  ★★☆ from 15,500 yen
Nago – Naha Airport ★★☆ from 17,500 yen
Passengers ★★★ Up to 9
Language ★☆☆ Japanese only

Next, we have Hire Hachiiro. This company not only offers private transportation between Naha airport and downtown areas in Okinawa. They also offer services for Golf escort and private tours of Okinawa.

At first glance, this might seem like the cheapest option, and in some cases that is true. However, you need to know that there are many additional costs that are not included in this price. First, the price indicated is for the case that you book a sedan which is for up to 4 people. Also, there’s an additional cost in the case you book this service for a ride between 10pm and 7am.

▶Check the official website: https://www.hire-8iro.com/ap

5. BB-Luxury Hire (天馬国際ハイヤー)

BB-Luxury Hire Website
BB-Luxury Hire Website
5. BB-Luxury Hire
Naha – Naha Airport ★★★ from 8,000 yen
Ginowan – Naha Airport ★☆☆
Onna – Naha Airport  ★☆☆
Nago – Naha Airport ★☆☆
Passengers ★★★ 6 to 9
Language ★★☆ English, Korean

Lastly, on our list, we have BB-Luxury Hire. This company offers airport transportation services not only in Okinawa, but also in Tokyo, Osaka, and Hokkaido.

There’s no indication of prices, so you will need to ask for a quotation to have an idea of the price. Also, they don’t specify the range in which they operate, so it is also important that you ask if they offer service to your destination.

However, the price that they are indicating is for a large vehicle (between 6 and 9 people), so if you are traveling in a large group, this service might be the cheapest option for you.

▶Check the official website: https://www.naritaairporttransfer.com/


In conclusion, we can see that each company has its strengths that cater to different needs.

For example, if you’re looking for the best prices, then “Airport Taxi” or depending on the place of destination or number of passengers, “BB-Luxury Hire” are the ones that offer the best plans (be sure to check extra costs).

If you’re planning on using a ride frequently and want a more luxurious experience during your stay in Okinawa, then “Naha Hire” may be a good choice for you.

Or, if you are looking for more specific needs such as private tours or business purpose rides, then “Ryukyu Hire” or “Hire Hachiiro” might suit your needs better.

In the end, I think it’s important that you know about these companies so that you know what to do in case you suddenly require a ride to the airport or from the airport.

Do you need an airport transfer service in Tokyo or Osaka? Check out the following for services you can use in both Tokyo and Osaka.

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