BUSTA : Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal

The New Transportation Hub in Tokyo: Shinjuku BUSTA

The Shinjuku Bus Terminal called “Busta” has been newly opened in 2016, connecting numbers of long distance buses to many destination all over Japan.

Shinjuku station is busiest in the world with over 3 millions daily users.

Although Shinjuku already was a hub for transportation in Tokyo, numbers of bus terminals used to spread around the station and it was never easy if you needed to continue your trip with another bus or trains. However the Busta makes thing much easier for travellers. Now all the long distance buses from different companies terminate in one place which is located right next to Shinjuku’s main train station.

The Busta consists of two floor bus terminals (3&4F) with ticket counters and information center with vending machine, bathroom, coin locker and FREE WIFI. They can also store your luggage for a day (800 JPY per day) while you go out or transfer them directly to your hotel (1,500 JPY~).

Accordingly there are over 1,500 long distance buses terminate there in a day. If you wish to travel around Japan with low budget, long distance bus is the best option. There are hundred of destinations you can reach from Busta, from Fukuoka (Kyushu area) to Aomori (Tohoku area). And if you wish to reach to Narita Airport or Haneda Airport, this is much easier way and more affordable than trains.

-Busta Shinjuku (バスタ新宿)

Map: https://bit.ly/3GkgYBp

Access: JR Shinjuku Station South Exit

Official Website: http://shinjuku-busterminal.co.jp/en/

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