Best Helicopter Experiences in Tokyo

Luxury from Above: Tokyo's Premium Helicopter Tours

Best Helicopter Experiences in Tokyo

Tokyo, a city that blends the old with the new, offers a plethora of experiences and tours that might surprise even the most seasoned travelers. With its rich history, bustling streets, and towering skyscrapers, the city is dotted with countless landmarks that are nearly impossible to fully explore in a single trip.

If you find yourself drawn to observatory decks of towering buildings, yearning for a panoramic view of the cityscape, then this article is tailored just for you. Have you ever considered experiencing Tokyo from a different perspective, one that is truly out of the ordinary?

In this article, we delve into the best helicopter experiences in Tokyo, offering you a unique opportunity to soar above the city and witness its grandeur from the skies. Riding in a helicopter isn’t something you can do every day, but in Tokyo, the sky is literally the limit.

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Helicopter Tours in Tokyo

tokyo helicopter tour

Helicopter tours in Tokyo offer an extraordinary and luxurious way to experience the vibrant metropolis.

Unlike the usual city tours on foot or by bus, helicopter rides provide travelers with a bird’s-eye perspective of Tokyo’s sprawling urban landscape, iconic landmarks, and intertwining waterways. This non-conventional approach not only gives you an expansive view of the city but also exudes an opulent ambiance that’s hard to match.

One of the standout perks of such an aerial tour is the opportunity to capture unique photographs. Imagine having stunning overhead shots of Tokyo’s skyline, parks, and architectural wonders! Sharing these exclusive photos with friends and family will undoubtedly make your travel stories even more memorable.

In essence, if you’re looking to see Tokyo in a grand and distinctive light, helicopter tours are a brilliant option.

1. Private Helicopter Experience in Tokyo

Tokyo panoramic view

We start with the Private Helicopter Experience in Tokyo for a captivating aerial journey over the city.

Soar over iconic landmarks including the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Skytree as you follow the Sumida River, and be mesmerized by a stunning 600-meter panoramic view of Tokyo. The tour offers three customizable package durations: 10, 20, and 70 minutes.

Designed for intimacy, each helicopter accommodates 1 to 3 persons, ensuring a personal and unforgettable experience.

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2. Tokyo: Helicopter Tour Plan! <Night / Daytime>

Tokyo panoramic view night

Next on our list, discover Tokyo from the skies with the Tokyo: Helicopter Tour Plan! <Night / Daytime>.

This luxurious flight offers unparalleled views of Tokyo’s glittering skyscrapers by day and dazzling illuminations by night. Expert pilots ensure a smooth journey, catering to both daytime and nighttime preferences. Perfect for romantic celebrations like anniversaries, this tour is an exhilarating experience that showcases the dynamic metropolis in all its splendor.

With limited guest numbers, relish a private and opulent moment with loved ones, making it an unforgettable memory amidst Tokyo’s grandeur.

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3. Yokohama: Helicopter Tour Plan! <Night / Daytime>

yokohama panoramic view

Although technically not Tokyo, Yokohama is also a highly popular city near Tokyo where you can also have a helicopter ride. You can experience Yokohama like never before with the Yokohama: Helicopter Tour Plan! <Night / Daytime>.

Revel in a luxurious aerial journey that showcases the city’s romantic landscapes, including the enchanting glow of the Ferris wheel at night. Guided by our seasoned pilots, choose between the brilliance of the day or the magic of the night. Witness Yokohama’s renowned landmarks and the picturesque bay area from above.

Perfect for romantic outings or celebrating special occasions like anniversaries, this tour offers a unique blend of maritime views and mesmerizing city lights from a vantage like no other.

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4. Fly from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji! Premium helicopter sightseeing

mt fuji and helicopter

Another highly recommended landmark that can be seen from a helicopter tour is Mt. Fuji! Take to the skies with Fly from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji! Premium Helicopter Sightseeing tour which is a 70-minute tour that offers breathtaking views of iconic landmarks, including Mt. Fuji, Yokohama, and Enoshima.

Departing from Tokyo heliport, this premium experience is perfect for gifting to parents, entertaining overseas guests, or enjoying an extraordinary outing with your children. Please note that the visibility of Mt. Fuji is dependent on weather conditions, and alternative routes may be suggested if necessary.

With options available for shorter courses, this helicopter tour is also an ideal choice for a child’s first thrilling ride above Japan’s stunning landscapes.

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5. Helicopter Ride + Kimono&Rickshaw Ride

helicopter and Asakusa tour

Lastly, on our list, we would like to also introduce a tour that includes the helicopter ride and sightseeing from ground level. Indulge in a traditional and modern blend of Japanese culture with the Helicopter Ride + Kimono & Rickshaw Ride tour in Tokyo.

Start your day with a scenic 30-minute helicopter flight, offering a spectacular bird’s-eye view of Tokyo’s iconic landmarks. Following the aerial tour, a car will take you to Asakusa, where you will don traditional kimonos from a rental shop. Immerse yourself in the historic atmosphere of Asakusa as you explore its sights while being chauffeured in a rickshaw for three hours. To complete your half-day adventure, savor the flavors of Tokyo by dining at recommended Japanese restaurants.

This unique plan provides a comprehensive and unforgettable Tokyo experience.

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I hope this article was helpful and you’ve found a tour that interests you. As previously mentioned, helicopter rides are not something you can experience that frequently. Why not take this chance that you’re visiting the largest city in the world to take part in one of these helicopter experiences?

For sure, this experience will be one that you’ll want to tell all your friends!

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