3 Best Luxury Private Tours in Japan

Best luxurious private tours to travel in Japan like VIPs

Want to take a luxurious trip to the mysterious island country Japan?

Where is the travel destination on your next vacation? Japan is one of places to visit once in a lifetime in the world, a long way from America and Europe. Traveling to Japan has got more and more popular among international travelers recently, and much more people will visit the country for Rugby World Cup in 2019 and Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020.

The country is also best for those who want to go on a gorgeous foreign private tour with your partner, family and friends. There is no shortage of tourist attractions in Japan from historical buildings and traditional cultures to unique pop cultures and world-famous Japanese food. Then, how should you travel in Japan experiencing all of those things in a luxurious way within your limited time like 1–2 weeks?

Here are 3 best exclusive luxury private tours to Japan for VIP. Expert guides familiar with Japan tourism will take you to popular and must-visit tourist sites and less-known hidden gems which are difficult for ordinary foreign tourists to find. These exclusive private tours offer you the chance to make lots of unmemorable memories in Japan.

Since you go all the way to Japan, might as well enjoy traveling around the country in luxury.

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1. Golden Ring (11 Days)

Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto


Day 1: Arriving at Tokyo (Narita Airport International)
Day 2: Tokyo
Day 3: Kawaguchiko/Mt.Fuji
Day 4: Kyoto
Day 5: Kyoto > Nagoya
Day 6: Magome > Tsumago-juku
Day 7: Takayama
Day 8: Shirakawago > Kanazawa
Day 9: Kanazawa
Day 10: Tokyo
Day 11: Leaving Japan (Narita Airport International)

Golden Ring is one of the most recommended luxury private tours for anyone who are interested in Japan including first time visitors. Local tradition and culture are focused on this private tour trip for 11 days with the 9 must-visit areas. This exclusive tour is named after the shape of the journey route on it. It starts from Tokyo moving to the west like Mt.Fuji and Kyoto and to the north like Shirakawago and Kanazawa, and then goes back to Tokyo. You can enjoy the local traditional culture and rich nature of the destinations with with a variety of unique experiences on the ring-like route.

Shirakawago and Takayama Area

First of all, Golden Ring takes you to well-selected tourist sites such as Asakusa’s Sensoji Temple, Harajuku’s Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Mt.Fuji and Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto. However, only those must-visit sites does not explain this luxurious private tour enough. You can experience the real Japanese culture and tradition only after visiting the good-old town and villages Takayama and Shirakawago. It is a bit hard for first timers to find and arrange to travel to the rural areas Magome and Tsumago without expert guides. There are a large number of spots to learn the history in Kanazawa including Kanazawa Castle and Kenrokuen Garden. Don’t miss the point on this luxury private tour that every meal entertains foodies from all over the world.

Golden Ring is available all year round.

The following fees are included in this Golden Ring tour:

-Transportation (Private car with a driver and Shinkansen bullet train)

-10 nights accommodations including Japanese style Ryokan and Minshuku

-Meals (10 breakfasts/9 lunches/2 dinners)

-Admissions and tickets for some spots and attractions which are planed on this itinerary

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2. Valentine Sakura

Kawazu Sakura cherry blossoms


Day 1: Arriving at Tokyo (Narita Airport International)
Day 2: Tokyo
Day 3: Ito
Day 4: Kawazu > Shimoda
Day 5: Hakone
Day 6: Kawaguchiko/Mt.Fuji > Tokyo
Day 7: Leaving Japan (Narita Airport International)

Where to go and what to do in Japan between winer and spring? The one and only luxury private tour Valentine Sakura is held in the second half of February. The climate of the time is still a little cold, however, you can enjoy seeing cherry blossoms (sakura) on this tour while ordinary cherry blossoms start to bloom around the late March. This luxury private tour features rich nature near Tokyo including cherry blossoms, Onsen (hot springs) and mountains.

Firstly, you will be guided to some popular traditional sites in Tokyo such as Sensoji Temple in Asakusa and the Imperial Palace and will taste top-rate Sushi in Ginza where worldly renowned Sushi restaurants gather. At the next destination Ito, which is known as an Onsen resort along the seaside, you can climb up to the crater of an extinct volcano by chairlift and stay at Ryokan serving nature Onsen and fresh seafood dishes.

Chureito Pagoda with Mt.Fuji

What also attracts you the most on this private tour will be viewing Kawazu Sakura, the cherry blossoms which flourish a little earlier than others. The late February is the best time to see them with beautifully pink petals. Nextly, moving to one of the most popular Onsen towns Hakone, you will visit the huge lake surrounded by historical sites. Of course, soaking yourself in hot springs at the Ryokan in Hakone. In addition to Hakone, this tour gives you the chances to take a perfect photo of Mt.Fuji at Kawaguchiko area.

The following fees are included in this Valentine Sakura tour:

-Transportation (Private car with a driver)

-6 nights accommodations including Japanese style Ryokan with Onsen

-Meals (6 breakfasts/5 lunches/3 dinners)

-Admissions and tickets for some spots and attractions which are planed on this itinerary

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3. Sacred Autumn

The ancient pilgrimage route Kumano Kodo


Day 1: Arriving at Osaka (Kansai International Airport) > Shirahama
Day 2: Kumano Kodo > Nachikatsuura
Day 3: Nachi Falls > Totsukawa > Koyasan (Mt. Koya)
Day 4: Koyasan (Mt. Koya) > Nara
Day 5: Kyoto > Arashiyama > Kameoka
Day 6: Arashiyama > Kyoto > Osaka
Day 7: Leaving Japan (Kansai International Airport)

For beautifully colored autumn leaves and sacred spots, this 7-day private tour, named Sacred Autumn, is what you should pick out. This autumn tour with religious theme is roughly divided into two parts: the sacred mountain areas in Wakayama and the historically important city Kyoto. You can visit some grand shrines following the ancient pilgrimage route Kumano Kodo. The other sacred place is Koyasan (Mt.Koya) which is known as the center of Shingon Buddhism. Koyasan offers the unique chance to stay at a temple lodging.

Mt.Koya (Koyasan)

You will start the 2nd part of your trip from Nara where there are touchable wild deers in Nara Park and the Great Buddha sits at Todaiji Temple. Moving to the neighbor Kyoto, you will be welcomed at the well-preserved old town Higashiyama. Strolling to Kodaiji Temple with the beautiful Japanese garden and experiencing the authentic tea ceremony. Arashiyama is one of the highlights in the Kyoto trip where you can see the famous Bamboo Grove and several gorgeous temples.

The following fees are included in this Sacred Autumn tour:

-Transportation (Private car with a driver)

-6 nights accommodations including Japanese style Ryokan and temple lodging

-Meals (6 breakfasts/5 lunches/4 dinners)

-Admissions and tickets for some spots and attractions which are planed on this itinerary

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Those three luxury tours are totally worth choosing since you can have the one and only experience at every spot on them. For more luxury private tours, it’s recommended to explore the website of iLoveJapanTours!

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