6 Best Apps for Train Exchange in Japan

Useful Mobile Apps for travel in Japan

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Japan is one of the best countries with high technology when it comes to transportation. Because of this, traveling around Japan is so amazing and enjoyable.

But sometimes, using trains in Japan can be so confusing, having so many train lines that we do not know which one to use.

This article is about the most recommended useful apps for checking train transit as well as searching changing routes to make your traveling in Japan more convenient.

1. Google Maps 

Copyright© Google Inc.

Google Maps is one of the most known apps for transportation (in Japan and around the world). Even Japanese citizens use this app for their everyday travel.

It’s easy to use and the time is very accurate. If you’re an Android user, this app may already be installed in your mobile device.

  • Download: iOS Apps Store (iPhone) and Google Play Store (Android)
  • Price: Free

Install Google Maps for iPhone HERE.

Install Google Maps for Android HERE.

2. Japan Travel

Copyright© NAVITIME JAPAN Co., Ltd.

Japan Travel is an app managed by the company Navitime in Japan. This is also a useful app when it comes to information about train transit and connections routes. Similar to Google maps, it is easy to use.

This app has also other services that can be useful when traveling around Japan like blogs etc.

  • Download: iOS Apps Store (iPhone) and Google Play Store (Android)
  • Price: Free

Install Japan Travel for iPhone HERE.

Install Japan Travel for Android HERE.

3. Norikae Annai -Japan Transit-

Copyright© Jorudan Co.,Ltd.

The next app on this list is Norikae Annai. This app was created and run by the company Jorudan Co. Ltd. Just like the previous two navigation apps, this is also useful and easy to use.

This is actually one of the most downloaded apps in Japan, and even locals use this app for their everyday life. It contains details on how to transfer by railways or Airplanes in Japan.  It also has a timetable where you can calculate the ride time.

  • Download: iOS Apps Store (iPhone) and Google Play Store (Android)
  • Price: Free

Install Norikae Annai for iPhone HERE.

Install Norikae Annai for Android HERE.

4. Hyperdia

Copyright© Hitachi Systems, Ltd.

Hyperdia is an app created and managed by Hitachi Systems in Japan. It is easy to use, especially good for those who are first-timers in Japan.

In the iPhone version, the app even includes voice recognition, so you can just say the name of the Station where you currently are and the destination. For example: “Yokohama Station to Tokyo Station last train” and it will search automatically.

The voice recognition will provide you with direct and quick access to the train, Platform, fare, and time.

  • Download: iOS Apps Store (iPhone) and Google Play Store (Android)
  • Price: Not free (although it is free to download with 30 days free trial then after that you need to subscribe with the corresponding amount if you want to continue using the app.)

Install Hyperdia for iPhone HERE.

Install Hyperdia for Android HERE.

5. Japan Official Travel App

Copyright© Japan National Tourism Organaization

“Japan Official Travel App” is an app created by the Japan National Tourism Organization. This application is similar to “Japan Travel”, but it also includes other services such as blogs and other information about traveling Japan.

Just like the other apps, if you would like to know which train you need to use in order to get somewhere, just go to the map icons and go to the route and you will see the train icon, then just write down your current station and your destination.

  • Download: iOS Apps Store (iPhone) and Google Play Store (Android)
  • Price: Free

Install Japan Official Travel App for iPhone HERE.

Install Japan Official Travel App for Android HERE.

6. Tokyo Subway Navigation

Copyright© Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.,

Tokyo Subway Navigation is an app managed by Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. This is application is especially good for tourists who are just staying and traveling around Tokyo.

It is very easy to use when searching transfer information for the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines. Another good thing is that the app supports different languages such as English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and French.

  • Download: iOS Apps Store (iPhone) and Google Play Store (Android)
  • Price: Free

Install Tokyo Subway Navigation for iPhone HERE.

Install Tokyo Subway Navigation for Android HERE.

As you can see, there are many apps you can download when you want to travel around Japan. But we want to recommend to you the most useful apps when it comes to navigation.

We hope this article can help you find the easiest and most convenient route when traveling around Japan by train.

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