Best Cherry Blossom Spots in the Japanese Alps, Nagano

Where to See Cherry Blossoms and the Japanese Alps in Nagano

Enjoy pink cherry blossoms with snowy mountains of Northern Japan Alps! Here are the most spectacular viewing spots of cherry blossoms near The Japanese Alps in Nagano Prefecture!

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-Nodaira no Sakura

This lone cherry tree is called Nodaira no Sakura (野平の桜) which stands firmly on a gentle slope of crop fields in Hakuba Village. The magnificent view of the beautifully shaped, vivid pink cherry tree and the Mount Shirouma with snow sprinkles can leave you speechless.


Best viewing time: late April to early May

-Lake Aoki

The heart shaped Lake Aoki (青木湖) is located in Omachi City. There is a lone cherry tree on the lakeshore. Offering a great view of the mount range and the lake behind, also beautiful reflection on the surface of the lake can be seen when it’s sunny.


Best viewing time: mid to late April

-Lake Nakatsuna

Lake Nakatsuna (中綱湖) located in Omachi City is a well known photo spot among photographers. The breathtaking view of cherry blossoms, the forest and the mirror reflection can be captured when it’s not windy. Highly recommended to visit there in early morning.


Best viewing time: mid to late April

-Oide Park

Oide Park (大出公園) is located in Hakuba Village, the small and pleasant village near Northern Alps. The village has traditional thatched houses and the small suspension bridge across the gently flowing river. In spring time, cherry blossoms brighten up this pretty village and it fascinates visitors with the snowy view of Northern Alps range behind.


Best viewing time: late April to early May

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