Meguro River Cherry Blossoms

Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo: Meguro River

Meguro River (目黒川) is one of the most popular places to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo. It’s located in Nakameguro area which is near Shibuya, central of Tokyo. The best highlight of Meguro River Cherry Blossoms is over 800 cherry trees lined for about 4 km along the river which displays the spectacular view.

During the main season for cherry blossoms, a cherry blossom festival is held near the river and there will be a lot of stalls selling food and drinks. There are also many cafes and restaurants along the river and some of them have terrace seats where you can enjoy delicious food with the cherry blossoms views. Cherry blossoms at Meguro River can be enjoyed at day and night as the light-up of the cherry blossoms is available till 9 pm during the season.

Meguro River’s cherry blossoms are also recommended to see after the peak season. After the cherry blossoms reach the full bloom, countless pink petals are blown by the wind, fall down and cover the surface of the river, creating an astonishing scenery.

Enjoy strolling down one of the prettiest neighbourhoods in Tokyo, Nakameguro with the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms along Meguro River!

-Meguro River Cherry Blossom Festival


Access: Short walk from Nakameguro Station

Illumination: 17:00~ 20:30

Best time to visit: late March to early April

Festival Date: mid March to early April

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