7 Best Cafes for Cherry Blossom Viewing in Tokyo

For nice cherry blossoms viewing spots, choose the best cafes with beautiful views of cherry blossoms in Tokyo in this spring.

Japan is quite proud of the most beautiful season spring, and foreign tourists visit Japan the most in the season for cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms flourish brilliantly all around Japan in spring, and especially Tokyo, the most-visited city in the country by international tourists, is one of the best place to view cherry blossoms. There are tens of popular parks and streets to see sakura in Tokyo.

Then, how can you enjoy cherry blossoms in Japan?

Just viewing them while walking may not be enough to enjoy Japan’s spring. Most of the local see cherry blossoms at parks sitting on the picnic sheet with snacks, bento boxes and drinks. This style of sakura viewing is called “Hanami (花見)” in Japanese.

However, is it easy for foreign visitors to visit parks early in the morning to secure a nice viewing place for your group and get a picnic sheet, food and drinks by yourself in a strange country?

One of the most recommended places to see cherry blossoms is cafes. Tokyo has numbers of nice cafes where you can comfortably view them.

Here are 7 best cherry blossom viewing cafes in Tokyo which are located near popular sakura spots.

How about experiencing cherry blossom viewing Hanami with snacks and coffee in this spring??

▽The best time to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo▽

1. Canal Cafe

The Italian restaurant and cafe Canal Cafe, opened in 1918, is one of the best spot to view cherry blossoms in Tokyo. The cafe is located at Kagurazaka which is less known area for sakura viewing by foreigners. You should have a seat on the deck facing the moat where lots of cherry blossom trees stand and carps, turtles and birds live.

Access: 1 min walk from JR Iidabashi Station (JR飯田橋駅)
Hours: 11:30-23:00 (Weekday)/11:30-21:30 (Weekend and Holiday)
Close: The first and third Mondays of the month
Budget: 1,000 yen-2,000 yen (Lunch)/4,000 yen-5,000 yen(Dinner)

2. Thrush Cafe

Thrush Cafe is located next to 33,000 square meters of gardens Shirokanedai Happo-en (八芳園) has a beautiful contrast views of pink cherry blossoms and green trees. You can view the garden from every seat in the cafe and the terrace seats. They serve salads, breads, pasta and meat dishes on lunch and dinner.

Access: 3 mins walk from Shirokanedai Station (白金台駅)
Hours: 11:00–22:00 (Weekday)/8:00–22:00 (Weekend and Holiday)
Close: New Year’s Holidays
Budget: 2,000 yen-3,000 yen (Lunch)/5,000 yen-6,000 yen(Dinner)

3. Cafe Friends

Cafe Friends is located directly connected to Yoyogi Park in Shibuya, which is one of the best popular cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo. The cafe is covered with glass, so you can enjoy seeing cherry blossoms and having food and a cup of coffee. The special sofa seats at the window are the best place in the cafe. Why don’t you take a break there after walking around Yoyogi Park.

Access: 7 mins walk from Sangubashi Station (参宮橋駅)
Hours: 8:00–19:00
Budget: 1,000 yen

4. Starbucks Ueno Onshi Park

Ueno Park is also one of the most-visited parks in Tokyo and has Starbucks Ueno Onshi Park (スターバックス 上野恩賜公園) in it. You can enjoy the best view of cherry blossoms at tables outside. If you have the special seats in the best season, you are lucky. The cafe was dressed with real sakura trees branches and artificial petals last year.

Access: 7 mins walk from Ueno Station (上野駅)
Hours: 8:00–21:00 (Weekday)/8:00–22:00 (Weekend and Holiday)
Budget: 1,000 yen

5. Park Side Cafe

There is another cafe Park Side Cafe (上野の森 パークサイドカフェ) with nice views of cherry blossoms in Ueno Park. You can enjoy Hanami at the table inside. Park Side Cafe offer various desserts such as tarts, cakes and apple pies. There are also a number of attractions including Ueno Zoo and Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in the park. Let’s take a break at the cafe.

Access: 7 mins walk from Ueno Station (上野駅)
Hours: 10:00–21:00 (Weekday)/9:00–21:00 (Weekend and Holiday)
Budget: 1,000 yen-2,000 yen

6. TULLY’s COFFEE Sumida Park

The Sumida river is highly recommended to visit if you have not seen cherry blossoms in Japan. About 1,000 sakura trees are lined along the river. TULLY’s COFFEE Sumida Park (タリーズコーヒー隅田公園店) is one of few cafes which are located along the Sumida river, and some cherry blossoms trees stand by the cafe. You can experience beautiful sakura scenery up close affordably.

Access: 6 mins walk from Asakusa Station (浅草駅)
Hours: 9:00–21:00
Budget: 1,000 yen


Cafe Randy is a hidden gem as a nice cherry blossom viewing spot, located at Roppongi. The cafe is surrounded by amazingly rich nature and cherry blossoms lined up along the next street though its location is the center of Tokyo. The views of sakura from the cafe with a sandwich and a cup of coffee become your unforgettable memory. Reservations of the seats in the best season will be available from 1st March, but please note that you cannot book the seats outside.

Access: 5 mins walk from Roppongi-itchome Station (六本木一丁目駅)
Hours: 11:00–21:30 (Weekday)/11:00–19:30 (Weekend)
Budget: 1,000 yen-2,000 yen (Lunch)/5,000 yen-6,000 yen(Dinner)


Did you find your favorite cafe for this spring? It’s recommended to reserve the seats in advance since they are occupied in the best season very shortly after the cafes open. For more info about spring in Japan, you might also like these articles below!!

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