Mt Shiude: Watch the Seto Inland Sea over Cherry Blossoms

Mt Shiude (Shiudeyama): Spectacular Cherry Blossom Spot in Shikoku

Mt. Shiude (紫雲出山, pronounced Shiudeyama or Shiundeyama in Japanese) is a mountain in Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku region, located within the Seto Inland Sea National Park on the Shonai Peninsula.

Mt. Shiude is a popular spot to enjoy for the view of Seto Inland Sea and the islands. The 352m tall mountain has an observation deck at the summit where you can gaze the panoramic view of the island-dotted Seto Inland Sea. When the visibility is good, you can also capture the Great Seto Bridge and Chugoku Region.

In spring, the view from Mt Shiude gets even more spectacular with the sight of cherry blossoms. There are approx 1,000 cherry trees on the mountain and the magnificent scenery overlooking the Seto Inland Sea with cherry blossoms can be seen only for a limited time of the year. The contrast of the blue sky and ocean and the pastel pink flowers is just breath-taking. On top of that, watching the sunset over the sea would leave you speechless. There are numbers of great spots for cherry blossom viewing in Japan but this is truly incomparable creation by nature.

The best viewing time for cherry blossoms in Mt Shiude is usually from late March to early April. After cherry blossom season, Shiudeyama is also a popular spot for hydrangea in early summer.


Access: the best way to access is by car but public transport is available too. Take a community bus from JR Takuma station, then get off at Shiudeyama Tozanguchi stop. Continue walking to the summit for 1~1.5 hours.

Best time to visit: late March to mid April

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