10 Best Things to Do in Kyoto in May 2024

What to see and do in Kyoto in May.

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Do you have any travel plans this May? Kyoto is one of the famous places in Japan that many tourists want to visit to witness the beautiful places here that are full of ancient Japan’s historical culture. And, If you want to visit Kyoto this May, this article is for you. I will share the 10 best things to do in Kyoto in May.

May in Kyoto

Spring and autumn are the best time to visit Kyoto when many beautiful flowers are blooming and fragrant. May is one of the perfect months because of the nice weather distinctly mild and cool. However, it is also the busiest month not only in Kyoto but all over Japan when the well-known longest holiday is being held. Many events and festivals are happening, in Kyoto one of the most popular festivals is held in May so expect a large number of tourists during this time.

Aside from events and festivals, there are many other fun and memorable activities in Kyoto that you can experience. There are foods, cultural activities, wearing traditional costumes, and much more. Here are some best things to do in Kyoto in May.

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1. Flower Viewing

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Many kinds of flowers bloom during spring, giving more life to the gardens, shrines, and temples and there are some places in Japan like Kyoto where you can still see late blooming cherry blossoms. The Wisteria and Iris flowers are among the most popular flowers during May that you will love to see in the gardens of Kyoto. Take a walk and enjoy observing seasonal flowers.

2. Experience Aoi Festival

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One of the famous and biggest festivals in Kyoto which is held annually every May. It is a festival to reap a bountiful harvest featuring rituals and processions. This May 15, 2024, is the main schedule of the event. Enjoy and witness one of the cultural festivals in Kyoto.

3. Kyoto Botanical Gardens

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One of the places to enjoy nature, it is nice to walk around for sightseeing to relax and unwind while observing beautiful flowers around. You can also enjoy some flowers and plant exhibitions.

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4. Experience Tea Ceremony

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The best thing to do when visiting Kyoto is a great experience to remember especially if you love tea. You can feel the presence of old Japan, it is very popular in Kyoto where many tourists are offered this wonderful activity to experience.

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5. Take a walk in Gion District

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Gion is one of the famous tourist destinations where the area is full of entertainment activities. And it is nice to walk around here to discover interesting things about Kyoto’s history. You will be truly fascinated by the surrounding structures of ancient Japanese culture.

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6. Visit Kiyomizudera Temple

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© Kiyomizu-dera Temple

Visit the famous historical building in Japan, Kiyomizu-Dera, which is also a popular tourist destination in Kyoto. The temple is surrounded by forest trees which give the place an ultimate beauty. On the terrace, you can see the beauty of nature, especially during spring and autumn when various colorful flowers and leaves sprout.

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7. Visit Kyoto Tower

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Kyoto Tower is the tallest building in Kyoto 131 meters above the ground. A must-visit when you are in Kyoto, easily accessible just near Kyoto Station. Its observation deck offers a cityscape view of Kyoto. And you can enjoy the different colors of the tower at night. There are also shops, restaurants, and souvenir shops around.

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8. Visit Nijo Castle

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Visiting Nijo Castle is one of the most unique experiences among other castles. Rich in the history of ancient Japan with various amazing things that are perfectly preserved. Many events and activities can be enjoyed here such as flower festivals every spring and illumination at night.

9. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

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Arashiyama bamboo grove is one of the famous tourist destinations in Kyoto. It is nice to go for a walk along the bamboo grove, and in May the weather is not too hot yet perfect to unwind and take a picture with the green bamboo background which is truly amazing.

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10. Visit Kyoto National Museum

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© Kyoto National Museum.

One of the famous museums in Kyoto that features various exhibitions of traditional Japanese art. Many events and activities are held to enjoy. The place is big you can also enjoy the view outside like the garden and some outdoor exhibits. They also have shops and restaurants.

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Thank you for reading. I hope this article helps and provides the information you are looking for about the places and events to visit in Kyoto in May.

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