Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama, Kyoto

Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama: Meet adorable monkeys in Kyoto!

Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama (嵐山モンキーパークいわたやま) is one of the most unique tourist sites in Kyoto where visitors can meet over 100 wild Japanese macaque monkeys. It’s located on Arashiyama mountain in Arashiyama-Sagano area, the popular tourist district on the outskirt of Kyoto city, attracting visitors with its beautiful nature and preserved historic monuments.

The monkey park is located on the mountain after hiking uphill for about ten minutes. There are over a hundred of wild Japanese macaque monkeys roaming freely in the park and visitors have a chance to feed them. Also the park offers the great overlook view of Kyoto city!

To enjoy the park with monkeys safely, the park requests visitors to follow some rules.

1.) Don’t stare into monkeys’ eyes
2.) Don’t touch the monkeys
3.) Don’t feed the monkeys outside the hut

-Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama (嵐山モンキーパークいわたやま)


Address: 8, Arashiyama Genrokuzan-cho, Nishikyo-ward, Kyoto-city

Fee: 550yen

Hours: 9:00 ~16:00

Official Website:

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