Mount Yoshino Cherry Blossoms

Mt. Yoshino (Mount Yoshinoyama): the famous cherry blossom mountain in Nara Prefecture

Mt. Yoshino or Yoshinoyama (吉野山) is located in Nara prefecture, next to Kyoto and Osaka. It’s known as one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan, offering picturesque spring scenery. The mountain is located within Yoshino-Kumano National Park which is listed to UNESCO World Heritage Site under the name “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range”.

Mt.Yoshino offers the wonderful scale of cherry blossom scenery. The mountain is roughly divided into four areas: the Shimo Senbon (base of the mountain), Naka Senbon (half way up of the mountain), Kami Senbon (upper side of the mountan) and Oku Senbon (top of the mountain).

There are approx 30,000, different varieties of cherry trees on the mountain. The amazing scenery of cherry blossoms in various pink colours can be seen on the slope. The cherry blossoms usually start opening from late March to early April, full bloom is from early to mid April and last till end of April. Visitors can enjoy cherry blossom viewing and walking or picnic under the trees on the mountain.

Also light-up of the trees will be held during April for night viewing. Check the cherry blossom forecast in advance to visit there on the best time!


Nearest station: Yoshino station

Best time to visit: April

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