Yokohama Mitsuike Park Cherry Blossoms

80 Species of Cherry Blossoms around 3 Big Ponds at Mitsuike Park near Tokyo

Mitsuike Park (三ツ池公園) has 29 ha land, located in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture. There are over 1,600 cherry blossom trees including 80 species of cherry blossoms. The park is picked up as one of “100 Best Sakura Spots” in Japan. Mitsuike Park is one of the largest spots to view cherry blossoms near Tokyo.

Cherry Blossoms around Big Ponds at Mitsuike Park

Mitsuike means 3 ponds in Japanese, and Mitsuike Park literally has them: Kami-pond, Naka-pond and Shimo-pond. What you should do there is Hanami (viewing cherry blossoms while drinking and eating) by the ponds. You can also enjoy strolling on the 1.4 km long course along the ponds.

The park is also known as “Forest of millions of trees” since it is surrounded by rich nature. Inside parts of the park is also the nice place for Hanami.

Cherry Blossoms inside of Mitsuike Park

In early February, Kanzakura comes into bloom a little earlier than the others. The cherry blossoms in the park reach a peak between mid and late March. The dark pink cherry Yokohama-hizakura cannot be seen except there in early April. In the season, food trucks sell snacks and drinks. Let’s enjoy Hanami!!


Access: take a bus from Tsurumi Station (JR Keihintohoku Line) and get off at Mitsuikekoen-kitamon stop. Then walk for 3 mins.

Best time to visit: mid March to early April

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