Kyoto Haradani-en Garden Cherry Blossoms

Haradani-en Cherry Blossoms: the Hidden Garden of Eden in Kyoto

Kyoto has hundreds of cherry blossom viewing spots, but this one is often considered as the best place secretly.

Haradani-en Garden (原谷苑) is located on a hill above Kinkakuji temple in north area of Kyoto city. The garden is private owned and open only for limited time, usually for cherry blossom viewing in spring and autumn leave viewing in autumn.

There are over 400 and 20 different kinds of cherry trees in the 13,000 square meters garden. The garden is best known for beautiful weeping cherry trees. Weeping cherry trees are late-flowering comparing to other trees so the viewing is usually available till mid April. The garden has other spring flowers such as azaleas, apple and rhododendron which creates the magnificent view with cherry blossoms.

The best time to visit is from late March to mid April. It’s located off the touristic route and slightly difficult to reach but totally worth to visit.

-Haradanien Garden (原谷苑)


Access: Bus (M1) from Kitaoji metro station or Kinkakuji Michi stop to Haradani stop

Hours: 9:00 to 17:00

Admission: 1,200 on weekdays/1,500 on weekends

*As it’s a private owned garden, the admission fee and opening time can be changed without notice.

Best time to visit: late March to mid April

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